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In Latin, the name "budgerigar" sounds like Melopsittacus undulatus, which literally means "singing budgerigar." This is a sociable bird with a beautiful wavy plumage, constantly making trills and easily imitating speech and sounds.

How to choose a budgie

For home maintenance, one bird is chosen if the goal is to train it to imitate human speech. In a pair or group, parrots communicate with each other and copy the surrounding sounds little. A lonely young bird up to 5 months eagerly makes contact, is easily tamed and imitates the owner’s speech with pleasure. Moreover, both females and males get used to the conditions equally well and imitate sounds, living alone.

A young healthy parrot should have:

  • plumage on the back with clear waves – they smooth out with age;
  • short tail. Long – in adult birds;
  • plumage is thick, smooth, without bald spots;
  • black eyes. With age, a gray border appears;
  • symmetrical paws;
  • violet wax over the beak in young males or blue in females. Dry and clean.

During a long selection, more than 200 plumage shades were derived. You can choose a budgerigar to your taste: green, lemon, blue, white, purple or mixed colors.

Cell arrangement

The cage should have a lot of space for free movement of the parrot from perch to perch. For one bird, the minimum cage size is approximately 30x40x40 cm. The cage rods should be horizontal, made of thin, unpainted, stainless steel. A cage for a budgie should contain:

  • flat bottom, easily extendable tray for easy cleaning;
  • 2-3 poles from unpainted rods of fruit trees;
  • 1-2 feeders;
  • a drinker;
  • a bathhouse;
  • Toys: bells, pocket mirror.
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Budgerigar maintenance and care

General care for a parrot is not complicated. The bottom of the cell is sprinkled with coarse sand with shell rock or fine gravel. Once a day, clean the pan, wash the feeders, the drinker, fill them with fresh soft water and feed. It is better if the drinking bowl and feeders are made of natural materials: glass or ceramics. The cell needs to be cleaned 1-2 times a week, change the filler and wipe the walls.

If necessary, change the hearts. Parrots grind claws and beaks about them, so the tree should be natural, unprocessed. You need to install a bath in the warm season. Not all budgerigars love to swim, but it is worth offering them water procedures.

The cage is installed in a room where people are constantly, because the budgerigar is a flock of birds, it requires communication. The kitchen and the bath due to high humidity, hot vapors and pungent odors are not the place to stay a parrot. In the summer, the cage is briefly taken out onto the balcony so that the scorching sun does not fall on it.

Prerequisite: daily flight of the bird outside the cage. Walks can last all day. The door to the cage should be constantly open so that the feathered pet could have a bite or drink water if desired. You can let the bird fly for 15-20 minutes, then lure it into a cage with your favorite treat and close it. It is important to equip windows and balcony doors with a mosquito net.

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The budgerigar is a southern bird, it needs 12-14 hours of light day. An additional source in the winter is artificial lighting. The ideal humidity for well-being is 55%, the room temperature is 22-25 ℃. At night, the parrot’s cage can be covered with a thin, natural, breathable fabric so that the bird can sleep peacefully.

Power Features

For the full development, maintenance of health and quick recovery after molting, the diet of the budgie should be varied and balanced. But proper feeding of a budgie is not a problem in our time. A solid food consisting of a mixture of cereals and a soft food made from fruits, vegetables and protein foods, as a supplement, are suitable as a base for parrots.

Cereal mixtures for budgies get ready-made or mixed independently at home. The ratio of cereals to make the mixture: 70% – millet yellow, red, white and black varieties; 20% – flaxseed, canary, wheat and hemp seeds, in approximately equal proportions, 10% – oatmeal.

  • Italian food Fiory pappaqallini with vegetables and honey for energy and immunity;
  • Italian food Padovan Grandmix Cocorite with fruits and cookies, which added minerals and vitamins;
  • High-quality and nutritious German food Vitakraft menu vital with eucalyptus leaves and vegetables.