How To Feed Corella


How To Feed Corella

The wild brethren of Corellus intuitively feel what and how much their body needs. But how to feed the captive living in captivity?

In nature, the basis of the nutrition of Corellia is the seeds of various plants, they eat them in large quantities all year round. During the ripening period in the fields, these parrots are happy to feed on cereals and legumes. From time to time they eat insects, like juicy fruits.

What to feed homemade Corella?

The food of a living parrot at home needs to be brought as close to natural as possible. Moreover, given his age, state of health, physical activity and season of the year. Corella feed prefers a variety of:

1. Grain, seeds, legumes

This day, this parrot should receive several types of grain and seeds. Of these, the most valuable are:

  • Millet. Yellow, red, Senegalese. You need to give more red. Millet should make up almost half of the whole grain mix.
  • Millet and oats. They are given solid, soaked or boiled.
  • Barley and wheat. These cereals are better to soak or germinate.
  • Canary seed. Include in the diet mainly in winter.
  • Corn. Soft grains or porridge.
  • Hemp and seeds. This is a very fatty food. Corellas love them, but they should not make up more than 5% of the total diet of birds.
  • Colza and poppy. It is sometimes useful to give a little.
  • Flaxseed and peas. Give in a minimal amount, because they have a laxative property.
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2. Animal feed

All animal supplements should be given in limited quantities. Fit:

  • Gammarus (dried). These are small crustaceans commonly used as food for aquarium fish.
  • Cottage cheese (low-fat and not sour).
  • Boiled eggs. Give from time to time, increase the dose during the molting and feeding of the chicks.
  • Meat and offal. It is possible only in case of emergency, in a minimal amount.
  • Meat and bone meal. Not more than 3 g per 100 g of the mixture during preparation for nesting.

3. Vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, greens

Vegetables, fruits and berries are given in small quantities, in fresh and dried form, grated, sliced, mixed in porridge or cereal mixture or in the form of juices. Dried fruits can be soaked.

  • Of the vegetable crops, carrots and beets are the most beneficial for corals. But it is good to include turnips, various types of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini in the diet.
  • From fruit, corolla can be given apples, kiwi, apricot, bananas, pears, peaches, oranges. Seeds should be removed from apples, and peeled from citrus and bananas.
  • From the berries fit rowan, watermelon, cranberries, grapes, cherries, cherries, raspberries.

They love birds and nuts, but their share in the diet should not exceed 7%, since they are fatty.

In summer, the bird is given the greens of dandelion, sorrel, young nettle, celery, woodlice, salad. In winter, different types of grain are germinated.

What to do if Corella does not eat fruit

Often the owner notices that the parrot ignores the fruit. But this is an important element in the diet of poultry.

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How to teach Corella to fruit (tips):

  1. Offer different fruits. Birds also have individual preferences.
  2. Offer different options. Try to give the bird dried, raw, grated, coarsely and finely chopped fruits, mix them into a cereal mixture or porridge, fix with pieces between cage rods or screw to a toy, let’s do it by hand.
  3. Allow the bird to get used to the presence of fruit in the cage. Often birds refuse fruits if it is an unfamiliar food for them. Put a piece of fruit in a cage every day. Gradually the bird will get used to it, dare and try it.
  4. With appetite, eat the fruit itself in front of the cage, and offer it to the bird. Parrots have a great tendency to imitate.
  5. To give fruit in the morning when the bird has not had breakfast. Hunger increases the likelihood of eating fruit.

What should not be given to Corella

The owner often doubts whether it is possible to give one or another product to Corella.

The most important thing to remember here: Corella cannot be fried, salted, nothing with spices and no food from the table. All this causes great harm to the health of birds!