Is Bananas For Budgies


Is bananas for budgies

This time we want to draw up a mini guide on what the budgies can and can not do. So, as this is one of the most important issues on the maintenance and care of budgies. Fruits and berries that can not be budgies.

Tell me, please, is it possible to give bananas to a budgie? You can give, but little benefit from them. It’s not worth giving a lot.

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What kind of fruits can be given to budgies? Home Forum ServiceBoard of announcements Business cards Reminder Catalog of enterprises Directory vet. Home »Forums» Pets »Birds, fish, etc. What kind of fruits can be given to budgies? You can give almost all the fruits and not worry.

They are very useful because they contain a lot of potassium, glucose and sucrose. Including them in a bird’s diet will make it active, energetic, and fun. In addition, bananas contain such beneficial substances as malic acid, pectin, enzymes.

They are very useful because they contain a lot of potassium, glucose and sucrose. Including them in a bird’s diet will make it active, energetic, and fun. In addition, bananas contain such beneficial substances as malic acid, pectin, enzymes.

What vegetables, fruits and herbs to feed a budgie? How to feed the budgerigar during molting and breeding?

How can it be fed at all, except for dry food? To search the Internet, enter a query in this window. You can give bananas, only after them the parrot tormented beak clean. Vegetables and fruits can be anything but kiwi, avocado and mango.

A properly selected diet provides not only a good metabolism in the body of the parrot, but also contributes to the reproduction of parrots in captivity, improves well-being and appearance. Budgerigars need to constantly replenish the supply of nutrients, so their feeders should never be empty. Usually it includes millet red, black or yellow, canary and hemp seed, wheat, oats, and flax seeds.

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During nesting, it is useful to germinate millet and steamed oats. Before germination, germinated grain is rich in all vitamins (especially vitamins E). Sunflower, nuts (walnuts, cedar, hazelnuts, etc.

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Feeding is an important part of caring for a budgerigar: in order for your winged pet to be healthy and cheerful, you need to provide him with the right balanced diet. How to feed a budgie? The basis of the diet of the budgerigar is grain and seeds. It is best to feed the budgerigar with a balanced ready-made food, which consists of yellow, white and red millet with the addition of oats, flaxseed and canary seed.

This topic will address current issues regarding the health of budgies. Calcium (Ca) occupies an important place in the metabolic processes that take place in the body of the budgerigar. A particularly important role is played by calcium during preparation for nesting and egg laying, when calcium is necessary for the formation of the skeleton of chicks and eggshells.

can bananas to budgies

Is it possible to give pineapples to a parrot?

why not all kinds of fruits are moderately useful

I think they can, they like fruit

"ALLOWED" FRUITS AND BERRIES: apricots pineapple oranges (wash the peel with soap very thoroughly and wash well) watermelon (only in season) banana lingonberries grapes and raisins (in moderation) cherry (remove seeds rich in prussic acid) pomegranate (in moderation, not give for liver diseases) pears (without seeds and do not give a core) honey melon (only in season in moderate amounts) blackberry figs kiwi strawberries cranberries dried apricots (in steamed form) lemon (wash the peel with soap very thoroughly and wash well) tangerines (peel wash with soap rinse very thoroughly) raspberry nectarine peach pomelo (wash the peel with soap very thoroughly and rinse well) ashberry plum currant feijoa dates blueberries prunes (in steamed form) wild rose (fresh, dried or steamed, can be crushed) apples (without seeds) : mango avocado (they are taken to us immature, and therefore with an excessive amount of tannins and essential oils) nuts (too fat for wavy) papaya persimmon (undesirable due to the presence of tannins)

Pineapples can be given to parrots, but not very often and in small quantities. For the first time, offer the parrot a very small slice of pineapple so that it does not have an intestinal upset, as a new product in the diet can cause this. It is advisable to give pineapples to parrots no more than once a week. If you want fruits, including pineapple, to be present in the diet of a parrot, buy food with the addition of fruits.

You can give, they are very useful to parrots.

Is it possible for budgies to bananas, oranges, kiwi, apricots ?. September 17, 2017

The beneficial properties of bananas on a living organism are known to all. This sweet fruit contains many beneficial substances that have a beneficial effect on health.

