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The only representatives of parrots of the species of the flat-tailed class Kakadu, Corella live in nature for an average of 10 years. They are forced to starve, go without water for several days, constantly seek food and fight with predators for their lives. How much Corella lives in captivity depends entirely on the conditions that a person creates for him, but in any case it is much more than in the wild.

Determining the age of Corella

When buying a parrot, people are most often interested in the age of the bird and how many Corella parrots live. Relatively accurate, the age of the bird can be determined up to a year. Then the changes take place slowly, and the accuracy is limited by the definition: young, adult and old. To determine the age of the parrot, look at it:

There are several ways to determine the age of a parrot.

Beak and claws of young Karelians are light, smooth. With age, they darken. If the parrot does not constantly run on a rough surface, does not erase them, then the claws are lengthened. In representatives of light species, for example, Lupino, the claws do not darken.

The chicks on the legs have practically no scales. In young birds, they are small and bright. The old ones have large coarse scales that cover the entire surface of the fingers and paws.

The eyes of young individuals are dark, black and shiny. In adult birds, a dark pupil can be seen against a brown cornea.

How much does Corell’s domestic parrot live, his age, the specialist determines by the wax. In a young bird, it is bright, smooth. Wrinkles appear with age, the surface coarsens and darkens.

The second molting of feathers in Corella takes place at the age of one year. At the first, children’s fluff changes to a temporary feather in the nest. After that, by the lack of shine and the increased loss of feathers, we can only determine that the bird became sick or infected with parasites.

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Factors Affecting Bird Life

It’s easy to tame Corella, she eagerly repeats the words of the person and learns new tricks.

How Many Years Have Corella Parrots Been Living At Home - We Create Conditions For A Pet To 30

How much the Corellians live at home depends mainly on their owner, or rather on the conditions that he creates for them. These include:

  • cell sizes and equipment;
  • diet;
  • the presence of water;
  • the ability to fly around the room;
  • temperature;
  • humidity;
  • full relaxation in the darkness and silence;
  • sunlight;
  • lack of drafts;
  • the ability to communicate with people and animals;
  • stresses.

The life span of females is shorter. Even if they do not mate and do not lay eggs, their hormonal background changes regularly. This, like stress, shortens the life of the bird. The parrot, which often does masonry, will live even less. Her feathers lose their luster, begin to fall out. A lot of energy and vital energy are spent on the chicks.

Corell family: couple with chicks

At home, it is advisable to mate parrots with a break of more than 18 months. This will allow you to have talkative babies and communicate with a Corella female for a long time. Males carefully feed their couple in the nest, take care of the chicks. But they do not need to get food and water, constantly flying all day. All this stands nearby in a cage. The difficulty is only in pair selection. Parrots are monogamous. They choose one girlfriend for life, or rather, the female decides who she should be with. Not always young birds create a family and mate according to the decision of people. A male who has outlived his girlfriend will most often live alone.

In the parents of long-livers, most often children live longer under similar conditions, though chicks of a couple who have lived in captivity for a few years. Scientists have noted this heredity by observing the birds in the nursery.

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The microclimate is of great importance for all types of parrots. Humidity and temperature are optimal for humans. Sunlight Corell should not receive direct rays, it is impossible to put a cage on the window. In winter, when daylight hours are short, a lamp with ultraviolet radiation is turned on for a parrot.

The parrot should have a good rest

How Many Years Have Corella Parrots Been Living At Home - We Create Conditions For A Pet To 30

For birds, rest is of great importance. They should sleep 10 hours in darkness and silence. It is necessary to cover the cell with a dense blanket. You should not have a TV and a place for children to play next to the bird house. Corells are afraid of loud and sharp sounds.

Most often, the causes of the early loss of a parrot are determined by the inattention and neglect of people. Their main ones:

  • caught a cold when aired;
  • forgot the cage on the window in the sun;
  • dramatically changed the situation;
  • ate something;
  • gnawed the insulation of the wire;
  • flew into the open window;
  • sad.

Even a few minutes in a draft will not pass without leaving a trace for Corella, he will immediately fall ill. The bird cannot be in the sun under direct rays. She constantly hides in the foliage of trees.

Corella being in a draft can catch a cold

It’s not necessary to force the bird to bathe, just put a bath of water for him and he will crawl into it. You can irrigate it in the heat from the sprayer, gradually wetting the feathers completely. Corellas are very sociable and curious. They must constantly learn something new, try for a tooth, gnaw. In its development, it is equal to children in the period 1 – 2 years. A bird cannot live without communication. If a parrot is left alone for a long time, not communicating with him, then he will begin to depression. Corella will pull out her feathers, sit laughing, silently, without her endless songs and conversations.

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You can not talk about the need for good nutrition, it is important for all living things and even plants. At home, in Australia, birds constantly fly from place to place, collect grain, eat fruit. In captivity, they need sepia, a source of calcium for feathers.

How many years have Corella parrots been living at home

The life expectancy of a male Corella is greater than that of females. Experts explain a more stable hormonal background. Females lay eggs and hatch chicks. A parrot at home is not necessary. On average, females live 12-18 years, males 20-25.

Among the strong half, there are often anniversaries who turn 30 years old. Females, in the best conditions of detention, do not reach that age. Experts have not recorded a single case.

Parrots can live quite a while

In the wild, the lifespan of individuals of both sexes is the same. Constant voltage and hazard conditions. When the female lays and hatches eggs, the male, who equipped the nest before this, is intensely searching for food and water for both, then for the chicks. It flies in a day up to 30 km.

Comparison with other parrot breeds

The life span of parrots in the wild differs little in different breeds. Difficult conditions of survival, the constant search for food and water. In the dry season, Corellas join the budgies and migrate with them. They drink water on the fly, flying to the surface of the lake and taking a couple of sips. Repeat several times. To be afraid to land on the shore, there predators await them, and life will end in stasis.

How many years different parrots live, is given in the table. The numbers are average, it all depends on the care.