How To Feed A Cockatoo Parrot


From the first minutes of the appearance of a funny parrot in the house, the new owners are wondering: "How can I feed a cockatoo?" After all, I really want to constantly see him active and cheerful, so that he fully develops, you could always play. This is possible if one of the conditions is fulfilled – feeding healthy, balanced food.

Vegetables and greens in the diet of a parrot

The menu, compiled for every day, is not only characterized by diversity, but also depends on the season. So with the onset of autumn cold days and until the beginning of spring, the diet half consists of a grain mixture. The remaining half is evenly distributed between fresh vegetables with fruits and grain, which is previously germinated. In the summer, the amount of grain is reduced by 15 percent, while increasing the content of sprouted feed by 15 percent.

The cereal mixture is able to provide the body with all the necessary components, primarily protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and plant esters. Basically, such a mixture is represented by oat and corn grains, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, buckwheat, millet and canary seed. They are recommended to be given to other large parrots, such as the macaw or the jaco.

How To Feed A Cockatoo Parrot

There are many valuable minerals and vitamins in root crops and other succulent parts of plants, growing in almost every garden or near the house. Those, for example, are:

  • celery;
  • lettuce;
  • turnip tops;
  • spinach;
  • Tomatoes
  • carrot;
  • boiled potato tubers;
  • table beets;
  • Chinese cabbage.
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It is better to feed a parrot with tubers that previously underwent heat treatment, but are completely unsalted. The optimal cooking time is about half an hour.

It will not be superfluous to add to the diet plants that are considered medicinal: dandelion (including its root), thistle, plantain, young nettle. It is better to chop greens, i.e. serve as a kind of salad.

How To Feed A Cockatoo Parrot

The vegetable set, which the cockatoo will enjoy with pleasure, is diverse:

  • cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • young corn (milk ripeness);
  • green beans (including peas in pods);
  • Bell pepper.

It is better to give preference to products from your garden. If this is not possible, then it is worth buying fruits and vegetables by season.

How to feed fruits?

In addition to citrus fruits, pineapple and kiwi, a parrot can be quickly accustomed to the fruits that are considered common in Russian gardens: pears, apples, peaches. You can be sure that the bird will not refuse such berries as mountain ash, raspberries, strawberries and grapes. From the cherry you need to take out the seeds.

No less useful than juicy fruits and berries, are considered branches of some of the above trees and shrubs. Fruits are cut into parts that easily fit in the cockatoo’s paw, so it will be convenient for him to take. You can’t leave in the cage everything that the bird could not eat, because it quickly deteriorates. Some bird products are likely to be new. Then, showing diplomatic abilities, we must try to persuade her to try a healthy fruit.

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How To Feed A Cockatoo Parrot

Cooking sprouted food

Beans, before serving them to the parrot as food, are poured with water so that they swell. A mixture is prepared from peas, soybeans, small beans, lentils and other legumes prepared in this way.

They do the same with cereals, i.e. wheat, oats, buckwheat, etc. Grains left in water and a warm room after about 24 hours release white sprouts. A healthy treat is washed in running water.

When eating sprouted food, the pet is saturated with vitamins of groups B and E. They are especially needed by the body during periods when the bird grows or sheds. It is advisable to add about 15 percent peanuts or hazelnuts to the grain mixture. This will enrich the dish with vegetable fats.

Animal feed, vitamins and minerals

Naturally, in the absence of proteins in the diet, there can be no talk of complete food and, accordingly, dream of the normal development of cockatoo. The source of animal proteins, first of all, can be boiled chicken meat or even small bones with the presence of meat on them.

Dairy products are included in limited quantities, with a very low percentage of milk sugar (lactose). A feathered pet is unlikely to give up cheese, yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese.

How To Feed A Cockatoo Parrot

Once or twice every seven days, a young bird is fed a quail or chicken egg in a cooked form. The entire necessary complex of vitamins is contained in a multivitamin supplement, which is recommended to be included in the cockatoo diet 2 times a week.

Finally, one cannot help but recall the minerals. In them, the body of the parrot also feels the need, as in all other components, which were discussed above. Mineral substances are commercially available in various versions, namely, mineral stones, powder or granules.

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A bit about drinking cockatoo

It is imperative to change the water in the drinker so that it is clean all the time. Hygiene is an important condition for staying in comfortable conditions for any feathered pet. For example, Amadins love to swim in their drinking bowls. Cockatoo can also paw into their plates, so it’s worthwhile to follow this and choose closed reservoirs for liquids.

How To Feed A Cockatoo Parrot

Sometimes a small amount of honey or freshly squeezed lemon juice is allowed. In addition, the parrot can be watered with other types of liquid:

  • 1-2 times in seven days to drink mineral water;
  • decoctions of herbs and fruits, for example, chamomile and rose hips;
  • fruit, berry and vegetable juices.

Do not use raw tap water. It must be boiled or defended, but ideally it is better to buy drinking water.