How To Feed A Parrot, Choose The Right Food


If you just got a vocal favorite, now you are probably interested in the question of how and how to feed a budgie or another bird from this tribe. And this is very important, because the health of a parrot depends on nutrition and proper care. If you plan a competent and balanced diet of a bird, then it will always be strong, cheerful, talkative and cheerful.

In order for the parrot to be cheerful and healthy, its nutrition must be correct and balanced.

In order to understand what feeding parrots should be like, you have to imagine where this bird comes from. Mostly these are the tropical regions of Australia, where funny bright birds fly free. The basis of their diet there is various plant seeds, spiders and bugs. But what should be the feeding of a domestic parrot? Here you will be helped by feed substitutes, which modern birds, such as rio or budgies, have long been accustomed to.

Types of food for parrots

All food for a parrot can be conditionally divided into two volume groups:

  • vegetable feed;
  • feed of animal origin.

Plant food for parrots includes seeds of various plants and weeds, cereals, all kinds of greens, fruits, vegetables. Animal food for parrots – bugs, larvae and other insects, as well as cottage cheese and chicken eggs. This is the basis of the diet for the wild parrot. As for domestic birds, such as a budgie or rio, their diet can be much more diverse. The main thing is to know what and how to feed the pet.

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Parrot Feed Rate

If your pet is a small parrot, then he should eat about 20 grams per day, if the average – 30, but if he is large – then about 40-50 grams. However, you do not need to take these numbers too literally, since many factors can determine the amount of feed. This, for example, is the ambient temperature (the colder, the more energy the parrot needs), the bird’s mood and general health.

Parrot Diet Components

Today, cereal mixtures are widely used for feeding. Among them are the following:

  • millet, which is the main component of the parrot’s menu;
  • oats;
  • sunflower seeds to be given to the animal in its raw form.

It is also worth noting that domestic parrots, rio or budgies, can primarily eat seeds, leaving everything else for later. Then you do not need to add them again, because they have a lot of fat, and they can provoke metabolic disorders. Let the parrot eat another mixture, and then you can pour it again. It is important to ensure that the bird eats all the food.

Cereals in the diet of a parrot

You should carefully choose oats. It can be purified and uncleaned. The second option for the parrot is preferred. The shell allows you to save in the grain all the beneficial substances that do not remain in the refined grain. In addition, this food for budgies is also becoming a new entertainment for pets.

One cannot help but recall the sprouted grain. Along with dry, you need to enter a parrot menu, and this is especially true in winter. This product contains a lot of valuable substances needed for a parrot.

To germinate the grain, you can take a tablespoon of ordinary grains, and pour them with hot water. After 1-1.5 hours, such food can be served to a parrot. It is important to know that the sprouted grain can deteriorate quickly, so you do not need to soak it in large volumes. It is also important to clean the cage, eliminating from malnourished food residues.

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Fruits, Vegetables and Greens

Although cereals are the basis for a bird’s healthy diet, it can also be beneficial to eat fruit, vegetables, and various greens. For example, it can be pears, apples, plums, pumpkin pulp, carrots and beets, strawberries, as well as exotic fruits like kiwi and mango. This will help make the ration of the budgerigar or rio parrot more diverse.

How To Feed A Parrot, Choose The Right Food

Vegetables, fruits and berries diversify the menu of the parrot, as well as provide it with vitamins.

Among the greens, you can give preference to green salad, dill and parsley, sorrel, young nettles and dandelions. A parrot that eats greens will always be healthier.

It is important to ensure that all these products are grown only in environmentally friendly conditions. The body of the parrot is quite tender, and the presence of pesticides and chemicals in the feed, it can not tolerate. Therefore, ecology should be in the first place.

Animal squirrels

In addition to grain and greens, the parrot can and should be fed with animal proteins. This is cottage cheese, chicken egg and boiled meat. The following recipe is recommended: grate the boiled chicken egg with carrots or beets, and add seasoning in the form of chopped greens to the mixture. It turns out tasty and healthy food for budgies in the form of a salad.

Water in the diet of a parrot

In addition to the main components of the diet, there must be a drinker in the cage of each parrot. Water is very necessary for these birds, because the grain does not provide them with a sufficient amount of liquid, and in fact it is it – the main component of normal life.

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Water in a drinking bowl needs to be changed regularly. It is better not to use boiled water, since it practically does not store oxygen. If you doubt the quality of tap water, it is better to purchase a filter for cleaning, which will help to be safe.

Experts recommend adding a little sand to the bottom of the cage. The parrot will nibble him a little, and this will help normalize the digestive processes in his body.

Winter Parrot Feeding

It is important to carefully monitor the nutrition of parrots in the winter, when there are extremely few vitamins. To ensure its health, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the water, which perfectly helps strengthen immunity.

How To Feed A Parrot, Choose The Right Food

In winter, the food of a parrot should be thought out with special care.

You can also purchase special vitamins, which are sold in veterinary pharmacies. A good cocktail for bird health is a mixture of boiled chicken eggs and chopped dried nettles.

The last piece of advice that parrot owners should give is to change their feeder every day. Blow off yesterday’s husk and add new feed. Do not overdo it with feeding, a parrot that eats too abundantly can gain excess weight and get health problems.

The main thing is to organize the right, varied and balanced diet, which will include all the necessary components, and then your pet will delight you with beauty and health every day.