Food For Parrots Characteristics, Composition, Recommendations For Selection


Food For Parrots Characteristics, Composition, Recommendations For Selection

Composition of food for budgies

Proper feeding of birds is a necessary condition for their health and longevity. The owner should know what to give the parrot, and what food should be avoided. The daily norm of cereals is 70% of the total diet. The budgerigar dry mix contains mostly unpeeled millet. At least a third is occupied by various seeds and cereals:

  • canary seed (the most nutritious component);
  • hemp seed (4-6 grains per day);
  • oats or cereal;
  • crushed wheat;
  • corn;
  • flax-seed.

A budgie can eat up to two teaspoons of a grain mixture per day.

Versele-Laga Prestige (Belgium)

In the manufacture of using only natural raw materials of the highest quality. It consists of several types of millet (yellow, white, red), canary seed and flaxseed, oats, safflower, oil nougat. All cereals and seeds are clean, without debris. The mixture does not contain mineral and vitamin supplements, so it can be safely given to parrots receiving complex nutrition. The packaging feature is a transparent window through which the contents are clearly visible.

Food For Parrots Characteristics, Composition, Recommendations For Selection

  • selected grain;
  • convenient packing with a fastener;
  • nice smell.

Padovan and Fiory (Italy)

Padovan Cocorite Grandmix – one of the best compositions for budgies. He holds a high position among the most popular grain feed. This is a fortified mixture, that is, it contains colored dragees with artificial additives. There are no large seeds that young birds cannot cope with. Basically, cereals are present here (millet, canary seed, shelled oats). A relatively small volume is occupied by dried fruits, cookies, crushed shells.

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Food For Parrots Characteristics, Composition, Recommendations For Selection

  • nutritional value;
  • double packaging (box and sealed bag);
  • cost.
  • colored granules parrots eat reluctantly.

Fiory Pappagallini food is interesting in the way of packing: in a cardboard basis there is a bag from which air is pumped out. The mixture is as if pressed into a dense brick. After opening the package, the grains freely scatter, they are not glued together. In a vacuum, the product is better stored. The composition includes 9 types of cereals and seeds, honey and vegetable granules.

Rio (Russia)

Rio budgerigar food is produced in Russia. Like leading brands, the company in the product line has formulations for everyday use and for the molting period, as well as a mixture for germination. Products meet all requirements.

The main ingredients in a Rio grain cocktail are millet, canary seed, sorghum, oats. The mixture for molting birds contains sesame and an increased amount of protein. An additional diet is assorted eggs and cereals for germination (buckwheat, beans), these elements are added to the food of parrots in preparation for breeding.

  • balanced composition;
  • for different life cycles;
  • damage-resistant packaging;
  • too expensive for products of domestic origin.

Witte Molen (Netherlands)

Food For Parrots Characteristics, Composition, Recommendations For Selection

Cunipic (Spain)

This food appeared in our country not so long ago, but it already has a lot of fans among parrot breeders. The packaging is especially durable and airtight, which allows for a long time to store the product. As in other mixtures for budgies, the main component is millet. A smaller volume is occupied by oat grains, canary seed, and minerals. Orange flavor gives an appetizing smell.

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Food For Parrots Characteristics, Composition, Recommendations For Selection

  • noticeably improves the appearance and condition of birds;
  • retains freshness for a long time.

Jr Farm (Germany)

The feed mixture is packaged in translucent dense packages. Thanks to this, the consumer can immediately examine the contents, check the composition and quality of the feed. Ingredients: millet, mannik, canary seed, oats. Oyster shells and vitamins.

Food For Parrots Characteristics, Composition, Recommendations For Selection

  • transparent packaging;
  • carefully selected composition;
  • nutritional value of the mixture.

Feed Recommendations

  1. First of all, you need to pay attention to the packaging: it should be without signs of damage, made of durable materials, with a distinct font. Buying a mixture poured into a box, you risk getting a damp, spoiled product. A sealed bag with a clasp, packed in a cardboard box – the best choice.
  2. The composition indicated on the package must match the contents. The main component for budgies is unpeeled millet of different varieties.
  3. Vitamin balls, granules are painted in different colors. Birds do not take suspicious pieces. Thus, an expensive enriched mixture does not justify the money spent. It is better to choose a simple one without additives.
  4. Nuts and sunflower seeds for budgies are harmful, as they contain a lot of fat. Such components should warn you against buying.

From the first try, it’s unlikely that it will be possible to choose the most successful mixture for price and consumer properties. Do not be afraid to experiment, offer the feathered pet something new. Tastes are different even in birds, so from time to time it is worth diversifying the diet of a parrot.