How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home


How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

The owner must know how to feed the cockatiel, so that he feels well. It is impossible to give such a pet only a grain mixture. The daily menu of the parrot should include both nutrients and vitamin-mineral nutrition. The basic principles for compiling a bird diet can be found below.


The maintenance of parrots includes a suitable cage and its internal equipment, a suitable climate in the room where the pet lives, care for its appearance, regular communication. But it will not be complete without a properly balanced bird diet.

To have an idea of ​​what to feed the Corella at home, you need to know what it eats in nature. Based on the natural needs of the parrot, you will understand what can be given to this bird. Good care can extend your pet’s life.

How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

Wild parrot diet

The Corelli hails from Australia, where they have chosen steppe and forest-steppe territories. In these areas, herbs grow whose seeds are the main food of these parrots.

They also love to feast on the fruits of trees, eucalyptus nectar and grains of ripened wheat and millet. In addition, living protein – insects – is included in the diet of wild parrots. Ponds save them from dehydration.

Next, we consider what can and cannot be given to such pets.

How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

Making a diet for Corell

General concepts

The daily bird menu should include both nutrients and vitamins and minerals.

Feeding the coral can be divided into two components: the main and additional feed. Let’s talk about how you can feed these birds.

How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

Main feed

The basis of the diet of Corella is a grain mixture, which includes the following seeds and cereals:

  • millet of white, gray, yellow or red varieties;
  • oats;
  • wheat;
  • barley;
  • canary seed;
  • corn;
  • safflower seeds;
  • raw sunflower seeds;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • hemp seed;
  • flax-seed;
  • wildflower seeds;
  • rapeseed seeds;
  • sesame seeds.
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Also, some types of nuts may be present in grain mixtures: walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts.

For a day, Corella should eat about thirty to forty grams of the grain mixture. This is about five to six teaspoons. Do not overfeed your pet – such care will not benefit him. This amount of food is enough to allow it to develop normally. Excess food leads to metabolic disorders and obesity.

How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

To choose a quality grain mixture, you need to buy brands of trusted manufacturers. For example, Fiory (Italy), Prestige (Belgium), Rio (Russia). Always check the composition and expiration date of the food written on the box. You should not buy a grain mixture by weight – such food may be expired and contain mold or waste products of various insects. The best option is sealed packaging with food, allowing you to view the contents.

Before feeding the parrot, carefully inspect the food – there should be no mold or black spots on the grains. To finally make sure that you bought a high-quality grain mixture, pour a small amount of feed into the dishes, pour it with warm water and put in a warm place. If two thirds of the poured volume of grains germinated within two days, then the mixture is of high quality.

By the way, sprouted food is a great alternative to dry. Germinated grains increase bird immunity due to the increased level of vitamins and minerals. You can sprout wheat or barley. Give grains to the bird as soon as white sprouts appear. Germinated food is stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days.

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Supplementary feed

However, it is impossible to feed Corell with only one grain mixture. Such care cannot be called quality. Despite the high content of vital substances, such food will not be able to fully meet the needs of the body of a parrot. These birds also need to be given vitamin-mineral complementary foods, which should be about thirty percent of the total diet.

In the diet of Corella should include fruits such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes, citrus fruits. Also, in the form of goodies, peaches, apricots, pomegranates, kiwi, pineapple are suitable for Corell parrots. Fruits should be fresh and pre-washed. Do not forget to peel citrus fruits and bananas.

How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

Be sure to parrot the following vegetables: carrots, pumpkins, melons, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, bell peppers, corn, cabbage, legumes (beans, green peas). Choose fresh vegetables. Before serving, they must be thoroughly washed in order to get rid of possible pesticides with which vegetables are sprayed.

However, not every bird is ready to try fruit or vegetables if you have not accustomed it to them since childhood. In this case, you will have to interest the pet, because this lure is necessary. A good way to do this is to collect a fruit garland for the parrot.

Currants, raspberries, watermelon, cherries, red and black mountain ash, cherries, gooseberries, wild berries will be an excellent vitamin supplement for Corella. You can give the bird fresh and frozen berries, having previously thawed them.

How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

Do not forget about fresh herbs. Dandelion leaves, clover, plantain, tops of carrots or beets, vines diversify the bird’s diet. Greens can be added to vegetable salad or porridge. You can give a parrot to gnaw branches of birch, willow, maple or fruit trees.

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An important part of the diet of corella is the proteins found in low-fat cottage cheese and boiled chicken eggs. However, such products give birds half a teaspoon no more than two to three times a month. Otherwise, they will provoke premature mating of parrots.

But during the period of nesting and feeding the chicks, protein products should be given daily. As during the change of plumage. At such moments, the poultry organism is deficient in vital substances. In addition to proteins, mineral supplements in the form of sand, chalk, bone meal, charcoal, sepia, calcium gluconate (one tablet per day) will be needed.

How To Feed A Parrot Corella At Home

You can cook porridge in water with peas, buckwheat, oatmeal, rice or millet. Never add salt, sugar, spices or butter to cereals. It is best to cook several types of cereals at once and give them to the pet mixed. To prevent porridge, they must be stored in the freezer. Before serving, defrost food in portions in a natural way.

The pet should always have clean water. In addition to water, the bird can boil a compote of berries or make freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables.

List of Prohibited Products

In the care of parrots, there is such a thing as forbidden foods. If you feed the bird with anything, then complications with its gastrointestinal tract cannot be avoided. So that Corella does not have such problems, he should not be given the following:

  • fruits: avocado, mango, persimmon, papaya;
  • potatoes
  • onion garlic;
  • spices;
  • dairy products: cheese, cream, milk;
  • drinks: alcohol, coffee, cocoa, tea;
  • chocolate;
  • products from your table: fried, fatty, salty, sweet, pickled, sausages, meat, fish;
  • mushrooms.