Is It Possible To Give A Parrot Cottage Cheese The Opinion Of A Veterinarian

Is It Possible To Give A Parrot Cottage Cheese The Opinion Of A Veterinarian
Is It Possible To Give A Parrot Cottage Cheese The Opinion Of A Veterinarian

Is It Possible To Give A Parrot Cottage Cheese The Opinion Of A Veterinarian
Is It Possible To Give A Parrot Cottage Cheese The Opinion Of A Veterinarian

Buying a parrot as a pet, you should find out more about caring for a bird, especially its feeding and diet. It turns out that many products are undesirable for consumption, while others are irreplaceable.

The question of whether it is possible to parrot curd excites many breeders. Doubts are most often associated with the fact that parrots are not recommended to consume dairy products. Indeed, the pet should not be treated with cheese, kefir, milk and other milk products, however, in some cases, cottage cheese is an exception to this rule.

Veterinarians are sure that parrots need cottage cheese, especially during the breeding season. It is only important to observe the measure of this product and the frequency of its use. The answer to the question. is it possible to give a parrot cottage cheese in everyday life requires some clarification. So, cottage cheese is useful for pets, but in limited quantities and not more than 1 time per week.

During the breeding season, the diet of parrots should become as diverse as possible. In addition to fresh cottage cheese, you need to give your pet an egg yolk, oatmeal cooked on water, as well as dry mineral supplements. These products will help the bird conceive and endure healthy offspring.

Many irresponsible breeders, planning a diet of a parrot, are limited only to the use of ready-made grain feed for decorative poultry. Meanwhile, the absence of certain trace elements in the diet that are not found in the dry mix can lead to health problems in the parrot.

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Depending on the manufacturer of the feed, these formulations may contain some additional elements – nuts, dried fruits, mineral additives. This option is preferable to uniform feed economical product line. However, even these compounds are not able to provide the parrot’s body with all the necessary nutrients.

Of particular nutritional value are egg yolk, sprouted grains of wheat and, of course, cottage cheese. During the breeding season, cottage cheese helps the pet’s body prepare for the birth of offspring and provide it with calcium and other minerals necessary for its health and the health of the pets.

Talking about whether curd can be parrots, it is worth clarifying in what form this product should be served to birds.

If the curd is given to a parrot, not during the mating season, then this should be done no more than once every two weeks. It should be a fresh fat-free product, without any flavoring and aromatic additives. A teaspoon of such cottage cheese should be placed on a dry surface and put in a cage to the bird. Usually parrots are loyal to this product and eat it without any problems.

It is not recommended to treat your pet with cottage cheese products prepared for people, because they may contain fried vegetable oil, sugar, salt in excessive volumes for the pet. All this can negatively affect his well-being.

If suddenly the parrot does not like the cottage cheese, he is wary of it or does not even want to try it, which in principle rarely happens, then you can make a dry mixture of cottage cheese. It is recommended to pour the cottage cheese with dry semolina and chop finely with a knife. Almost dry grains from semolina and cottage cheese should turn out. You can add a little sugar to the composition. Such a sweet component is especially to the taste of budgies, and in small doses it is good for their health. It is worth considering that such a treat is appropriate during the breeding period, then it can be given once a week, 1-2 teaspoons each.

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Do not forget that the parrot’s body is too sensitive to lactose, so an overdose of such a treat is fraught with dysbiosis and other digestive problems of the pet. Unfortunately, the birds themselves can not always independently determine which food is good for them and which can be harmful.

Cottage cheese. important component in the menu of feathered parrot pets. Only fresh produce should be given to birds in small quantities. Usually, parrots like wet food, so they eagerly eat such a treat, but do not abuse it "a delicacy". measure should be observed.