Ara Parrot


Macaw parrot features and habitat

The macaw parrot, also known as Macau, is a beautiful large bird belonging to the parrot family. The largest among other types of parrots that can be seen in the photo, prestigious for the price, a very exotic look, very beautiful and extremely smart. This talking bird will be discussed in the article.

Ara Parrot

The genus Ara has fifteen subspecies. The size and color of the plumage is different, depending on the species. So the blue macaw reaches a body length of 80-90 centimeters, a wing length of 38-40 cm, and weighs about one kilogram.

There are species reaching a meter height, one of them is hyacinth Ara. These birds have an unusual, very strong high beak, bent at the tip and flattened at the sides.

Thanks to him, they get their food from under the hard shells of tropical fruits. The wingspan reaches 50 cm or more. And the length of the tail can often exceed the length of the body of Ara himself.

Ara Parrot

Pictured is a hyacinth macaw parrot

The color saturation of the feathers of a young and adult individual is practically the same, the same applies to gender – it is very difficult to distinguish a male from a female in color. A characteristic feature of all parrots of the genus Ara is the complete absence or presence of small feathers near the eye area, creating wonderful patterns. These feathers respond to the slightest change in the mood of the bird.

This feature helps determine if a parrot is sick with anything. The birds are very calm and, in a sense, quite serious. The homeland of Ara parrots is the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Also, some species live in the eastern part of Panama, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and in the eastern regions of Chile.

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Ara Parrot

Often the length of the tail of the macaw parrot exceeds the size of the body

It is said that these birds have no sense of smell, therefore they spend the night in the upper tier of the forest on large branches, so as not to become the prey of any predator. Macau is by no means a silent parrot, which is why they are often chosen as a pet – they like to shout or even talk, if the bird is domestic and lives next to a person to whom it can attach and be a true friend. The magnificent memory of these birds allows you to memorize several hundred words and independently compose logical sentences from them, sing and even dance.

Ara Parrot

Red Macaw is the most musical of all types, although the level of learning is very individual for each individual. Best of all other species fit the description "talker bird". They are sociable and can very clearly reproduce the words heard from a person.

These birds become attached to their master, they can distinguish their own from strangers. When rude, they become aggressive and dangerous. Because of its rather large size, Ara domestic parrots are more suitable for an open-air cage in a zoo than any three-room apartment.

The Ara parrot has monogamous vision, it can use each eye independently of the other, while the viewing speed is about 150 frames per second, while a person only has about 24.

Ara Parrot

Pictured Ara parrots

The macaw parrot is the most expensive parrot in the world. Because of this, it is considered a symbol of prestige and beauty. The price of such a handsome man is very high. Depending on age, subspecies, color and level of adaptability to humans and new places, it can reach 100 thousand rubles!

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Macaw Parrot Character and Lifestyle

Under natural conditions, they settle in virgin, untouched by man, dense tropical forests. Prefer areas near lakes and river reservoirs. Less often, you can meet in the mountains to subtropical latitudes.

Flocks of live up to 100 individuals, because of the massive flocks of Ar harm the plantations of fruit trees. They prefer to live in hollows high above the ground. Couples create for many years. In the event of the death of a partner, they are not looking for a replacement and are very sad.

Ara Parrot

In nature, macaw parrots live in hollow trees

For example, the Blue-and-Yellow Macaw feeds far from the nest (20 km or more), departing early in the morning and returning home after sunset. At noon they hide from the scorching sun in the shade of large tropical trees, but after several hours of rest they continue on their way. They live in the upper tiers at an altitude of 1-2 kilometers above sea level. Some species, such as the small soldier Ara, live at an altitude of 3-4 km.

Macaw Parrot Eating

In the natural environment, the Ara parrot feeds on the treetops and never descends to the ground. They are very demanding on their diet, which consists of fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, coconuts, herbs, seeds, and various cereals and cereals such as corn, wheat, barley. Peas and sunflower seeds are very fond of.

Ara Parrot

Domestic parrots of this species eat special feeds consisting of a mixture of various natural food additives. There should be chalk in the cage or near the place in the house where the parrot eats, so that Macau receives the amount of calcium necessary for the body.

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Reproduction and lifespan of a macaw parrot

How long do these wonderful Ara parrots live? Birds of this genus live in pairs or families, in rare cases they can create entire populations, numbering several thousand individuals.

In the wild, Ara live much longer than in captivity. Their age ranges from 40 to 70 years, there are also long-livers, whose age is about 100 years.

The mating behavior of birds of the genus Ara has not yet been fully studied. Parrots begin to breed already in the third or fourth year of life and in the natural environment remain faithful to their partner throughout their lives.

Ara Parrot

A loving couple stands out from the rest: for example, they gently bow their heads to each other, brush feathers on their partner and are always there, even during feeding.

“During the breeding season, they fly in groups in search of the fruits of various palms,” wrote famous ornithologist Alexander Vetmor in the records of his observations. The manifestation of tenderness strengthens the union of parrots.

Nests, as already mentioned, in hollows of tall trees. The mating season is at different times for each species – its own. Couples do not breed chicks every year.

Ara Parrot

Pictured are the chickens of the macaw parrot

In the clutch, depending on the type, from 1 to 6-7 eggs are hatched by the female for a month (20-28 days). Chicks hatch completely naked and blind, the first feathers grow after 10 days, and fully feather only after two months. After this, the brood will be under the care of the parents for some time, who feed and warm them in inclement weather.