How To Feed Budgies, Except For Food


Do you have a feathered charming miracle – a wavy parrot? Or are you just planning to get yourself such a fluffy little ball of happiness? Then, of course, you are concerned about the question that many owners of these birds ask: "How to feed budgies, except for food, so as not to harm them?"

But in order to diversify the diet of a pet, it is possible to give other useful goodies in addition to the main food. What kind? We will talk about this in detail now.

How To Feed Budgies, Except For Food

What can be given to budgies, except for food?

Loving owners will always ask such a question, and will be absolutely right. After all, it is important to make not only food more diverse, but as useful as possible and at the same time not to harm the health of the bird.

In fact, to diversify the nutrition of parrots is not only possible, but also necessary.


It is given exclusively in its raw form. You can grate, chop into pieces. Parrots like to mix carrots with crackers or hard-boiled eggs. Carrots can be replaced with turnips, although it is not so useful.

Pumpkins, Melons

Real founts of vitamins, natural sugars, minerals, trace elements. It is necessary to feed raw. You can give pumpkin seeds, crushed into pieces, they contain many trace elements and vitamins E, A, K, D. But refrain from watermelon, the product is low-nutritional, and it can also cause diarrhea in budgies.

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Fresh cucumbers

A very useful product for the metabolism of birds, containing trace elements and vitamin E. The only thing you can not give purchased vegetables, as there is a risk that they have a high percentage of nitrates. Give a treat grown in the garden or purchased from trusted sellers.

Fresh tomatoes

You can give only fully ripe fruits. Greens are poison for parrots, as they contain the alkaloid solanine. Tomatoes contain a lot of ascorbic acid, B vitamins, and organic acids. Feathered pets like not only pulp, but also tomato seeds. Vegetables should be environmentally friendly.

Corn, Beans, Peas

They are given in the phase of milk maturity. Plants contain many vitamins and natural sugars, as well as a record amount of protein. In addition, this food is nutritious.


An excellent parrot food containing true vitamin kits. You can give heads of cabbage and leaves – whole, in grated or chopped form. Refrain from Peking cabbage, it usually has a lot of nitrates, especially in the petioles of plants.

Spinach Salad

Allowed to give in a minimal amount. Although this green is very useful, but in large quantities causes an upset in the digestive tract of birds.

Bell pepper

Birds really like it, besides it is rich in calcium, vitamins PP, C, E, B, A, magnesium, iodine, silicon, organic acids, potassium, iron, carbohydrates. You can give the vegetable along with the seeds.

Budgerigar Mineral Additives

In addition to the main food, fruits, herbs, vegetables, parrots need mineral supplements. To replenish the deficit of minerals, it is allowed to give the following:

  • Bone meal – contains fluorine, calcium.
  • 2. Egg shells: sulfur, magnesium, calcium, iron.
  • Chalk (ground or in a briquette). It is necessary for parrots during the period of growth and reproduction.
  • Small pebbles, sand – mechanically grind food in the digestive tract.
  • Charcoal. It removes toxins and various harmful substances from the body.
  • Fat-free cottage cheese, boiled eggs are sources of calcium.
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It is strictly forbidden to feed budgerigars:

  • Celery;
  • Papaya
  • Eggplant;
  • Persimmon;
  • Garlic;
  • Mango;
  • Radish;
  • Avocado:
  • Spices.

You can also pamper your feathered friend with various fresh fruits, berries, but in limited quantities. Before eating, all fruits or vegetables are thoroughly washed in cold running water, they must be placed separately from dry food.

As you can see, the diet of budgies can be made not only more diverse, but also tasty, healthy.

The main thing – know in all measure. And then the pet will stay awake and healthy!