Corella Parrot Food

The Corella Parrot is one of the most common types of domestic tame parrots, native to Amazon. Many owners of these birds mistakenly think that Corell’s parrot food is just one special grain mix. It is necessary for Corell, but this is not enough. Wild life of animals and birds does not provide for a one-sided diet. The nutrition of any parrot should contain, like food, and juicy components, and then the bird will delight you with a long life, good health and brilliant plumage. In order to feed Corella with the maximum benefit for his health, you need to consider the components that are presented below.

  1. Grain feed for birds. It is the basis of nutrition for almost any parrot. And in order not to be mistaken, it is worth paying attention to the composition. Food will not work if at least one component has been heat treated. This should include canary seed, sesame seeds, safflower, canola, any wildflowers, flax, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, as well as oats, wheat, white or gray millet and barley. The permissible content of some nuts – pistachios, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts. Most brands of specialized feed satisfy this condition, so finding such a feed is not difficult.
    Corella Parrot Food

A daily serving of one bird – 5 teaspoons or 30-35 grams.

There is a very simple method for determining the quality of the selected grain mixture. Before putting the food for the cockatiel parrot, take from it about two tablespoons and soak in water at room temperature for 2-3 days. 1/3 – half of them should shoot, which is an indicator of quality. Sprouts can also be given to a parrot, provided that they do not have mold.

  1. Vegetables, fruits and herbs. You need to accustom a parrot to a bud from a young age, an adult will not eat it just like that. But you can cheat and add some chopped vegetables to the usual bird food. Accustomed parrots can be planted in pieces on birch, maple or willow branches. In any case, the branches should be in the cage of the parrot.
  • List of allowed vegetables: zucchini, carrots, summer cucumbers and tomatoes, beets, cabbage, beans, green peas, bell peppers. Do not give potatoes, onions and garlic!
  • List of allowed fruits and berries: apples, grapes, banana, pears, citrus fruits, currants, cherries, mountain ash, gooseberries. Peaches, kiwi and pineapple can be given once a week, as a treat!
  • List of allowed greens: carrot and beet tops, clover, plantain, dandelion leaves, grass grown from grain.
  1. Protein component. It is important to follow the feeding schedule, namely 2-3 times a month to add low-fat cottage cheese or boiled egg to the Corella parrot feed.
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The exception is chicks and adult parrots during the nesting period. They need protein food every day. crushed shells and sepia can be added.

The main rule of feeding a parrot is a ban on any spices, salt and sugar, mushrooms, cream, milk, food from the person’s table, any meat and fish.

From fruits you can not give papaya, mango and avocado!