How To Make A Bird Feed Ration

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The program for compiling and optimizing the price of feed diets for poultry ECONOMY. Optimizer feed for poultry. Computer programs for poultry farming

A model of working with a computer program for compiling diets of poultry feed is presented. The program solves the problem of creating a balanced feed and optimizes it taking into account the cost of the ingredients.

At the beginning of the preparation of the diet, it is necessary to choose the ingredients with which compound feed for poultry will consist. The amount of ingredients with which the feed will be composed is 30.

Using the drop-down controls, you can first select a group of ingredients, and a second drop-down list. ingredient. The following groups of ingredients are envisaged: grain, flakes, animal feed, mineral, fats, yeast supplements, herbal flour, mineral supplements, amino acids, fixed supplements. In accordance with the selected group of ingredients, a list of ingredients of this group is displayed in alphabetical order. This approach allows you to quickly find the desired ingredient from a large list.

The next step in making a feed ration. You must set a cost for each feed ingredient.

How To Make A Bird Feed Ration

Next, go to the feed optimization tab. Here are the controls with which to choose a bird and its age group for which it is necessary to draw up a diet. After selecting a bird, the regulatory requirements for the feed are selected from the program database: metabolic energy, crude protein, fiber, amino acid composition, mineral composition. Also, the database takes restrictions for introducing feed ingredients into the diet for the selected bird and the recommended feed structure is set by default. These data can be adjusted directly by entering new values.

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Each selected ingredient has its own set of parameters: metabolic energy, protein, fiber, amino acid composition, mineral composition. To calculate the diet, the program solves a system of linear equations with an objective function that takes into account the conditions under which the sum of percent of ingredients should be equal to 100%. Also, the restrictions on the minimum and maximum% inclusion of ingredients are taken into account, as well as restrictions on the structure of the feed by groups: grain part, flaxseed meal, animal feed, mineral part, fats, yeast additives, grass meal, mineral additives, amino acids, fixed additives.

Additional controls of the feed optimizer allow you to enable or disable restrictions on feed ingredients, as well as reset data, save and read data from memory.

The level of cost influence on feed ingredients during ration optimization is done by scrolling. Moreover, in the left position, the level of cost influence is maximum, and in the right position, the feed ration will be as balanced as possible without taking into account the cost of feed. When optimizing feed in feed search mode, the program automatically calculates 50 feed recipes with a different level of cost influence on the optimization process, and then determines the acceptable compromise between the balance and the cost of the finished feed, forms a table for all calculations. The user can independently choose the appropriate diet. The table also displays information on the accuracy of the calculation of the diet and the calculation time.

On another tab of the program, you can calculate the need for feed ingredients to compose a feed mixture for a given number of birds and the established feeding rate in accordance with the feed recipe. It also calculates the cost of the ingredients.

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