How To Care For A Jaco Parrot, Keeping A Bird At Home


Many parrots are associated with motley, colorful birds, but among them there are not very remarkable specimens. For example, the Jacquot parrot has a gray inconspicuous plumage. This bird is large, unpretentious, easily coexists with humans.


The bird grows up to 35 cm in length, it has a strong beak and yellow eyes. In nature, there are 2 species – red-tailed and brown-tailed.

The plumage of a Jaco with a red tail is light gray with white veins. The edging of the pen is whitish, which visually creates the appearance of scales. The paws are the same color as the plumage, but the beak is black.

The color of the brown-tailed species is darker, the tail is gray. There is a small spot of yellow or pale pink above the beak.

The plumage of these birds does not appeal to everyone, but their intellectual and conversational abilities are impressive. With the right approach, their vocabulary can reach up to 1,500 words, parrots are able to memorize poems, sing songs. Breeders claim that birds understand everything and reciprocate their owner. Care and maintenance of such pets without certain knowledge and skills is a difficult task.

For a beginner lover of parrots, this species is not suitable, since the bird requires a special relationship. Keeping Jaco at home is rather difficult.

The food should be saturated with all the necessary vitamins. Zhako more often than other parrots are deficient in vitamins A and D.

How To Care For A Jaco Parrot, Keeping A Bird At Home

Keeping a parrot involves the purchase of a spacious cage. You can build an aviary. This bird is big, it needs room. The Jacquot parrot spends most of its time free, pacing the room or flying from one corner to another. They only need a cell for sleep. The bird house is chosen durable, as it constantly tries to leave it. Keeping and feeding the bird in the cage should not be constant.

For feeding, you need to purchase 2 vessels. One is for dry food only, the other is for fresh fruits and vegetables. Also do not forget about the drinker.

The bird house is placed near the wall, so the pet feels protected. The place is chosen dry and warm, without drafts. You can’t place the cage above eye level: this is how a smart feathered bird imagines himself to be the main one in the house, and problems will arise with his upbringing. The cell should stand at the level of the shoulder girdle of a person or his head.

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Particular attention is paid to the bird’s play area. Toys for jaco are important. He develops with them, communicates, and does not let himself be bored.

There should be everything you need: poles, mirrors, hanging toys, swings. In the absence of the owner, the bird will have fun in its own amusement park and will not get bored. Feathered from boredom, they gnaw at various objects, for this purpose in the cage there are tree branches and ropes that can be pecked.

This bird is sociable. When buying it, you need to know that she will not sit in the cage, but she will read with pleasure the owner of the newspaper, help in the kitchen, knock on the computer keyboard and watch a new film in the company of her breadwinner. Communication is the main secret of how to care for and keep a bird.

If communication with a pet is minimized, his psychological health will be upset and behavior problems will begin. Therefore, busy people who are never at home should not start a parrot. He needs constant attention and care.

How To Care For A Jaco Parrot, Keeping A Bird At Home


Brown-tailed people eat any food for birds, there will be no problems than feeding a parrot Jaco. His favorite treat is fried sunflower seeds. In food for Jaco they are added no more than 2.5 tbsp. l Sunflower seeds are very high in calories; you should not abuse them. Also, in the diet of a feathered bird should be sprouted grain, rich in vitamins and minerals. All types of cereals can be included in jaco feed.

The gray parrot has a special love for nuts. They can feed Jaco in any form. But their number should be strictly limited so that the bird does not start obesity. Fresh vegetables and fruits, greens are added to the diet daily. Once a week, it is necessary to give cottage cheese for 1 tsp. Feed Jaco right at the same time. It is important to decide in advance when and what to feed at home Jaco.

Common diseases

Aspergillosis in birds is quite common. The appearance of this disease is provoked by fungi, which can also be found in human dwelling. They are not afraid of a healthy bird with strong immunity, but if it weakens, a fungal infection enters the body.

