How To Feed A Parrot From Hands

Budgies are smart creatures. When they are only brought into a new home, they are bewildered and scared. Therefore, you need to make some effort to make the budgie make contact. That is, every owner of such a wonderful bird sooner or later wonders how to tame a parrot to his hands. But you have to be patient and not rush things, then the bird will become tame. After all, parrots are very sociable, they are bored to sit in proud loneliness in a cage. And therefore, anyway, the moment will come when even a shy and stubborn parrot will become manual and contact.

In the process of taming a parrot, the main thing is not to rush things. Training and caring for a parrot begins with their getting used to the person. It is better to arrange the cage with the chick at the height of its growth – this will allow the bird to feel more confident. At first, you need to approach the budgie as often as possible, just to feed it or chat with it. All actions must be careful, without any sudden movements. The name of the wavy pet should be called only affectionately.

Soon the parrot will learn to safely eat food when the owner is next to it, that is, the habituation process has passed, you can proceed to the next stage. Now you can offer the bird to take food through the bars of the cage from the hands of the owner. There is nothing surprising in the fact that at first the parrot will refuse. It’s better to lure a bird with his favorite treat. In this case, the parrot must be called by name.

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It should be patient and after a few days (it all depends on the nature of the bird), the parrot will begin to take food from hand. And then you need to start trying to feed the wavy pet in the cage. That is, to hand him food in the open palm. The parrot, again, may refuse. But if you do not remove your palm with food from the cage, then in a few minutes he may dare to eat. An important nuance: taming will go faster if the parrot is hungry. That is, it would be nice to deal with it in the morning before feeding.

When the budgerigar gradually gets used to the hand and climbs into your palm without fear to eat from it, you can teach it to sit on your finger. To do this, bring the outstretched finger of the hand to the perch, which was chosen by the budgie. If he is already accustomed to the hand, then he himself will move to the finger. And if he does not do this, then you need to help the bird to understand what they want from him. To do this, you can easily touch his tummy between the legs. Then the parrot will willingly move from the perch to the outstretched finger.

How To Feed A Parrot From Hands

When the wavy pet completely gets used to his hands, you can try to remove him from the cage so that he can sit on his shoulder freely, to fly around the room (first you need to make sure that all the windows and doors are locked). In this case, it is advisable never to feed him outside the cage, because in this case he may not want to return there.

How To Feed A Parrot From Hands
  • It must be taken into account that there are individual specimens of budgies that flatly refuse to take food from their hands. If you come across just such a pet, this does not mean that you can not tame it. Just an approach should be fundamentally different. In this case, the bird needs to be interested in something attractive to it. Let’s say some budgies are incredibly fond of looking in the mirror. Take advantage of this – take the mirror to the side so that you can lure the parrot into your hand. There are parrots who love all kinds of round objects with holes (even a cap from a perfume bottle, a cap of a pen, and the like) will do. It is important to try, suggest and search for an item that will interest a wavy pet. And once he has to cross the psychological barrier, go hand in hand with his master, how in the future he will do this without delay.