How To Feed Amadins


How To Feed Amadins

Cereal mixes

The basis for feeding amadins is various combinations of cereal crops. The base of any mixture should be millet and canary. They add flaxseed, rapeseed, paizu, oats, dandelion seeds, timothy seeds, shepherd’s bag, plantain, meadow bluegrass, prefabricated hedgehogs.

Amadines should be fed with a grain mixture designed specifically for birds of this species.

Also on sale you can find millet in ears of corn. Amadins peck it with pleasure.

The daily norm of grain is 1.5 tsp. on the bird.

Soft Foods for Amadins

This type of food is very important for amadins during the period of feeding offspring. At regular times, he should also be present on the birds menu.

Soft food for amadins is a chopped boiled egg mixed with grated carrots and crumbs of white crackers. Sometimes you can add a little cottage cheese, boiled millet, buckwheat or rice to the mash. Use fish food periodically as an ingredient: dry coronet, daphnia and bloodworm. Do not put salt, sugar or butter in a dish.

How To Feed Amadins

Usually, amadines are fed with soft mixtures 1-2 times a week. But after the appearance of the chicks, fresh food should be in the feeder every day. Volume: 1-2 tsp per individual.

Green feed

Without green food you will not be able to grow healthy birds. Not all amadines with appetite pounce on fruits and vegetables. But the birds need to be accustomed to them, hanging on the rods. From vegetables and fruits you can make a salad by rubbing on a fine grater. Birds can eat cucumber, bell pepper, pumpkin, cabbage, zucchini, carrots, apple, banana, pear, peach. From greens: lettuce, dandelion, mocha, clover, begonia, chlorophytum, tradescantia. Amadines are not suitable for feeding: onion, parsley, celery, dill, persimmon, avocado, papaya, mango.

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Sprouted grain, a powerful source of vitamins and fiber, will be a great help. All of these are recommended to feed Amadins in the winter. You can germinate a grain mixture or cereals of the same species. Give the seedlings to the birds in a separate feeder. Make sure that they are not sour.

Live feed

Dead flour worms, maggot and bloodworms – on ordinary days they will become a good source of protein for birds. This is one of the important types of food for Amadins during the nesting and care of the chicks.

Mineral feed

How To Feed Amadins

Even when feeding amadins, chalk and sepia (cuttlefish skeleton) are used. They are attached to the bars of the cage.

Vitamins and Water

Vitamin preparations for birds are added directly to the feed in the form of powder or drops. There are vitamins for different periods of feathered life: hatching chicks, molting, etc. Accordingly, each has its own recommendations for use, which should be followed.

Well, of course, competent feeding of amadins suggests that they should have clean drinking water at their disposal 24 hours a day.