How To Feed A Budgie – The Rules Of A Balanced Diet


How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

The question of how to feed the budgerigar first arises among newly made breeders. It should be taken seriously, because the health and longevity of a pet depends on the correctness and variety of nutrition. In nature, they feed on seeds of cereals, flowers, tree branches, do not disdain insects, carry out raids on fruit plantings.

Budgie ration

For a day, the bird needs 2 teaspoons of food, it does not matter when to pour it – the pets constantly need a filled feeder. The nutrition of budgies should be of high quality and diverse:

  • the basis of a full-fledged menu should be grain mixtures, 70% they consist of millet (red, white, black, yellow), 10%. from oats, by 20%. from canary, flaxseed, wheat;
  • clean water in the drinker should always be, it is recommended to drip lemon juice into it;
  • it is useful to feed the feathered sprouted grains;
  • for a long life, birds need fruits, seasonal vegetables, young herbs;
  • for a variety of servings feathered porridge is given – boiled or steamed in boiling water;
  • once a week, grated boiled eggs and cottage cheese as an animal protein are useful for birds;
  • Sepia is added to the cage – particles of cuttlefish skeleton, put a mineral stone. They need a pet to sharpen the beak and replenish the calcium balance;
  • organic sand, consisting of oyster shells, also plays the role of mineralized recharge.
How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

Budgie food

Before you feed your budgerigar with the mixture from the package, you need to make sure that the box is tightly closed, the product is not expired, has no chemical additives. The grain should have a smooth surface and a typical color. Choosing food for budgies and deciding which is better, it is advisable to stay on well-known brands that are trusted by poultry farmers.

Rio budgerigar food

The product from Russia, has established itself as a quality feed, it needs a juicy top dressing. The manufacturer produces grain collections for different situations – the basic portion, enhanced nutrition during moulting, there are products for germination. It has Rio food for budgies, a balanced composition: millet (yellow, red, black), flaxseed, hemp and canary seed, oatmeal, Abyssinian nougat, oats, wheat. Enriched with a serving of algae and calcium glucanate.

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How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

Prestige food for budgies

When deciding how to feed budgies, experienced breeders choose the Belgian Prestige food. The grains in the packaging are very clean, no debris. The bag is tight, has a lock for better safety. The composition contains only natural ingredients: different millet, canary seed, peeled oats, flax seeds, safflower, oil nougat. The manufacturer also offers Prestige Premium fortified feed supplemented with magnesium, sodium, iron, iodine, zinc.

How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

Fiori food for budgies

Fiori mix is ​​a quality Italian product. It is packed in a cardboard box, inside is a sealed plastic bag. The composition contains about 11 crops, as well as dill, anise and railing. All of them are saturated with oils, which make the plumage of birds saturated and bright. When deciding what is the best way to feed budgies, many breeders recommend Fiori, considering it the optimal menu for birds. The manufacturer also offers goodies for birds in the form of sticks, biscuits with vegetable and fruit additives.

How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

Wak’s parrot food

How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

How to feed budgies other than food?

When deciding how to feed a budgie, the main thing is to make its menu varied. The bird alone is not enough grain mixture for a long life and well-being. What do budgerigars eat besides food: fruits, vegetables, greens, grass saturate their body with vitamins and minerals, tree shoots help grind off the beak. All ingredients must be washed and fresh, not contain chemicals.

What kind of fruits can be given to budgies?

To the question of whether it is possible to give the budgerigar fruit, the unequivocal answer is necessary. But they must be fresh, some must be peeled, for example, citrus fruits, kiwi, bananas. How to feed a budgie – recommended fruits:

  • an Apple. source of iron, give all year;
  • pear. rich in fiber, acceptable as a treat;
  • plum. a storehouse of phosphorus and potassium;
  • citrus. tangerines are more valuable;
  • banana. rich in glucose, give in slices;
  • grapes. eliminates toxins, 3-5 berries per week will be useful;
  • apricots, peaches. give in the summer;
  • cherries. rich in vitamins;
  • kiwi without skin;
  • a pineapple. fresh as a treat;
  • Garnet. archipolous;
  • berries – raspberries, currants, sea-buckthorn, rose hips, strawberries, mountain ash, cranberries, watermelon. They are given in season, in winter. dried and steamed.

What greens can be given to budgies?

Greens are included in the daily diet of the bird. She is a storehouse of vitamins. How can I feed a budgie – recommended greens:

  • lettuce leaves;
  • spinach;
  • dandelion;
  • burdock;
  • tops of carrots and beets;
  • plantain foliage;
  • domestic vegetation – tradescantia, chlorophytum, Kalanchoe, and Crassula.
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What vegetables can be given to a budgie?

