Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Millet


Parrot food usually consists only of special food, but you can feed your pet with homemade products.

One of these is millet.

But in order not to harm, you need to know exactly how this grits affects the body of the bird and in what form to give it.

Is it possible to feed parrots with millet

Since the special food also consists of different types of cereals, it can be done independently. The best option would be a mixture of 4-5 types of different cereals. Of course, it may be that the parrot will not eat food simply because he does not like it.

Since the taste sensations in birds are sufficiently developed, it is necessary to pay attention to the behavior of the pet after, before and during meals.

If the pet will eat actively and then will be energetic and cheerful, then this mixture is quite suitable. As for millet, very often it makes up 50% of the cereals in the mixture, since it contains many trace elements that are necessary for the parrot.

The benefits include:

  • the product is high in calories, so birds grow quickly and strengthen the body;
  • plumage and down layer improves;
  • improves the functioning of the digestive system;
  • contains vitamins B and E;
  • many micro and macro elements, such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron.
Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Millet

  • with improper preparation, the product is oxidized, and this, on the contrary, complicates the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • may be bitter if stored improperly;
  • excess of this cereal can lead to weight gain.
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The use of millet is advisable, unless the bird refuses to eat it or it does not have intolerance to this type of porridge.


There are several ways to feed millet in the form of cereals:

  1. Grinded – this is when the grain is completely cleaned from the flower film, the germ, the seed fruit shells. It looks very attractive, but for a bird it is already of less value than untreated grain.
  2. Millet dranets is when the grain is peeled only from the flower film, it is also not as useful as possible, but it can be added to the feed.
  3. Crushed – when the groats are finely chopped, it is used for liquid cereals. Such millet is the most useful of the possible methods of serving.

In the form of porridge

Cooked millet groats are already much more easily perceived by the poultry organism and completely allow to assimilate all the important elements. To properly prepare the porridge, you must first rinse it thoroughly, then pour boiling water for 10 minutes and then boil until it disintegrates.

In sprouted form

Sprouted grain is one of the most wholesome that exist, since it contains a huge amount of various vitamins and minerals. The most beneficial such feeding is in the spring and winter, when the bird’s body is exhausted.

What other cereals can be given to parrots

The poultry diet can be very diverse, thanks to many different cereals:

  1. Perlovka – is, first of all, an economical option, and also helps to cope with inflammatory processes in the stomach, get rid of excess cholesterol and restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Rice – is a dietary product that helps get rid of excess fluid, for example, when the bird has problems with stool. It also contains a large number of macro- and microelements – potassium, phosphorus, zinc.
  3. Buckwheat – is considered one of the most useful cereals, it contains a lot of microelements, as well as vitamins of different groups. For birds, it helps with feather growth, improved vision, and rectified intestinal dysfunctions.
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All these types of cereals are recommended to be cooked, for this they need to be washed and cooked to a friable state. It can be given both together and separately.

Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Millet

Thus, prepared millet can be very useful, but it is necessary to monitor its quality and number of servings, since in excess it can only harm the body.