How To Feed A Budgie


How To Feed A Budgie

In this article, you will learn about the basics of proper and varied nutrition for wavy. But we will start with the signs of a healthy bird, so that you know for sure that nothing threatens the parrot.

Signs of a healthy bird

What does a healthy parrot look like? The external signs of the disease can be determined by the behavior of the pet and its appearance. A healthy bird actively feeds on food. If a parrot refuses a favorite treat, then it is worth thinking about his health.

These birds are very active in nature, they constantly move in their cage, fervently tweet and all the time actively respond to the voice of the owner. Sucked bird, especially if there is an increase in goiter, this is a sign of a possibly serious disease.

The health status of a parrot is related to its diet, for example, a tick infection occurs due to a poor-quality grain mixture, even branches from trees brought home can be infected. Tick ​​symptoms are characterized by reddening of the wax, yellow growths on the code and deformation of the beak. Therefore, correctly selected high-quality feed is the key to the success of your pet’s health.

Pay attention to the condition of feathers, beak, legs, parrot litter. In a healthy bird, the feathers are well-groomed and clean (except for the molting period), there are no growths on the legs, nodules, plaque on the beak. Litter in healthy individuals is not liquid.

The basics of good nutrition for budgies

How to feed a budgerigar at home and what can be eaten by a budgie so that they do not hurt?

Nutrition must be balanced, full of vitamins and minerals. The diet of an adult should consist of seventy percent of millet, about ten percent of oats. The remaining percentage of feed is ingredients in the form of wheat, various oils, trace elements.

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Millet is yellow, black, white, red. Do not feed the birds with nuts and seeds in the peel, feed the pet every hour, such food harms the liver, it contains a lot of polyunsaturated fats.

What can be given to budgies except food? Sometimes you want to pamper your pet with something tasty. Red sweet apples, peaches, apricot, cherry are perfect for feeding.

Any fruit or vegetable should be finely chopped before serving, especially if you feed the chicks. You can give small pieces of boiled potatoes, carrots, dried mountain ash, currant berries, blueberries, strawberries. Greens should also be present in the diet in the form of plantain leaves, lettuce, cabbage, dandelions.

What do budgerigars eat besides food? Almost all fruits and many types of vegetables.

Advice! Never salt food and pour sugar into it, do not give the bird chocolate! When buying a grain mixture, inspect the contents; it should not contain sand or foreign inclusions.

Water for parrots

The budgie needs not only grain feed, but also the right drink. The pet should always have fresh water! It is best if you give the bird a small amount of water and constantly change it. Feeding budgies is also the organization of proper drinking.

Advice! Measure the temperature of the water in the drinker. It should not be cold. The optimum water temperature is 15 degrees!

If you have an auto-drinker, you need to wash it every day. To disinfect water, just add a couple drops of lemon juice to it. Tap water will not work. Buy bottled water for baby food, or serve filtered water to your pet.

Ready Grain Blend

The food for budgies can be in the form of ready-made grain mixtures. In the sale of such mixtures, there is a huge amount. They may contain seeds, grain, mineral supplements, chopped green leaves. Such feeding is very useful for feathered pets, as it contains a lot of useful substances.

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If the main mixes consist mainly of different types of millet, then many ready-made grain mixtures have the inclusion of dried fruits, hazelnuts. This mixture can be given as an addition to the main feed.

It is especially important to include mixtures in poultry nutrition during molting, in case of illness, or in non-grown chicks. How to feed a budgie if you don’t have a ready-made grain mixture at hand? It is quite possible to cook it yourself by taking peeled pumpkin seed, dried fruits, millet and chop them in a blender.

How To Feed A Budgie

How to feed a parrot, except for food?

What can feed budgies other than food?

  • Parrots should get a lot of greens, because the same spinach leaves or Chinese salad contain vitamin C, which is necessary to maintain the health of the pet.
  • You can treat the bird with a salad, or pick fresh grass. The amount of greens should not be large. Do not tear the grass in the city or near the road, it accumulates salts of heavy metals in itself, which can serve as poisoning for the parrot.
  • Also, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken eggs and cow’s milk in small quantities can be given to the bird. This should be done not every day, but at a certain period. For example, a couple of times a week, so experienced budgie lovers no longer need to know how to feed budgies other than food, since with proper care you can significantly diversify your pet’s diet.

Fruits and berries

How to feed a budgie with berries and fruits? You can give apples to the bird, but each seed should be carefully removed, since the seeds contain hydrocyanic acid, which is dangerous for a parrot.

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Advice! Do not give your pet unwashed fruits or berries, even if they are frozen.

Rinse fruit should be under running hot water. The peel on apples should be carefully cut, do not give bananas, kiwi, tangerines in the peel! Pesticides and harmful chemicals have the ability to accumulate in the peel, so you need to get rid of it.

What fruits and berries can be given to a parrot?

This is first of all:

Pears (contain a lot of fiber);

Apples (Vitamin C, Iron)

Oranges, lemons, grapefruit (vitamin C);

Plums (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus);

Banana (potassium, starch);

Grapes (contains a substance such as an antioxidant);

Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, mountain ash (vitamin C, B., trace elements);

Pineapple, peach, kiwi:

Not all fruits and berries are good for parrots. It is forbidden to feed a bird with persimmon, mango, avocado. You can not give a lot of seeds, a fairly small handful of seeds once a week.


What can feed budgies, except for grain mixtures, fruits and vegetables? You can give the bird porridge.

But these are not traditional cereals that a person consumes.

Porridge should not contain a lot of oil. And best of all, do not add it at all. After all, what the budgies eat, directly affects their health. Polyunsaturated fats cause liver disease in birds. The right ingredient for porridge for every housewife is usually at hand.

It’s useful for a parrot to feast on porridges from millet, rice, buckwheat, and barley. When cooking porridge, you must follow a certain recipe. Do not add sugar or salt to the water, a small amount of fish oil is suitable instead of butter. Porridge should be crumbly. Honey, which should be in porridge in small quantities, is served to the pet carefully mixed. If desired, dried fruit, fresh fruits or berries are added to the porridge.