Symptoms of aspergillosis in a gray parrot:

  • wheezing in the sternum in a calm state;
  • wheezing
  • blue eye circle;
  • poor appetite;
  • digestion problems;
  • lethargy.
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Often the host determines the appearance of the disease in the last stages, when the treatment is useless. Therefore, for prophylactic purposes, it is recommended to show the pet to a specialist once a year. This is an important point in the care and maintenance of the Jaco parrots.

How To Care For A Jaco Parrot, Keeping A Bird At Home

For the prevention of the disease, the following is necessary:

  1. Compliance with all hygiene standards:
  • regularly clean in the cage of the pet;
  • throw away residual feed;
  • change the water to the Jaco parrots several times a day;
  • air the room;
  • wash the feeder and drinker thoroughly.
  1. Control nutrition. A feathered person should receive in sufficient quantities all the substances he needs.
  2. Long sleep. The bird should fall asleep every day at the same time. Care at this time in the parrot, the jaco must be special.

It is quite difficult to treat aspergillosis. Therefore, it is better to prevent its occurrence and remember that the main symptom of aspergillosis in gray jaco is difficulty breathing and lethargy.


At home, Jaco parrots can pull feathers from themselves. In the natural habitat this does not happen to them. Errors in the content of the parrot are affected. Experts name 2 reasons for the appearance of such a condition: improper care and depression.

Violation of the state of the feathered is accompanied by other symptoms:

  • feathering of plumage;
  • decreased interest in games;
  • labored breathing;
  • frizz.

All these signs indicate the onset of depression. The owner needs to urgently pay attention to his pet, to figure out how to properly care for the Jacques brown-tailed parrot. Talk to him more often, do household chores together, carry away puzzles for parrots and other games, get different toys for jaco.

Water treatments

Jaco loves to splash around in warm water. But not everyone knows how and how much to bathe a parrot. Often he does not refuse water procedures, but in captivity there are individuals who are afraid of water. Then the owner has a problem how to bathe a fearful pet.

They teach to water unobtrusively, showing affection and patience. To begin with, it is enough to put a bathing suit with warm water in a cage. You can throw a nut or parrot toys at it to interest the bird.

Spraying water from a spray bottle will also give her a lot of pleasure. This procedure will remind you of instincts laid by nature – bathing in the rain. Jacot parrots prefer to bathe in the shower. First, a stream of water is made weak, accustoming the pet to washing. There are several more ways to bathe a gray Jaco parrot.

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You can periodically open the faucet in the bathroom and watch how the pet reacts. The noise of water will attract him, he will try to wet the feathers in a warm liquid. You can also put wet greens, grass, leaves in a cage. In nature, parrots bathe in dew.

Visit to the vet or to the vet

To enter the street, the owner must be carried for a parrot. It does not allow the bird to fly away, in the house the bird feels protected.

The travel cage for large parrots should be made of soft, non-traumatic materials. Carrying a parrot from a rod or plastic is ideal for both short walks and travel.

If there is no such device in the house, and you need to leave the house urgently, you can use a cardboard box as a carry and temporary home for the gray jaco. Suitable container without extraneous odors. It is necessary to make a ventilation hole in it, and cover the bottom with a cloth.

Communication with the pet

The contents of the gray parrot are Jaco, care are based on building relationships. This bird is with character, and getting along with it is not easy. In addition to worries about how to feed the naughty Jaco, it is necessary to build a line of behavior with him. The chicks are immediately accustomed to the cage. You can dabble only in this place with toys bought especially for the little parrot, the Jaco. If this is not done, everything in the house will be damaged: wiring, furniture, books. You can’t give the bird freedom and consider himself the master of the house, otherwise he will begin to raise the breadwinner with his beak. Such actions are suppressed by sending the bird into the cage for a while.

Careful care, feeding of a gray parrot and its maintenance at home under the power of experienced poultry farmers. The most difficult thing in this matter is to build the right line of behavior with your pet. A feathered bird must be constantly occupied, otherwise problems will arise. The contents of the parrot can be entrusted to people who have patience and love for these birds. Patience and care will bear fruit – the owner will receive a smart, interesting friend for many years.