How To Feed Amadina

Amadins belong to the genus of birds from a special family of weavers. There are about 30 varieties of this species. They are distinguished by high mobility and dexterity. Their main habitats are Africa, Australia, as well as part of Southeast Asia and some islands from the Malay archipelago. These birds prefer to live among dense vegetation in open landscapes or in parks and gardens. Therefore, having bought such a bird, you need to take care than feed the amadina?

Amadins by nature are granivorous birds. For this reason, special grain mixtures, cereals and seeds should be selected as feed for them. You can make your own diet for the bird, based on the fact that weavers prefer canary seed and light millet. When buying a ready-made mixture of grain, you should choose only brands that are designed exclusively for exotic birds or canaries. Preference should be given to foreign manufacturers of mixtures and additives.

How To Feed Amadina

How to feed homemade amadina?

Amadins need to add food of animal origin to the diet, especially when feeding their offspring. Various insects, as well as their larvae, for example flies and moths, garden pests, etc., are suitable for these purposes. It is better to prepare food of animal origin in advance in sufficient quantities for the bird, it can be dried in the oven or frozen in the refrigerator. Such food as egg yolk, cottage cheese or minced meat will go perfectly in the diet, but such food should be mixed in advance with porridges or grated carrots. Such feeds are called soft and their daily norm should not generally exceed one teaspoon.

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Amadins can also use porridge cooked on water, without adding salt, from varieties such as millet, buckwheat, corn or barley flour and rice. During the breeding of new offspring, females need to add eggshells or chalk to the diet to increase the level of calcium in their food.

Soft food should be prepared in advance by freezing it in small bags. Amadins generally like a mixture made with raw grated carrots. As a recipe, you can use the following option: half a carrot, 1 boiled egg, 1.5 tablespoons of white crackers, a pinch of bone meal or dried insects, half a spoon of greens, an apple. All components must be carefully ground. Vitamins, corn and Greek food, and boiled meat are good as supplements for soft food. For a couple of amadins, one tablespoon of this mixture will be enough once a day.
Thinking about how to feed the amadine, you should add greens and fruits to the diet of birds. They must be collected in clean places and thoroughly washed and scalded. As a preparation for the winter period, they can be dried and crushed. The most rich in vitamins are nettle, dandelion, sedge, peas, lettuce, etc. Of fruits and vegetables, birds prefer apples, carrots, peppers, pears, etc.

How To Feed Amadina

It is necessary that in the cage of the Amadins there was a feeder filled with fine sand, shells or shells, so that the birds could grind the consumed food. Such an ambrasive also serves as a mineral supplement for amadins.

It is necessary to immediately remove the feed not eaten by birds in order to avoid its souring. You should always monitor the presence of clean water in the cell. It is very important to maintain hygiene in the diet of amadins in order to maintain their health.

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It is important to select feeders made of a sufficiently strong material such as ceramic or metal. As a drinking bowl, it is better to give preference to the automatic version. Containers for food and water should be kept separately, away from the vent. Rinse all dishes thoroughly every day.