How To Feed A Parrot At Home


Budgies in food are very unpretentious. The parrot’s home ration should not differ much from the diet in the natural habitat.

The nutrition of the budgerigar at home must be varied and each owner should know how to feed the parrot, except for food. As soon as you put the parrot in a cage, you need to provide the parrot with drinking water and pour the feed into the feeder. There are times when a bird from stress begins to eat on the first day.

The food issue is very serious, because the health, appearance and well-being of your little pet depends on it.

1. Grain food should be included in the diet of the budgerigar daily. When buying feed, pay attention to quality and appearance. It should not smell of musty and should not be moldy. Grains should have a smooth glossy surface and a natural color.

Mostly the main feed is cereal mixtures. All other feeds can be considered simply additives to grain mixtures or treats. The cereal mixture consists mainly of a mixture of millet and oats. Pay attention to the fact that millet should be in a husk that blocks the access of air to the grain itself, thereby preventing fats from deteriorating. Oats This is a complex of amino acids that your budgie needs for health every day.

Also in the grain mixture may contain sunflower seeds. A large amount of vegetable fats is concentrated in it. Be careful with this supplement, it should not be much, since an excess of these fats can have the opposite effect on the body of a parrot. Excess fat leads to the fact that the body produces a lot of gastric juice and bile, which cause inflammation of the intestinal mucosa and cause diarrhea. Therefore, carefully monitor the diet.

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How to feed a parrot, except for food.

How to feed a parrot, except for the main feed

1. In addition to the main food, fruits must be included in the diet of the parrot. apples, pears, bananas. All fruits must be cut into slices.

2. You can also give berries to a parrot. wild strawberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries.

Fruits and berries are very beneficial for all birds. But not all parrots will eat them. If you took a small chick, it is better to accustom to such a delicacy from childhood.

3. Vegetables. cabbage, carrots, cucumber. All vegetables must also be cut into slices.

4. Stems, branches and leaves of green plants, such as dandelion, clover, lettuce. good food for parrots. They also make green flour. To do this, collect plant leaves, dry and grind into pollen. This pollen can be added to regular feed.

5. Mineral mixtures. eggshell, chalk. Very useful for parrots. You can fix a piece of chalk on the cage and the parrot can grind its beak about it.

6. Also do not forget about nutritional supplements that contain vitamins and minerals.

7. Porridge. boil only in water without salt and additives. Suitable cereals from buckwheat, rice, millet. Pieces of fruit or vegetables can be added to porridge.

8. Nuts and seeds can be given to a parrot in a small amount.

9. Water should be every day in a drinker of a parrot.

. In no case should you feed the parrot salty food, salt, bread, milk! This can adversely affect bird health and result in death.

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Water for a parrot

In addition to food, do not forget about drinking water! You can’t pour cold water directly from under the tap, it contains chlorine, and because of the cold water the bird can get sick. Draw water from the tap into a container and let it brew for 24 hours at room temperature. In the cage, change the water at least 1 time per day.

Lemon juice can be added to the water at the rate of 1-2 drops per tablespoon. There are vitamin drops for drinking water. But remember to follow the instructions on the package.

Remember that the daily feed requirement for each parrot is different. Depending on the weight and size of the bird. For large individuals, up to 50 grams of feed is calculated, for small ones up to 20 grams.

Do not change the feed composition more than once a month.

How To Feed A Parrot At Home