Is It Possible To Give Millet To Parrots, In What Form


A valuable vitamin product for parrots is millet. But for variety, other cereals are also included in the diet of poultry. Experienced breeders recommend feeding feathery polished millet. Is it possible to feed parrots with this cereal, is it useful for them, it is necessary to understand.

How to choose

By all rules, most of the grain mixture for birds, namely 60%, is grain. You need to choose it carefully. Can raw parrot millet be eaten and how best to serve it, we will tell further.

Each grain should have a regular rounded shape. The color is pale yellow, the surface is glossy. To taste this kind of porridge should be with a sweetish aftertaste.

On a note! Gray crushed groats with impurities for feeding a parrot will not work. Peeled, without husk, it quickly oxidizes, and the birds simply refuse it.

The benefits and harms of millet porridge for parrots

It is important that in raw form millet groats are not recommended to give a parrot. Sprouted grains or porridge will do. If a feathered pet enjoys it with pleasure, then you should not limit it.

The benefits of millet for domestic parrots

  1. High calorie content contributes to the rapid growth and strengthening of the body of sick and weakened birds.
  2. Useful amino acids, iron and zinc in the composition make the feathers brighter and the fluff thicker.
  3. The digestive system improves.
  4. The presence of a large amount of protein – a building material for body cells.
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Is it possible to give millet to a pet in unlimited quantities or is it worth replacing it with other cereals? An excess of this cereal in the diet of the feathered is undesirable: a carbohydrate product can cause obesity in poultry.

The harm of millet for parrots

  1. Sour cereals can cause problems in the digestive system.
  2. If the cereal is not stored properly, it will be bitter and the bird will refuse to eat it.
  3. In large quantities, provokes a set of excess weight.

If the feathered does not suffer intolerance to this type of cereals, they can be given to parrots.

Germinated millet: benefits and harms for parrots

Experienced owners of feathered pets have heard about the benefits of cereals with sprouts for their birds. And whether or not you can give germinated millet to your beloved parrot, few people know.

Is It Possible To Give Millet To Parrots, In What Form

How to cook

To get a full, healthy product, the grains are washed and soaked in warm water for half a day. Then spread gauze on a saucer and spread the cereal in one layer. Put the plate in a warm, bright place for 7 days. After this period, sprouts will appear, the most useful – 6 mm long.

Germinated parrot millet is given along with the main food. It is good to introduce such a vitamin supplement in winter and spring, when the poultry organism is in dire need of useful substances.

Is it possible to feed the parrot millet in unlimited quantities? This question is often asked by inexperienced bird breeders. The product is heavy enough for the digestive system of the pet, so you need to give it a little, no more than 2.5 g per day.

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What types of millet are suitable for a bird diet

There are several types of cereal processing in industry. Not all of them are good for the health of a feathered pet.

They give the parrot millet only certain types:

  1. Polished cereal peeled from husks and films is well suited for a bird’s diet. But there are fewer useful substances in it than in unprocessed species.
  2. Grains purified from a flower film are added to the feathered food, but there is a minimum of benefit from it.
  3. Finely chopped, crushed groats are suitable for cooking bird porridge. She is given a parrot if he has a digestive system disease.

On a note! A large amount of untreated cereal provokes obesity in domestic parrots.

Is It Possible To Give Millet To Parrots, In What Form

How to cook a parrot millet

If the house has run out of food, and the time has come to feed the bird, the owner is forced to decide whether it is possible to give the parrots millet and in what form. It’s better not to pour raw groats, but to brew it. Long cooking is not required. It is enough to wait for the boil and remove the cereal from the stove. To make the porridge healthier, add a boiled egg or small pieces of sweet fruit to it.

How long can you feed a parrot millet

The question is also relevant, is it possible for a long time to feed domestic parrots with purchased millet? Feathered food should be complete and varied. One cereal crop is not enough for the proper development of an exotic bird. Therefore, along with porridge in the diet of the parrot should be other cereals, vegetables and fruits. Ideally balanced are considered purchased mixtures for birds. And as a soft feed, millet porridge is suitable. It is an astringent for indigestion in birds.

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The answer to the question is whether it is possible to give millet to a domestic parrot, a definite yes. This culture is important for its growth and development. It contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. But all is well in moderation, and millet should be alternated with other cereals.