How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live


How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live

How much the Corella parrot lives depends on the external environmental conditions. Birds living in the wild can reach a maximum of fourteen years. Whereas domesticated parrots can be called long-livers – with proper care they can live about twenty-five years, or even more. Next, we will consider what can affect the life span of these pets.

Life in nature

At home, in Australia, the Corella parrot does not live long – ten to fourteen years. This relatively short life span can be explained by the fact that on Australian territory, birds must independently feed themselves and their chicks.

How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live

This is not so easy to do, despite the fact that these parrots feed on grass seeds and tree fruits. Australia is famous for the dry seasons when plants dry very quickly. This makes the Corell often fly from place to place in search of food. Also, parrots need to take care of potable water, for which you also need to fly more than one kilometer. Not every bird can withstand such loads.

It is worth noting that many water bodies are infected. Often this is the work of people trying to reduce the population of parrots in order to preserve whole wheat crops. Birds can also die from traps set in fields with wheat.

I must say that in Australia there are many birds of prey – hawks, eagles, falcons, peregrine falcons. They lie in wait for parrots at every step, trying to feast on them.

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All these "wild" dangers and problems affect the life of the parrots. Now consider how many years such pets live at home.

How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live

The life of domesticated birds

Living next to a person, the Corella parrots do not need to worry about how to feed themselves and their chicks. Hawks with eagles will not suddenly attack, trying to drag them into their lair. Poisoned ponds, traps, drought, famine – all this remained far away on the Australian mainland.

In general, the life of Corell at home can be simply wonderful. Of course, if the owner will care for his wards properly: properly feed, monitor the purity of the water, provide them with suitable conditions. Indeed, without attention and care, the bird will not live long.

The age of the domesticated Corella parrot, which is properly cared for, varies from twenty to twenty-five years. As can be seen from these figures, Corell can safely be called centenarians. Some pets may live longer. There is a known case when the Corella parrot survived to thirty-five years.

How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live

The life expectancy of Corellus parrots living at home depends on the following factors:

  • conditions of detention;
  • proper nutrition;
  • positive emotions.

Next, we will consider each item separately.

Factors Affecting Poultry Life

Necessary conditions

As residents of hot and humid Australia, captive parrots in captivity can die without such a microclimate. Humidity in the room where they live should be sixty to seventy percent. The temperature should be no less than twenty degrees, but no more than twenty-five.

Also, the duration of life of feathered pets is affected by the duration of sleep. Parrots should get enough sleep, because lack of sleep can badly affect their health. Corellians sleep about ten to fourteen hours a day, depending on the time of year.

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In addition to a certain climate, the cell and its location affect the life span of a pet. Too small cages will prevent the bird from developing properly, and inside an uncomfortable cage the parrot may be crippled.

Inappropriate cage equipment often causes irreparable harm to the pet. He may become entangled in the cords or choke on the detail of the toy, get stuck in a closed feeder, or drown in a bathtub too deep.

How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live

If the cell hangs in a draft, near batteries or in direct sunlight, then due to the common cold, overheating, or problems with the skin and plumage of the cockatiel, it can die.

Parrots are very sensitive to toxic odors. Therefore, tobacco smoke, the smells of heated Teflon coatings, air fresheners and other household chemicals can kill the bird ahead of schedule.

Feeding basics

Poor uniform nutrition affects the health of the cockatiel parrot. Only the right balance of vitamin-mineral substances in the bird’s diet can prolong a pet’s life.

How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live

Food from the host table must be prohibited. Much of what is suitable for human consumption is detrimental to the state of the bird.

Emotional influence

Corella parrots are very attached to their owner, so they need his constant attention. Without housekeeping and communication, a pet can become depressed and die over time.

Also, the absence of walks around the room affects the emotional state of the bird. Without proper physical exertion and a sense of freedom, the parrots begin to wither. This often leads to death.

Do not forget about the safety of the pet while walking indoors. Pets, containers with liquids, jars of chemicals, bare wires, poisonous plants – the bird can find its death anywhere.

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How Much Does The Corella Parrot Live

It is impossible to admit that the Corella was constantly in stressful situations that could significantly shorten his life. Sudden loud noises, a sharp jump of a cat, children shaking a cage – all this can greatly frighten a bird. Keep this in mind and provide your pet with proper conditions.

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