Food For Parrots And Quails – Chumiza

All types of epithets are relevant to this type of feed :. natural, natural, natural, gourmet, energetic, dainty, etc.

Only here You will receive a truly universal valuable feed, the only officially registered in Ukraine variety of chumiza grown by the author of this variety, which, again, is the only one in Ukraine and also the author’s regulatory and technical conditions and patents "Photo Gallery"

If you are looking for natural food for your pets. You will certainly pay attention and be interested in the chumis!

Chumiza is ideal as:

food for parrots

food for quail.

Chumiza (which is often called red millet, Senegalese millet, Italian millet, mogar and the like) has extremely high feed characteristics (which are confirmed by laboratory studies) and takes: 1st place among cereals in energy value; 2nd place in protein content (after peas); 2nd place in carbohydrate content (after rice); 2nd place in fat (after oats).

It is not surprising that using food with such characteristics you can increase the survival rate of young animals from the first days of their life, minimize the incidence of disease, and your pets will be more active and cheerful.

You can easily see for yourself how much chumiz is attractive to animals and birds by personally giving a spike of chumiz to your parrot (then try to take it away!). It’s like a valerian for cats. No wonder the main enemies of the crops of Chumiz are sparrows and mice. The former cannot tear themselves away from the chumis to such an extent that they cannot take off, but the latter. whole mounds are spread over the spikelets of chumiz for the winter and covered with earth.

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Chumis grains can be fed to chickens from day old; this is an excellent food for adult birds, chickens and parrots, quails, rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.);

Chumiza is suitable for all types of compound feeds and grain mixtures, improves their characteristics, since the accumulation of linoleic acid, approaching 2% by weight, is crucial in assessing chumiza as the main energy-containing component of the feed (and do not frighten poultry farmers that there is a word in parallel names for chumiza "millet"). Unlike the classic millet, which has a siliceous shell, which experienced feed-feed operators are so afraid of, chumiza does not have such a shell at all. This is the reason for the lower concentration of fiber in chumiza compared to millet and the better eatability of chumiza.

Chumiza (grain), based on absolutely dry matter, on average contains 13-15% crude protein, 60-65% starch, 5-8% fat and 2-3% sugar. Chumiza contains vitamin B1 almost three times more than 85% wheat flour, vitamin B2 twice as much as first grade rice, more fat and nitrogenous substances than buckwheat, millet and barley seeds.

Having bought a gummy "Chumiz price" , You will solve not only the problem of feed for yourself, but also delight your pets extraordinary natural delicacy. The taste appeal of chumiza as a treat is used for taming.

For regular customers, prices are half the usual "Discounts" .

Food For Parrots And Quails - Chumiza