How To Feed A Parrot At Home – A Healthy Diet


Lyudmila Vapnyarchuk 10/30/2016

A small feathered pet has appeared in your house! How to feed a parrot in order to maintain its health and cheerfulness for a long time? After all, nature provided the birds with all the nutrients – fresh grain, small insects, fruits. Let’s figure out how to choose the right diet at home for your new friend.

The basis of the diet of birds, including parrots, is grain, and the most simple way to maintain the longevity of the pet will be industrial finished feed.

The best food for parrots

  1. Plant feed. They include cereal products, fresh and dried fruits. Birds love food in the form of grain mixtures, sticks, crackers. They will allow the parrot to feel full and confident.
  2. Animal feed. May contain insects, cottage cheese and other animal protein. They are necessary for birds in special cases, for example, when recovering from an illness, laying eggs, intensive growth of chicks.

The daily dose of grain feed for small budgies should be about 20-22 grams, for medium no more than 35 grams, large – up to 50 grams. Try not to overfeed the bird, because being in the cage, the bird becomes less mobile, and therefore prone to obesity.

Among domestic-made feeds, the WAKA brand is popular – a balanced diet represented by a wide range of products for both small representatives of the species and medium-sized parrots.

Famous brands of imported feed include: Rio, Padovan, Nutri Bird, JR Farm, Vitacraft. Each brand is widely represented, and in addition to the main diet contains products for feeding during molting, egg laying, diseases, for adult birds.

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When choosing food, make sure that the packaging is tight, tightly closed. The mixture should be homogeneous, without foreign impurities and additives, the smell should be absent.

Properly selected food will become the basis of the pet’s diet. But for proper digestion, health and strength, the bird needs to diversify its nutrition with vitamins, herbs, mineral supplements.

Parrot ration

Grain mixtures are the basis of the diet of a parrot, but what else can you feed a bird to please it? For proper digestion, excellent health and good mood, supplement the pet’s nutrition with the following elements:

  1. Sprouted grain. In the autumn-winter period, when the immune system can malfunction, feed the bird with germinated grain. To do this, soak the seeds and let them swell.
  2. Green food. Fresh and dry plant leaves enhance bird health.
  3. Soft food. With protein-rich mixtures, feed your domestic parrot not only during the laying of eggs, but also to maintain the beauty of the bird at least 1-2 times a week.
  4. Fruits and vegetables. How to feed a budgie to please him? Fruits and vegetables, cut into slices! They will not only become a treat for the bird, but also enrich their body with natural vitamins.
  5. Nuts. They are rich in fats and protein, can be present in the diet of birds as a treat.
  6. Vitamin supplements. Especially in winter, it is advisable to diversify the parrot’s menu with vitamin preparations in order to even out the balance of nutrients. Better use industrial products. Also, lemon or vegetable juice, honey added to the drinker are suitable as an additive.
  7. Mineral supplements. To replenish mineral substances, add mineral supplements to the feed in the form of crushed eggshells, chalk, sepia, or calcium gluconate tablets. Charcoal is good for poultry.
  8. Water. Mandatory component of the diet of a parrot, control the constant presence of water in the pet feeder.
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Now, let’s determine which foods can be used to power parrots.

What is possible from the products

Feeding a parrot at home is easy, but you still need to remember some of the features when compiling a diet.
With the independent preparation of the grain mixture, you can use:

  • millet,
  • sunflower seeds,
  • meadow grass seeds
  • canary seed
  • sesame,
  • linen,
  • hemp seed.

By mixing several components you can get a complete nutritional mixture.

How To Feed A Parrot At Home - A Healthy Diet

But how can you feed a parrot, except for food? Safe treats for a parrot include pieces:

  • root crops (turnips, carrots, beets, potatoes)
  • tomato
  • cucumbers, zucchini, squash, pumpkin,
  • corn
  • apples and pears
  • berries (blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, sea buckthorn, mountain ash),
  • pineapple kiwi
  • peaches, plums and apricots,
  • greens (spinach, salad, woodlice, plantain, clover, nettle, burdock),
  • branches of domestic plants (chrysanthemums, roses, bamboo, hibiscus, aloe).

If you feed the parrot correctly, it will live a long and active life, delighting you with its health and beauty. But there are products that are contraindicated in poultry consumption.

What can not feed a bird

There are several categories of foods than a parrot cannot be fed. These substances are toxic to birds and can cause irreversible changes in the body of the pet. These products include:

  • mango,
  • persimmon,
  • papaya,
  • parsley, garlic, chives, dill and other herbs.

Is it possible to feed a parrot with the following foods is a moot point:

  • Milk. Most parrots are deficient in lactose, so taking milk can cause indigestion.
  • Bread. It contains salt, sugar, yeast, which can negatively affect the health of the pet. If you often feed the parrot with bread, you can provoke obesity.
  • Salt. May cause damage to poultry organs and tissues.
  • Meat. Parrots feed on insect larvae, so there is an opinion that they can be replaced in the pet’s diet with meat, but the digestive system of parrots is not designed to digest meat.
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By choosing the right food for your pet’s food, you will maintain its health and mood for a long time. Love and appreciate the parrot, and he will delight you with beauty and cheerfulness.