Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines


Being attached to our pets, we sometimes begin to consider them full-fledged members of the family. And we get so used to this thought that we stop understanding: not everything that is useful to us can be used as food or treats for a creature of a different kind. Meanwhile, the characteristics of the pet’s digestive system must be taken into account, otherwise the animal can be severely damaged and, possibly, even die. A simple example is a parrot and tangerines. Let’s try to figure out how compatible these people come from tropical countries.

Is it possible to parrot tangerines

Immediately reassure: tangerines for parrots are possible. Moreover, such an additive is no less useful for a feathered pet than for its owner. In particular, these fruits are a source of vitamin C, which is the strongest natural immunomodulator.

In addition to ascorbic acid, tangerines contain many other vitamins that are also necessary for poultry health:

  • retinol (vitamin A);
  • beta carotene (vitamin A);
  • thiamine (vitamin B1);
  • riboflavin (vitamin B2);
  • choline (vitamin B4);
  • pantothenic acid (vitamin B5);
  • pyridoxine (vitamin B6);
  • folic acid (vitamin B9);
  • cobalamin (vitamin B12))
  • ergocalciferol (vitamin D);
  • alpha tocopherol (vitamin E);
  • biotin (vitamin H);
  • naphthoquinones (vitamin K);
  • nicotinic acid (vitamin PP);
  • methyl methionine sulfonium (vitamin U).
Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines

The list of amino acids (both essential and non-essential) originating from tangerines is also impressive.

Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines

It includes:

  • valine;
  • histidine;
  • isoleucine;
  • leucine;
  • lysine;
  • methionine;
  • threonine;
  • tryptophan;
  • phenylalanine;
  • alanine;
  • arginine;
  • aspartic acid;
  • glycine;
  • glutamic acid;
  • proline;
  • serine;
  • tyrosine.

Thus, in the tangerine there is almost everything that a parrot needs to be “for happiness”. However, unlike synthetic vitamin preparations, all the beneficial substances in the fruit are in easily digestible form.

Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines

Let’s say more: recently, more and more often they began to say that vitamin complexes belong to the category of drugs with unproven effectiveness, therefore it is better to get all the necessary nutrients for health for people, birds, and other animals from natural sources.

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How to give

One of the advantages of a natural source of vitamins over pills is that the risk of overdose in the first case is minimal (unless, of course, you use these supplements simultaneously with each other, which, incidentally, is often done by inexperienced breeders).

It is better to give the exotic fruit to the bird completely peeled – not only from the peel, but also from the films separating the slices. The peel contains a large amount of essential oils, the most dangerous for the respiratory tract of a bird.

Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines

In addition, there is a high probability of poisoning by the products of chemical processing of fruits to which they were exposed during the period of growing, transportation or storage somewhere in the warehouse. And the films should be removed so that the parrot does not choke.

And remember: although the parrot is considered a fairly smart bird, its intellectual abilities are not developed enough to correctly determine the quality and acceptable rate of a product. When feeding the fruit to his bird, the owner should stop, not waiting until his feathered favorite, in exhaustion, turns his back on delicacies.

What else to include in the diet for a balanced diet

Individual taste preferences are not only people, but other living creatures, and parrots are no exception. It is possible that it is your particular feathered friend who will not appreciate the taste of mandarin and simply refuse such a treat.

Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines

There is nothing wrong with that – to replenish the body of the bird with the necessary vitamins and minerals, you can include other natural goodies in your diet, not necessarily exotic ones, for example:

  • apples, pears (we must remove the seeds, peel, if there is no doubt that the fruits have not been chemically processed, you can leave it);
  • grapes (it is possible both white and black, but black is much more useful; seeds from these berries do not need to be removed);
  • any seasonal berries (parrots with pleasure peck strawberries and strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries, blueberries and blueberries, red, black and white currants, etc.);
  • cherries, plums, apricots, peaches (pre-remove seeds, leave the skin);
  • melons and watermelons (flesh, with stones, however, since these berries often contain a lot of nitrates, you should try this delicacy first yourself);
  • kiwi (pulp with seeds, peel peel);
  • bananas – only ripe, yellow (pulp, peel removed);
  • pineapple (only the pulp, peel and core are removed);
  • mango, papaya (pulp);
  • other types of citrus fruits – orange, grapefruit, kumquat, pomelo, etc. (given in the same way as tangerines).
Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines

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Any fruits should be washed thoroughly before treating them to a parrot. In summer, it is best to give the bird seasonal fruits, and exotic goodies are more suitable for the cold season.

In addition, fruits for the winter can be dried or frozen (in the latter case, they must be taken out of the freezer before use and left at room temperature until completely defrosted and not cold).

If the parrot categorically refuses any fruit (this often happens in the case of the acquisition of an adult bird that is used to a meager and monotonous food and does not want to experiment), you can try to cheat.

Video: how to train a parrot to eat vegetables and fruits For example, you can change the form of serving – instead of a small piece, give a large one, grind the pulp in mashed potatoes, squeeze out the juice, prepare a mix with the food already known to the parrot, etc. By the way, the parrot’s body is best vitamin A it is absorbed from carrot juice, while from the whole beta-carotene contained in a piece of carrot eaten by a bird, no more than 1% will be absorbed.

The submission of a new treat can also be included in the game, turned into fun entertainment, to which all parrots are great hunters. Slices of fruit are strung on skewers, adapted to the bird’s favorite toys, placed in its favorite corners of the cage – in a word, the field for the manifestation of fantasy is unlimited.

And do not forget about your own example: observing with what appetite your beloved owner is eating some strange thing, a curious bird may very well catch up with a desire to participate in the process. Mandarin is the source of almost all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for a parrot.

Is It Possible To Feed Parrots With Tangerines

Therefore, it is possible and necessary to include this fruit in the diet of a pet, unless the bird has an individual intolerance to the components contained in the product.