Answers To An Important Question How To Feed A Budgie

Budgerigars – care and maintenance

When purchasing this bird, it is necessary to take into account many factors and deal with many important issues. First of all, you need to learn how to feed the budgerigar. These birds give the greatest preference to grain and seeds, especially millet.

Answers To An Important Question How To Feed A Budgie

How to feed a budgie daily?

The main feed should consist of a mixture of dry grains as well as seeds. When buying the finished mixture, pay attention to the fact that the packaging is completely sealed and has a brief annotation. In no case should parrots be fed food in which insects, debris or mold were found. Ready mixes usually consist of yellow, white and red millet, which is 60% of the total volume, oats and flaxseeds. If you have chosen the perfect mixture for your pet, then you do not need to change it to any friend. If you still decide to change the food, then you should teach a parrot to it gradually, over a period of three or four days. One tablespoon of food per day is enough for one bird, and this makes 70% of the total daily ration. The remaining 30%. juicy feed and greens. The cage should always have a full drinker with clean and filtered water.

How to feed a budgie, in addition to ready-made food?

The parrot will undoubtedly be delighted with absolutely any fruit – apricots, dried apricots, apples, pears, oranges, bananas, grapes, mountain ash, cherries, strawberries, plums and currants. Of vegetables, the budgerigar will prefer carrots, cabbage, sweet pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkin, beets, zucchini and legumes. Incredibly useful for him are fresh twigs of plants. Ideal for this are aspen, hazel, hawthorn, birch, maple. Remember that a budgie should never be given persimmons, avocados, nuts, celery and sorrel, as well as spicy greens such as parsley and dill.

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Proper keeping of budgies

Remember: in order for your feathered pet to live a long and happy life, you must take special care to look after him. In addition, than to feed a budgie, you still need to know in what conditions to keep it. First of all, it should be remembered that the minimum cell size is. 40x60x30 centimeters. The cage must be equipped with several poles, which must be of various sizes. Also a chic addition will be a twig of willow or apple tree, thanks to which the parrot can sharpen its claws and beak. The bird must be released from the cage daily for at least one hour. The windows at this time should be covered with a rag, otherwise the parrot may be injured, trying to fly into the light. The cage should be in a room with very good lighting, but not too close to the window or heating devices.

Answers To An Important Question How To Feed A Budgie

Different types of budgies

Answers To An Important Question How To Feed A Budgie

Most parrots of this species have a wavy color. Nevertheless, there are birds with a homogeneous, as well as spotted plumage. Pets of various colors get along well with each other.