How To Feed Baby Chicks Baby Food For Babies


How To Feed Baby Chicks Baby Food For Babies

The birth of budgerigar chicks is an important event for amateurs. And difficulties can arise with him, especially if the mother abandoned the chicks. So, what to feed chicks of budgies?

Feeding babies in the early days of life

In the first days of life, the female feeds the chicks with the so-called goiter milk, which is formed in the muscular ventricle and goiter. She gives softened grains to the grown chicks, first she feeds the larger chicks, and then she feeds very small chicks with goiter milk.

But it happens that a female refuses her babies, in which case they need to be placed in another female. However, there are cases when there are no “adoptive parents”, and you have to feed the budgies of the budgies on their own. Most experienced breeders recommend using the following method:

It is necessary to take baby food and dilute it so that the mass becomes slightly liquid, then heat the food to 36–37 ° C.

Put the chick on the palm with its back down.

Take a thin brush and dip it in baby food, then bring a drop hanging from the brush on the side to the chick’s beak.

As a rule, if the baby is not weak, then he immediately swallows a drop of feed on his own. Feed the budgerigar chicks to full saturation, every 2 hours, including at night.

However, do not overuse this method of feeding, as baby food is still food that is not intended for long-term feeding of birds. You can feed such a bird no more than 2-3 days.

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How To Feed Baby Chicks Baby Food For Babies

Cannula Feeding

There is also another way to artificially feed budgies. To do this, you need an insulin syringe, into which you type:

one part of the amine (a solution with the necessary amino acids, glucose and vitamins);

one part of a decoction of oats;

two parts of a decoction of millet;

one part of baby food.

All of the above mixture is injected into the goiter using a flexible cannula, which is made of rubber or plastic. It is necessary to feed the budgie chick very carefully and pour the feed into the goiter, and not into the beak, otherwise the bird may choke on its contents.

7th day

Starting from day 7, the feeding of budgerigar chicks is carried out every 3 hours, starting from 6 a.m. and up to 18 hours, at night they do not feed the birds. Gradually, baby food consisting of crushed cereals is introduced into the feed mixture.

14th day

On the 14th day of life, feeding budgerigars becomes a little easier: millet porridge, which is prepared from crushed millet, is added to daily food.

20th day

At the age of 20 days, the parrot can already be taught to eat food from a teaspoon. However, do not forget that here, as in any other business, patience is required, since not every bird can immediately take food in this way, it will take time.