Bread And Budgerigar


The first thing you need to think about when you decide to have a budgie is its food. Only the right diet and the exclusion of prohibited foods from it can ensure a long and happy life for your feathered favorite.

Thanks to a good base, which includes grain mixtures, your bird will always be active, cheerful and mobile. But how to understand the variety of products, as well as such opposing opinions of experts? Is it possible to give cottage cheese, oats, seeds and bread to these birds?

The subtleties of the diet of budgies

In order to ensure the proper diet for your pet, you need to analyze their life in the wild. As a rule, budgerigars live in a tropical climate, where there is a lot of greenery, seeds, and also animal food in the form of spider bugs. However, domesticated birds have been living next to us for many years in urban conditions, so they have already managed to adapt to ready-made feed mixtures.

Conventionally, it is possible to divide the entire food for budgies into plant and animal origin.

Today, breeders and manufacturers of food for budgies have not come up with anything better than a feed mixture consisting of several types of grain:

  • yellow millet;
  • millet red;
  • white millet;
  • peeled oats;
  • unpeeled oats;
  • canary seed;
  • flax seeds;
  • raw sunflower seeds (not more than 1%).
  • tops of vegetables;
  • herbs;
  • greenery;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • pumpkin seeds in a small amount (peeled).
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All kinds of beetles, larvae, insects belong to animal feed, but in large quantities they can hardly be found in the apartment.

Therefore, it is very useful to give normative products such as:

  • cottage cheese (not fatty, up to 9% fat);
  • sour milk cheese (preferably without salt);
  • hard boiled chicken eggs.

In order for your bird’s diet to be balanced, you need to carefully think through the menu, which will include all these products: seeds, cottage cheese, cheese, cereals.

Bread And Budgerigar

Daily Values ​​of Plant Food

Each owner, for sure, thought about how to make the right diet for his pet. What norms must be observed so that the bird does not gain excess weight and does not have problems with the digestive system?

Grain mixture, which should include oats, per day should be no more than 20 grams. Sometimes birds eat it immediately in a day, but it is important not to forget that it is impossible to allow the bird to starve. It is advisable to create the right menu for the bird, which will include cereals, cottage cheese, seeds, cheese, bread.

Sunflower seeds are very oily and fatty, so you should not give them daily. Oats in the mixture may also be unpeeled, their wavings are cleaned with pleasure, and the shell retains the useful properties of grain.

Sprouting grain is quite simple: you can take a tablespoon of millet, oats or other raw grains, pour it with warm water overnight. In the morning you will see that the grains have swollen and nodules have appeared in them.

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In this form, you can give them to a budgie. The only caveat: the sprouted grains spoil very quickly, so do not soak a lot of grain at once, and also remove the excess of such food from the cage in a timely manner.

Bread And Budgerigar

Can a Parrot Bread?

As you know, bread is made from plants such as wheat, rye and other crops. However, it is often possible to meet on forums the opinion that this product is strictly forbidden to give to budgies.

Let’s try to figure out why there is such an opinion and is it really so?

As for white bread, it can be given in small quantities. Since it contains yeast, sugar, salt, flour, it is quite high-calorie. In addition, the digestive system of birds is not intended for such food, so it’s better not to get carried away.

What are the consumption rates of this product? Bread can be given 2 times a week as an additive to vegetable mixtures, for example, with grated carrots. Also, it can be added to grated beets to prevent softening of the stool.

Bread And Budgerigar

What kind of porridge can be wavy?

In order to diversify the nutrition of the budgie, these birds can cook porridge. These birds are happy to eat buckwheat, rice, oat, pea, millet porridge. Also, they can add sprouted oats.

As for the cooking method, in no case should you add salt, sugar, milk to them. Budgerigars do not have an enzyme in the body that allows them to digest milk, as a result of which, the bird may develop dysbiosis.

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As for the porosity of porridge – here is the taste of your feathered friend. Some like more viscous cereals, while others like crumbly. Sometimes for sweetness you can add a small amount of honey. What are the norms of this product? From autumn to spring, porridge can feed the wavy 2 times a week for 5-10 grams. In the summer, carbohydrates can be adjusted to fresh green fodder or steamed grains.

In addition to plant foods, a budgie can be given animal feed. As a rule, this is cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, which are indispensable in the winter, as well as if your parrots are currently in the period of nesting and feeding offspring.

For the female, cottage cheese is very important because it contains a very impressive supply of calcium. But you have to be very careful with cheese: it almost always contains salt, which adversely affects the health of the wavy, and cheese can be very fatty.

The nutrition of your feathered pets should come first, but you should not forget about clean water and vitamin top dressing. We wish your birds good health and good appetite!