Is Bananas For Budgies

For many budgerigar owners, the question is, can budgies be fed bananas? What effect do they have on the pet’s body, and in what quantities can it be given?

  • 1 Useful properties of banana
  • 2 How to give bananas to the wavy?
  • 3 Other fruits in feeding
  • 4 What to look for when feeding fruit?
Is Bananas For Budgies

The beneficial properties of banana

Bananas contain many useful substances that fight various ailments, prevent premature aging of the body and protect against stress. They can also be given to budgies, as these little birds no less need vitamins and minerals for full development, good health and a long and happy life.

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What substances from banana have a beneficial effect on the body of your feathered pet?

  1. Vitamin C. This vitamin is the best antioxidant that prevents premature cell death, and also enhances bird immunity.
  2. Vitamin B is useful for rich color and smoothness of plumage, and also maintains health for claws, beak, waxen and skin on the legs.
  3. Carotene has a good effect on the cardiovascular system. It protects against various oncological diseases that can appear in birds with a lack of this substance.
  4. Vitamin E is good for skin and feather quality.
  5. Potassium is a mineral that regulates the water balance in the bird’s body and positively affects the smooth muscle function.
  6. Tryptophan amino acid actively prevents the formation of stress in the body, increases the tone and activity of your bird. Also, it positively affects the fertility of both males and females.
  7. Bananas contain a large amount of fiber, which is good for the digestive system.

As you can see, the benefits of bananas for budgies are many! This fruit fights well with edema, prevents diabetes mellitus, which can be affected by budgies, renews blood, makes the bird active.

How to give bananas to the wavy?

Based on a huge list of useful properties, we can conclude that you can give bananas to parrots. However, this may not be the main ration for your pet. The ideal dosage of these sweet exotic fruits is 1-2 pieces per week, and you should not give immediately a whole fruit at a time.

Sometimes the budgerigar may not immediately understand that the fruit that you offer him is edible. Sometimes, even lying in the feeder, mouth-watering bananas, kiwi, orange, apricot and grapes, cause the bird to suspect whether it can be eaten.

It’s very easy to teach your pet to eat fruit – set your own example and offer a bird. Wavy birds are very curious, so they will very soon want to try a treat.

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The banana needs to be peeled, cut into small pieces and put in a feeder for your feathered pet. Remember that bananas are very high-calorie and with constant use in large quantities, your bird can quickly gain weight.

Other fruits in feeding

The basis of the budgerigar’s diet is grain. Juicy feed can be used as top dressing.

In addition to bananas, budgies can be given:

What to look for when feeding fruit?

Keep in mind that all fruits must be of good quality, fresh in appearance. When choosing juicy food for your bird, remember that many exotic fruits come a long way to our country and can be processed with chemicals that allow them to be stored for a long time.

Therefore, do not forget to thoroughly wash the products with hot water, and for citrus fruits, for example, orange, do not bite the peel.

All these fruits are very useful for your feathered friend. For example, citrus fruits, oranges and lemons, contain a large supply of vitamin C, which strengthens the immunity of birds and protects against various infections. Apples also contain a powerful source of nutrients in the form of minerals and acids. They can be given in any form that your bird likes: fresh or dried.

Pears can be given only without seeds, as they contain a large amount of iodine, which can cause an overdose of this substance in a small bird. Therefore, this fruit is best given without a core, in the form of slices.

Parrots are very fond of melons, but they should not be given very often, since they have a mild laxative effect. In addition to restrictions on the number, it should be borne in mind that it is better to feed your budgie with them in season.

As for kiwi, they can be given all year round. This is an ideal fruit, it has a lot of vitamin C, a little sugar, absolutely no starch. We can say that kiwi is the most dietary product of all the above. However, do not forget that the diet of a parrot should be balanced and it should contain grain mixtures, green vegetables, as well as grass.

Fruits that have seeds, such as cherries, cherries, apricots, can only be given in the form of pulp. The seeds of these products contain hydrocyanic acid, which is dangerous for birds, which causes severe poisoning, with very high mortality.

One way or another, with the right approach, fruits in the diet of budgies are very important. We wish your pets good health!

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