Budgie Food


Australia is the birthplace of budgies. Living in the wild, the birds are fully provided with a variety of products. It is known that the favorite treats of the “wavy”. these are berries, fruits, green shoots of trees, seeds and grains. At home, it is customary to give ready-made grain mixtures to birds. When choosing food for budgies, it is important to carefully study its composition, shelf life. Well, deciding to cook it yourself, it is worth studying the information about the allowed seeds and grains for the "wavy".

What seeds and grains are allowed for use in the diet of "wavy"?

The well-being of feathered pets depends on the balance of their diet. Therefore, it is important to use feed enriched with the following crops:

  • millet (white, yellow, black, red) – grains should make up 65% of the total feed mass;
  • oats – 20% of the bulk of the nutrient mixture;
  • canary seed – 10% of the total mass of feed;
  • hemp seed – no more than 6 grains for one individual are allowed per day;
  • with a mixture of barley, sesame, Abyssinian nougat, rapeseed, buckwheat, paiza, Sudanese, mohara, sorghum, chumiz, oatmeal, wheat, dandelion and plantain seeds – 5% of the total feed mass.

It is not recommended to use feeds enriched with millet, since its frequent use by “wavy” can lead to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in them. The mixture is not necessarily 100% must consist of the described cultures.

Budgie Food

Choosing the right food

  • feed in cardboard packaging is not the best option, since it is not known for how long they were stored and in what conditions. Mixtures in such boxes can be damp several times, then dry. This will change their taste. In addition, mold and parasites may appear in them. For this reason, it is better to give preference to feeds packaged in airtight plastic packaging;
  • fruit feed mixtures – they quickly deteriorate due to fruit components, are not enriched with the necessary “wavy” nutritional components;
  • feed containing "vitamin" balls – their size does not allow birds to properly digest them.
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Experienced breeders do not recommend chasing cheap feed, as well as those that "get out of hand". Their quality may be low, however, it is almost impossible to verify, and the pet’s health will eventually suffer.

Budgie Food

Top manufacturers

Currently, there is not a large selection of feed mixtures intended for “wavy”. Each breeder seeks to choose the best food for budgies, living on its territory. That is why quite often difficulties arise in resolving the issue of how to feed your budgerigar.

Vitakraft menu vital food for budgies. one of the best nutritional formula for feathered pets. It is enriched with vitamin and mineral supplements, and therefore, with its constant use, the color of the plumage becomes brighter, it is more dense and strong. A pet eating the feed presented is always energetic and alert. Its advantages are:

  • high nutritional value;
  • balanced composition;
  • high benefits for the body of "wavy";
  • low price.

However, each coin has two sides. The disadvantages of the presented mixture are:

Budgie Food

Rio food intended for budgies is produced by a domestic company. It is quite popular among breeders, as it has the following positive qualities:

  • balanced composition, high content of useful components;
  • high strength quality packaging;
  • a large number of varieties of feed that can be used at different periods of the life of a feathered pet;
  • strengthening immunity “wave”, improving plumage, strengthening the body’s strength.

The disadvantages of the presented feed mixture are:

  • high price;
  • the probability of running into a fake.


Budgie Food

This feed mixture is made in Belgium and is recommended by almost all experienced breeders. Its advantages are:

  • high quality grain content;
  • tight, strong packaging that protects the food from drying out, insects and garbage;
  • the presence of a special lock that allows you to properly store the opened mixture for a long time;
  • the presence in the composition of natural and useful substances that increase the alertness of pets;
  • affordable price.
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The disadvantages of the presented line are:

  • the need for juicy top dressing with Prestige dry food;
  • periodic lack of outlets.


Budgie Food

When wondering which of the proposed foods is better to feed a budgie, many prefer the Trill brand. Its advantages are:

  • the presence of iodine in the composition;
  • balanced composition;
  • the ability to use as therapeutic food for birds with thyroid diseases.

The disadvantages of the presented feed are:

  • the impossibility of its use in the diet of healthy birds;
  • price not affordable to everyone.

Padovan Grandmix Cocorite

Budgie Food

Presented food is considered one of the best among those that are intended for "wavy". Its advantages are:

  • balanced composition, 70% of which is millet, more than 10%. canary seeds, oats, as well as mineral and vitamin supplements;
  • lack of a pungent smell, garbage;
  • high nutritional value, providing low consumption of the mixture;
  • high quality packaging;
  • affordable price.

Breeders identify only one flaw in the feed – the presence of granules that not all feathered pets can eat.


Budgie Food

The advantages of feed brand FIory are:

  • high nutrient content, balanced composition;
  • the presence of natural dyes;
  • vacuum packaging;
  • the ability to use it as a top dressing.

The disadvantages of using the feed mixture include:

  • the presence of granules coated with honey;
  • price is too high.

Budgie Food

  • balanced composition;
  • a large number of vitamins in the mixture;
  • low price.

The disadvantages of using feed are slightly more:

  • low quality feed mixture;
  • the presence of garbage, pungent odor;
  • leaky, inconvenient packaging;
  • the development of various diseases in feathered pets after eating it.
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Budgie Food

This brand of feed mixtures belongs to the premium class. Its advantages are:

  • great nutritional value;
  • balanced composition;
  • the presence of a pleasant aroma and taste.

Cons of feed are:

  • rare appearance on sale;
  • high price.


Budgie Food

Viten is a hypoallergenic food for budgies. It is designed for medium-sized rocks. Among its main advantages are:

  • balanced composition;
  • the presence of vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • lack of chemical components;
  • lack of dyes and food additives;
  • low price.

Among the minuses, breeders single out only one thing – the inability to use the feed mixture as a treatment for birds with intestinal and stomach diseases.


The feed of this brand relatively recently appeared on the Russian market. They are owned by a Spanish manufacturer. The strengths of the mixture are:

  • the presence in the balanced composition of oyster shells;
  • health promotion, improving the appearance of pets;
  • quality packaging.

Cons of feed are:

  • the presence of fortified granules that not all birds eat;
  • high price;
  • periodic lack of sales.

What to do if the feed is not suitable for the pet?

Inexperienced breeders, finding out which of the proposed feeds to feed a budgie, are often surprised when a feathered friend refuses it. Then another question arises: why does the budgerigar not only not eat food, but also behaves apathetically, does not become active, does not play. Most likely, the feed mixture proposed to him is not suitable and in this case it is worth thinking about replacing it.

It is important to consider that the entire daily diet does not change immediately. Gradually a mixture of a different brand is added to it. It is important to observe the behavior of the pet. The daily addition of new feed, reducing the amount of old, will show whether it is suitable for "wavy". If in doubt, you should seek the help of an experienced breeder or veterinarian pharmacy.