When deciding what to give budgies to food, do not forget about vegetables. They are fed chopped or grinded separately or in combination with other products. How to feed a budgerigar at home – allowed vegetables:

  • carrot. contains keratin, fed raw, cut into pieces or chopped on a grater;
  • melon, pumpkin. a storehouse of glucose, give particles in raw form;
  • zucchini. fiber source;
  • cucumber. give only homemade, fresh;
  • Tomatoes fed only environmentally friendly, mature, red;
  • beet. rich in sugars, can be used in winter;
  • corn (dairy). source of protein, give fresh;
  • beans, green peas. acceptable at the stage of milk maturity;
  • cabbage. it is rich in microelements, fed with pieces of leaves, the stalk is crushed on a grater;
  • Bell pepper. contains vitamins, can be given with seeds.

What kind of grass can be given to budgies?

The grass must be given to the birds freshly picked, they are used as a treat from spring to late autumn. It is better to collect greens far from industrial enterprises and roads, it is well washed before use. What weed can be given to budgies:

  • clover (white, red, pink). give greens, flowers, seeds;
  • quinoa. feed seeds, leaves in a small volume;
  • blooming Sally. give grass and flowers;
  • wheat grass. spikelets and grass are useful;
  • blackberry. give grass and seeds from spikelets;
  • scalded nettle. everything can be eaten by birds, use dried in winter;
  • chicory. give greens and seeds.
How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

What branches can be given to budgies?

Birds really like to nibble something, in order to take the beak of birds in a cage, they need to plant fresh shoots of trees. Pets peck bark and buds from shoots. You can feed in the park, garden, away from the roads. First it is kept in cold water for 5-6 hours, washed under a strong stream, then scalded with boiling water. Such treatment will help protect pets from possible parasites – ticks, eaters. What branches can be given to budgies:

How to feed budgerigar chicks?

After the birth of the babies, they are defenseless, the female feeds them with goiter milk, a few days later she adds partially digested cereals to him. The diet of a nursing bird should include sprouted grain and egg mixture. If the female refuses babies, they are artificially saturated. How to feed a budgie at home – baby food:

  1. Up to 3 days. Dilute baby food, warm to 36 ° C. The brush is dipped into the composition and brought to the side of the baby’s beak – it should swallow the drop. Chicks are fed every 2 hours, even at night.
  2. From 3 to 7 days. A mixture is prepared: one part of an amine, a decoction of oats, divorced baby food and two parts of a decoction of millet. Feed with an insulin syringe with a flexible hose.
  3. From 7 days. Feeding is done every 3 hours, at night they can no longer eat.
  4. From 14 days. Milk porridge made from crushed grain is introduced into the diet.
  5. From the 20th day. The kid is taught to eat with a teaspoon.
  6. Young animals are transferred to grain feed when they can independently fly out of the nest (approximately for 32-33 days).
  7. Up to 3-4 months they are given an egg twice a week.
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Feeding budgerigars during the breeding season

For successful breeding of birds, it is important to feed them correctly at the time of nesting. The portion of birds at this time should be enriched with vitamins A, B, D, amino acids and mineral elements. How to feed a domestic budgerigar in the pre-nesting period:

  1. 2 weeks before masonry, a protein mixture is useful: calcium carbohydrate calcium gluconate. Give it in a day.
  2. At this time, half of the feed should be sprouted grain.
  3. The cage should have crayons, nourishing stones, sepia, crushed eggshell.
  4. Saturate the daily diet with red fruits and vegetables – carrots, sweet peppers, pumpkin; greens – dandelions, clover, swan.
  5. During masonry, soft feeds are excluded, the amount of cereal is doubled, and 1/8 of a chicken or ½ quail egg is fed every other day.
How To Feed A Budgie - The Rules Of A Balanced Diet

What can not be given to a budgie?

In each variety of feed for birds there are prohibited products, they can harm them. What you can not feed the budgerigar:

  1. From vegetables:
  • celery. has a spicy flavor and contains essential oils;
  • radish. very sharp;
  • garlic, onion. sharp, saturated with essential oils;
  • eggplant. in the composition has harmful solanine;
  • other spicy and spicy vegetables, for example, radish, daikon;
  • persimmon, avocado, papaya, mango. contain substances harmful to parrots that cause intoxication of the body;
  • nuts. fatty product, you can’t feed them every day. 1-2 times a month treat the pet with a slice of cashew, walnut, pine nut or hazelnut;

3. From tree branches:

  • bird cherry and oak. saturated with tannins;
  • lilac. the kidneys and cortex are saturated with the bitter glycoside syringin;
  • poplar. branches absorb toxic substances from the air;
  • acacia. it is poisonous;
  • coniferous trees. saturated with resin, give in small quantities;
  • aromatic and spicy herbs: parsley, dill, celery, hyssop, cilantro.