Can Parrots Curd, How Much And Why


When buying a parrot, the owner should find out the conditions of its maintenance and healthy nutrition. A large number of products are prohibited for consumption by domestic birds. The owner has a question, is it possible to give a parrot cottage cheese?

Can Parrots Curd, How Much And Why

Useful properties of cottage cheese

Many veterinarians believe that parrot curd is not just possible, but must be given. The main thing is to monitor the volume and regularity in the diet. This type of dairy product has a large number of useful properties:

  • Due to the fact that the protein in the body is absorbed quickly, its consumption does not cause heartburn and gas formation.
  • A feature of manufacturing technology is that it incorporates all the useful trace elements.
  • Thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained in it, energy is increased.
  • Calcium improves the structure of the pet’s dental system. With periodic use of the curd, the risk of caries is excluded. This element also helps strengthen the claws and skeletal system.
  • Due to the high calorie content, the likelihood of obesity in birds is reduced: a feeling of satiety persists for a long time.
  • A group of vitamins B and amino acids improve the functioning of the nervous system, and the risk of apathy is reduced.
  • The product must be consumed in case of problems with the digestive tract, diseases of the cardiovascular system and obesity.
  • With the help of a curd product, you can get rid of discomfort in the intestines. It improves the function of the stomach and eliminates the resulting heartburn.
  • Sour-milk product is useful for parrots during the breeding season. It also needs to be given to aging birds to strengthen joints.
  • Cottage cheese helps lower blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of plaque formation.
  • Homemade feathered curd whey will be useful. It improves the digestive system, regulates the function of the liver and kidneys.
  • The use of this product is the prevention of the formation of cancer of numerous internal organs.
  • With the help of cottage cheese made from goat milk, you can cure burns, remove traces of parasite bites. A large amount of calcium helps to cure diseased joints.
  • Serum can be used as a compress for shallow wounds and severe abrasions.
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Cottage cheese for a parrot

The most nutritious foods in a parrot’s diet are wheat grains, egg yolk and cottage cheese. It is best given to birds during the breeding season. Provides calcium and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the whole body. It enhances the health of both the parrot and its offspring. How often can curry be given to budgies? Some representatives may have lactose intolerance. To find out about this, you need to contact a specialist.

Can Parrots Curd, How Much And Why

On ordinary days, a bird is given once every two weeks for a teaspoon. In the mating season, the amount of product consumed is increased. It must be fat-free, without adding any flavoring additives. Parrots without any problems relate to cottage cheese and eat calmly. A fermented milk product is fed to a pet to supply the body with animal protein and organic substances. Do not give your cheese curd products, as they usually contain salt, sugar and vegetable oil. They negatively affect the body of the bird, can even lead to its death.

It is best to give parrots cottage cheese, finely chopped, along with dry semolina. This treat is well suited for birds during the breeding season. It should be given once a week, one tablespoon. A small amount of sugar is added to the curd mixture. In a small dose, it is useful for the body, and like budgies. It is worthwhile to carefully monitor the pet’s reaction to the dairy product. It is not recommended to feed the parrot through force. An overdose of it can cause serious metabolic problems.

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Can Parrots Curd, How Much And Why

Cottage cheese is an important component of a balanced diet of parrots. The product must be given fresh and in small doses. If the owner will monitor the nutrition of a feathered friend, then his body will be healthy and strong.