How To Care For A Parrot


When a person wants to have a pet, he simply goes to the market and chooses what he likes. But before making such an acquisition, it is worthwhile to decide in advance on the animal or bird. It is necessary to collect as much information about him as possible. If the choice falls on the parrot, then you should find out all about its contents. After all, when the bird is at home, it will not be possible to refuse it so simply. Therefore, how to care for a parrot, you need to know in advance. The life and health of the bird will depend on the host.

First stay in a new place

The question "How to care for a parrot?" Is quite popular in our country. A lot of people start them in their home. After all, it is full-fledged care for the parrot. it is a guarantee of a long and healthy living of a bird.

The main components of the pet are some items. For example, perches and a feeding trough, a swimming pool and a drinking bowl. It is also important to know the diet of parrots.

How To Care For A Parrot

Choosing a place to live

Disease symptoms

In the first days of the budgerigar in a new place, you do not need to immediately begin to educate him. First, close contact with the bird should be established. It should take some time. Also, a few weeks after acquiring a parrot, you need to carefully monitor its general behavior. Some actions may indicate that the bird is sick, and she needs the help of a specialist. Then care for the parrot will require more thorough.

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So, what behavior can tell the owner that his pet is unhealthy? Firstly, if he eats poorly. Secondly, very often drinks liquid. Thirdly, it moves little along the cell, mainly sitting in one corner. Fourth, it looks sleepy. Fifthly, it is in a sitting position with its wings down and with a black tongue.

How To Care For A Parrot

Cage cleaning

Cleaning the home of a parrot. a mandatory component of caring for them. Some things need to be done every day, while others once every thirty and ninety days. Now in this article, existing cleaning options will be considered.

Every day it is worth cleaning litter and food debris. They can be on the cage floor, under the litter, on the sides. The pallet must be pulled out and under it carry out wet cleaning. The litter is best replaced daily. It is important to wash the drinker and feeder well, it is possible with soda or detergent. Then the dishes should be wiped with a dry cloth.

How To Care For A Parrot

Once every three months, you first need to wash the bird’s house, then wipe it with soda solution (3 teaspoons of soda per 1 liter of water), and then. infusion of chamomile (wormwood). After all procedures, wipe with a soft cloth. Caring for budgies is not very difficult. The main thing. know what actions need to be done. Then healthy and happy birds will live in the house.

Budgie food

In keeping animals and birds it is very important to know the diet. So it is for budgies. Their main food is a grain mixture. It is through its consumption that the birds receive so many nutrients. All other ingredients are used only as additives to the grain mixture.

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How To Care For A Parrot

Precautionary measures

Caring for a budgerigar is no different than caring for a female bird. All birds require attention and special conditions for living at home.

Drinks for budgies should be fresh every day. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to the water. He will add a birdie useful substances for the body. Also for budgies is the ability to fly. Previously, all fresh air sources should be closed in the room. Otherwise, the birds feel it and fly towards it. It is better to curtain all windows and a balcony so that the parrot does not break on glass. In the cage, you can put a tree branch on which the bird will sharpen its beak. A suitable stay temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.

Caring for the Corella

If a person takes a cockatiel into his content, then he must understand that these birds require special attention. The birds are very proud, it is more difficult to establish close contact with them. You need to communicate very kindly with Corell parrots, not raise your voice.

You need to feed the cockatiel parrots with a grain mixture, dandelion and plantain leaves, twigs of birch and willow, cottage cheese, vegetables, fruits, bread.

Lovebird Care

How To Care For A Parrot

If you have information about the proper care of birds, then communication with them will be a pleasure for a person!