How Often Should Parrots Be Sprouted

How often can you give sprouted grains of oats, wheat, millet, meadow herbs and legumes, parrots and other birds?

Sprouted grain should be an element of the daily diet of captive birds, no matter what kind of birds they are: parrots or canaries, or other grain-eating songbirds and exotic birds.

V. – It is often written that germinated grain stimulates the sexual behavior of birds, therefore it should be given only during the breeding season, and in order to eliminate undesirable sexual behavior it is necessary to plant the bird on a “dry diet” and reduce the length of daylight hours. Is it correct?

A. – If you give sprouted grain "periods" – this will lead to a "hormonal explosion" and stimulate sexual behavior of birds. If you give germinated grain constantly, then the birds will have a consistently high "normal" hormonal background, which strengthens the nervous system and prevents the development of psychosis.

With the sharp inclusion in the diets of birds that were previously on poor feeds mainly consisting of dry cereal mixtures (which in itself affects the birds very badly), the hormonal system is sharply activated, and this leads to hypertrophied sexual behavior, aggression, or triggers egg laying .

Therefore, the sprouted grain should be a constant component of the feed available to birds all year round, especially in the winter and spring when the number of seedlings increases proportionally due to a decrease in the availability of other greens.

How Often Should Parrots Be Sprouted

Red-tailed Jaco Coco Alice Iannou – very fond of mixtures of germinated grains and various legumes. In this photo you can clearly see that the parrot has sprouted peanuts in the feeder, more details of the feeder can be seen in the title photo.

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Here is an example of feeding a parrot of Jaco Alice Iannou’s parrot based on a seedling, (as an example, it is Jaco, since many parrot owners complain that Jaco is very conservative and do not eat anything other than seeds, such conservatism of Jaco is only a matter of time, if the parrot owner is asked to diversify eating a parrot, everything will work out, pay attention to Alice’s Jaco as well as many other parrots with various feeding, she begins to ignore the dry grain mixture):

How Often Should Parrots Be Sprouted

How Often Should Parrots Be Sprouted

&# 127793; Green buckwheat &# 127806; Oats, ☘ Quinoa black, &# 127807; Quinoa yellow &# 127809; Quinoa red &# 127808; Clover seeds &# 127806; Wheat, &# 127825; Radish, &# 127811; Fennel, &# 127805; Corn, &# 127807; Lentils are green, &# 127811; Chickpeas &# 127793; Lentils "Beluga", &# 127795; Hemp seeds, &# 127807; Azuki Beans, ☘ Black Beans &# 127811; Mash, &# 127807; Brown lentils "Pardina", &# 127808; Chia &# 127802; Poppy seeds &# 127800; Flax seeds, &# 127806; Amaranth seeds, &# 127811; Mustard seeds &# 127813; Tomato seeds &# 127798; Hot chili pepper seeds &# 127793; Seeds of okra (okra), &# 127816; Melon seeds.
Before serving decorated the dish with usefulness: &# 127807; Yagel, &# 127811; Icelandic moss.

I draw your attention to the fact that different grains in different periods may be preferred. That is why it is important that there is diversity and choice. Our birds will always choose what they need at the moment and will eat with great appetite exactly what is missing!

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How Often Should Parrots Be Sprouted

How Often Should Parrots Be Sprouted

My Zhako “stopped noticing” dry grain mix, so I try to make the germinated mixture as diverse as possible.

Giving seedlings all year round you provide birds with high-quality feed, rich in biologically active substances. an increase in the number of germinated grains will not cause sharp fluctuations in sex hormones and this will not provoke a premature start of breeding birds.

If the birds began to breed, then the sprouted grain is the first thing that must be included in their diet, since the need of the female organism during the period of egg laying and feeding the chicks in nutrients increases significantly.

How Often Should Parrots Be Sprouted

Alexandria parrots Lyudmila Tikhonova receive seedlings every day. Pay attention to the pine log in the background – massive logs should be accessible to all parrots. Parrots should always be able to nibble. Logs and large branches are the most suitable item for biting.

Advice on transferring female birds suffering from chronic oviposition to a dry diet and shortened daylight hours (the birds are simply covered in the dark and given only grain) are harmful, as the bird does not rush, and there is no place for such a bird to replenish the costs of minerals and vitamins; on the contrary, all efforts must be made to ensure that the egg-egg passes without depletion of the bird’s body.

When they try to eliminate the undesirable sexual behavior of birds – by limiting the variety of diet – this negatively affects the work of all organs and systems of the body, and leads to disease. To "calm" the bird – during this period it is necessary to provide the maximum variety of feed, in no case, do not close it in the cage – on the contrary – it is necessary to increase the flight activity of the bird, and provide the bird with lighting (using special lamps, if there is no natural light) .

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In this case – even if “empty clutch” occurs – it will pass without problems for the female organism.