How To Feed Birds In Winter


Even in the hungry winter period, each species of birds prefers to eat a certain food. Who will fly to your feeding trough? It will depend on what is poured there.

Unique food

How to feed the birds in winter? This question worries many of us with the onset of cold weather. How to feed birds in winter, advise ornithologists. They recommend making a mixture, seventy-five percent of which will consist of sunflower seeds. Due to the high calorie content, this product will become the main energy source for small birds. Sunflower seeds gladly eat granivorous birds and woodpeckers. They love nut food, nuttails, etc. The large amount of those vegetable fats that are contained within the seeds of this culture allows you to survive in the winter cold.

Experts recommend placing in the feeders and calcium top dressing, which is usually given to poultry. It can be pieces of plaster or shell from chicken eggs.

Plants’ seeds

How to feed street birds in winter? Some birds prefer oats, millet, millet, rice and wheat. Grain-eating birds will certainly visit your feeder if oats and millet are poured into it. Carduelis, sparrows, greenfinch and other birds will flock to this meal. Pigeons also prefer to peck grains.

What else to feed the birds in winter? With pleasure, birds will enjoy the seeds of watermelon, pumpkin, melon, hemp, thistle, nettle, quinoa and burdock. They peck and grains of corn. It should be borne in mind that watermelon seeds should first be detailed. Then they will be happy to eat nuthatch or titmouse.

Quinoa seeds are readily eaten by many birds. Cut plants are collected in brooms and stored until winter. In the cold, a quinoa is stuck near the feeder in the snow. If desired, the weed can be threshed and its seeds sprinkled with birds along with other feeds.

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Blue titmouse, as well as most species of grain-eating birds, love nettle seeds. Burdock seeds are the main food for carduelis. But bullfinches prefer different food. They like to feast on the seeds of horse sorrel.

Animal products

What can feed birds in winter? As a top dressing during a hungry period for birds, the menu can include meat, lard, as well as beef or chicken fat. These products will appeal to titmouse, nuthatch, and also some other species of birds. However, it should be borne in mind that meat and lard should be unsalted. How to feed the birds? Lard or meat should be cut into small pieces and stringed on twine. Then the products are hung on tree branches or shrubs. But in order to prevent feeding to crows, jackdaws, magpies, dogs or cats, place the pieces should be away from the ground. It is necessary to hang a twine among thin twigs that heavy birds cannot sit on.

Why feed the birds in winter with these products? The fact is that in the hunger period feathered people need high-calorie food. Fat of animal origin, which is in a soft state, is best mixed with other feeds, preparing a kind of layer cake. Place it in vegetable nets and hang it in accessible places for birds.

For tits, woodpeckers, pika and nuthatching, horse, lamb, beef and lard (necessarily unsalted) are a tasty food. Branches and tree trunks are poured over the melted product. Birds eat frozen streaks.


How to feed the birds in winter? The most beautiful visitors to the feeding troughs – waxwings, Schur and bullfinches – are attracted by the berries of hawthorn and mountain ash. The fruits must be prepared in advance by drying the autumn harvest.

Tree seeds

Among the usual urban plantations, ash and maples are often found. The seeds of these trees are called lionfish. In autumn, most of them showered the ground and become inaccessible for birds. If you don’t know how to feed the birds in winter, collect lionfish with the onset of cold weather and hang them on the feeders. This food is loved by waxwings, bullfinches, as well as some other birds that visit bird canteens.

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Nuts, cones and acorns

This food must be harvested in the fall. The basis of the winter menu for crossbills and woodpeckers are cones. Acorns prefer to eat jays. Having prepared this food for birds, you can attract protein to your feeder.

How To Feed Birds In Winter

If you want to diversify the food that you put in a bird feeder for visitors, you can prepare special mixtures for young guests. In the menu for birds, it is recommended to include fifty percent of sunflower seeds, thirty five – white millet, fifteen – corn grains. If you decide to feed feathered with high-calorie food, then make a “pie” for them. It should include three cups of softened margarine or fat, the same amount of grain or millet, as well as one cup of sunflower oil. Hercules, as well as everything at hand, can be added to the “bird cake”. It can be apple peeling and any seeds, chicken eggs and nut kernels, honey and sugar, as well as sweet syrup. The mixture should be mixed well and set to solidify in the cold. The dough can be given to the birds immediately. To do this, it is placed in a plastic cup or cardboard box. Tanks are suspended on trees.

How to feed street birds in winter? They can put small pieces of skins from bacon in the feeder, as well as canned food, which is intended for pets. With pleasure birds will peck boiled eggs and potatoes. Hercules is suitable for them, but only in the form of cereal, and not ready-made cereal. Birds of dried pupae, larvae and insects will be happy to peck.

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Nutrition of corvids

If you decide to feed these birds, then you can put minced meat, meat and fish in a raw or boiled form, cottage cheese and eggs, a variety of cereals, pieces of vegetables and fruits, canned or steamed corn in a feeder. They will be happy to peck nuts. A whole raw egg can be left to the bird. She gently drinks its contents, and eats the shell, like mineral top dressing. In the feeder for such birds can be various chicken offal – hearts, heads, necks, etc. What can not be included in the menu with corvids? This list includes milk and sausage, canned food and potatoes, citrus fruits and tomatoes, fat cottage cheese and fried foods.

What you can not put in a bird feeder

When compiling a bird menu, it is worth considering some limitations. To do this, you should know how to not feed birds in winter.

It is strictly forbidden to introduce any spicy, salted, fried, as well as acidic products into the menu for birds. Great danger to them is brown bread. This product causes diarrhea in birds, which leads birds to certain death. The fact is that black breads contain a large amount of salt.

This component is harmful to the health of the liver and kidneys. When feeding, birds often leave a certain part of the feed in their goiter. If there is bread, then it swells and quickly begins to ferment. This process can lead to the death of the bird. Of particular danger is rye bread. When kneading dough, more yeast is added to this product than to wheat. In winter, it is very difficult for birds, and therefore any disease can become fatal for them.