Chumiza As A Treat For Parrots


Not all beginner bird breeders will be able to tell you at least something about the parrots chumis. And despite the fact that it is considered one of the best types of grain feed for parrots, chickens and ducks. However, they feed her not only birds, but also livestock.

Chumiza As A Treat For Parrots

general information

Chumiza is an annual plant that grows in some Asian countries. Unlike many other crops, chumis tolerates drought pretty well. As for the crop of this crop, its performance is often much better than that of other varieties of cereals. For example, one spikelet of chumiza can bring up to six thousand grains.

As for the appearance of the described plant, it is a bush about two meters high. The number of stems forming a bush is about seven. On each of them are noticeable wide leaves.

The root system of this plant is quite developed and can go to a depth exceeding one and a half meters.

If you are interested in the possibility of independent cultivation of chumiza, then you should know that it should not be sown before spring. The earth in this case should warm up to a temperature of ten or more degrees Celsius.

As for the depth to which the seeds should be buried, it should be within five centimeters.

Chumiza As A Treat For Parrots

It is characteristic that the described plant can easily clean your site of weeds. Even loaches, which are the ubiquitous misfortune of many agricultural lands, cannot tolerate the proximity of chumiz.

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Chumiza grains include such components as water, protein, fat, fiber and nitrogen-free extract substance. Moreover, the proportion of the latter is very significant and amounts to more than fifty percent of the substances that make up the plant.

In addition, the plant contains a number of vitamins. Such as – B and E. Moreover, the amount of useful substances contained in the described plant is several times higher than in millet or wheat.

Chumiza As A Treat For Parrots


As for the assortment, it will probably be presented in the second and highest grade. For familiarization, it is advised to take just the second grade. Spikelets are not as large as those of the highest grade. However, even they are suitable for all types of birds.

In addition, there are absolutely no restrictions on the types of parrots. Chumiza is suitable for feeding small budgies and larger birds like the corolla.

Chumiza As A Treat For Parrots

Top dressing

Every breeder should be aware that the basis of the diet of his pets consists of appropriate grain mixtures. As for the chumise described in this article, it should not be offered to your pets daily.

This grain crop should be used only as a top dressing. Offer it as a treat no more than a few times a week. If you neglect this rule and constantly keep a spike of chumiza inside the pet’s cage, sooner or later your parrot will refuse traditional grain mixtures and eat only chumizu.

Therefore, experienced breeders suggest using it as a reward for good behavior or success during your pet’s training. Thus, you will stimulate your parrot to learn any tricks or just good behavior.