How To Feed A Budgie And How To Care For It

Budgies are one of the cutest and most unique pets. With their cheerful twittering, they are able to disperse sadness, relieve stress, and help overcome accumulated fatigue. From dogs, cats, hamsters they are distinguished not only by the ability to fly, but also the ability to copy various sounds, including human speech. This cute and smart bird will easily become a universal favorite and even a member of the family. But each owner needs to know exactly what to feed the budgie and how to care for it.

How To Feed A Budgie And How To Care For It

Wavy – the smallest species of parrot. In size (up to 20 cm) they are not larger than a sparrow, but the body visually seems longer due to the tail. In nature, these birds are green, but over the years of selection a lot of different colors were obtained, including yellow, blue, white, as well as their combinations. In the wild, budgies are found in Australia and the surrounding islands. There, they prefer semi-desert terrain, in which you can find huge, sometimes millions of their flocks. They are very sociable, which is why they easily get along with a person and constantly require attention.

As a result of many years of breeding and selection, various types of budgies were formed. They vary in color. There are yellow, blue, green, blue, violet, white (even albinos). Very often you can see pinto individuals with characteristic spots. There are these birds and crested. There are three varieties: having a round tuft, semicircular or in the form of a bundle of feathers. Budgies of different colors and different external features easily communicate with each other. And the question of how to feed the budgerigar and how to contain different species is solved the same way.

How To Feed A Budgie And How To Care For It

In order for the bird to be comfortable at home, it is necessary to purchase a cage for it. It will be enough and small, given the small size of the parrot itself. However, the larger his house, the more opportunities for flight and movement, which a bird needs for a normal life. It is also necessary to purchase a drinking bowl, where fresh water should constantly be, and a feeding trough. Some additions will make the birds more enjoyable: perches for jumping and relaxing, a swing, a bell, a mirror, tree branches and much more.

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For those who are interested in budgies, the care and maintenance of these birds is usually not difficult. Pour the food as you eat it. The diet should include grains such as millet, oats, corn, hemp, canary seed. When deciding how to feed a budgie, one should also not forget about vegetables and fruits: slices of apples, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, sunflower seeds. Vitamins and minerals are also needed for a feathered pet. There are special feeds that already contain all the necessary ingredients.

Budgies are outgoing cheerful birds that easily take root in captivity and bring their owners a lot of fun minutes. Having decided to have such a pet, you should ask sellers how to keep and how to feed the budgerigar.