How And What To Feed A Parrot Tips For Keeping A Parrot


How And What To Feed A Parrot Tips For Keeping A Parrot
  • Treats for parrots. How to pamper a parrot?
  • What is good for a parrot?
  • What is the result of improper feeding of a parrot?
  • How and what to feed a parrot?
    Tips for keeping small, medium and large parrots from a veterinarian ornithologist.

    Nutrition. an important point in the maintenance of any animal.
    Food. fuel for the body. With improper feeding, metabolic disorders occur in the body of the bird, as a result of which various diseases of organs and organ systems can occur.
    Metabolism is many times faster than in humans. For a bird, one day of malnutrition equals a month or two for a person. Feed your pets, parrots, right!

    Eating small parrots.
    How to feed a budgie?

    However, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the feed even in unopened packaging.

    In no case should you give food that has become moisture. Unpleasant smell, mold, dirt should stop the owner of the budgerigar. Such food must be thrown into a bucket. The consequences of the consumption of such food are the most deplorable: a parrot may develop diseases that will be difficult to cure. Therefore, the best way out. follow the feed.
    Choose sealed feed in a plastic bag. such food spoils less often.

    When feeding a budgie, pay attention to the fact that the bird should eat all the food, and not choose the components. For high-quality nutrition of your pet.
    The parrot should completely eat out all the food offered to him, and not select individual components from the grain mixture. Remember that for the normal nutrition of a parrot, millet, as the main nutrient, should be at least half of its diet.

    In addition, a green diet, such as:

    • vegetables
    • fruits
    • berries and herbs
    • leaves of plants.

    The cage should always have mineral feeds: sepia (cuttlefish shell), chalk and a mineral mixture, which includes shell rock, coal and river sand.

    How And What To Feed A Parrot Tips For Keeping A Parrot

    How to feed Corella, Rosella, Kakarika?

    It is generally accepted that medium-sized parrots include corals, rosella, lovebirds, kakariki, Lori, Senegalese and ringed parrots (the most common among ringed ones. Necklace parrot).
    The composition of the food for medium-sized parrots, as a rule, includes: Millet (Italian, yellow, white and red millet) makes up about 70% of the total grain diet. About 10% of the diet is sunflower seed, the remaining 20% ​​of the diet is oats, buckwheat, flaxseed and other grains.
    It is also recommended to add various nuts to the feed, but a little, so as not to cause metabolic disorders.
    Just like other types of parrots, medium ones should not be deprived of fruit and vegetable food.

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    How to feed a parrot?

    In feeding large parrots have their own characteristics. For example, these birds in nature consume a minimum of grain feed, that is, at home, the grain mix of all feed per day is about 30%. The remaining 70%. These are germinated grains, fruits, vegetables, herbs, lettuce and other greens.
    Do not forget about branch feed, it also serves as a source of vitamins and nutrients for birds, especially in the spring.

    Despite the apparent similarity of birds, it is impossible to generalize their diets, it is worth composing an individual diet for each species. This is due to the peculiarities of the natural existence of birds and their natural needs. For example, some birds also need to add protein food (rosella at any time of the year, a little, and to the Amazons during the breeding season), and to other species, such a diet, on the contrary, is contraindicated.

    How And What To Feed A Parrot Tips For Keeping A Parrot