Is It Possible To Give Parrots Bread What And How Much


Many people feed street birds – sparrows, pigeons, ducks – with bread, and they peck it with pleasure. But parrot owners are unsure whether this food will benefit their exotic pets. Before treating your pet with an unusual treat for him, you need to look for additional information to find out if it is safe for his health.

Is It Possible To Give Parrots Bread What And How Much

Can parrots give bread

Experienced ornithologists agree that it is allowed to offer parrots bread in limited quantities. He diversifies the diet of the pet. The minus of bread as food for birds is that the composition of bread products includes salt, sugar and yeast, which are poorly absorbed by the body. If possible, it is worth feeding the parrot bread, in which the mentioned ingredients are mixed in a small amount or completely absent.

White (loaf)

White bread is recommended to feed pets in small portions. In the manufacture of this product use sugar. Thanks to this, birds like to peck the crumb, but for the same reason, it is harmful to their body and negatively affects the digestive system.

Is It Possible To Give Parrots Bread What And How Much

The parrot will live quietly without white bread, but it contains a certain amount of useful substances that will positively affect the health of the pet. In addition, a diverse diet prevents the development of many diseases.

As a compromise, it is allowed to slightly dry the white wheat bread and then give the parrots crackers. Solid food will pass through the esophagus more easily and will not block the goiter of the bird.

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The black

Black bread has sticky pulp, so it is not suitable for feeding pets. Pieces of crumb are stuck in the goiter, which will lead to suffocation. You can try to dry the product in crackers. Before feeding, you should cut the bread and check their density. If soft spots remain – do not offer the pet treat.

What bread should not be given

You can’t give rye bread bread to budgies. The crumb of such a product is too sticky. The parrot is able to pinch off a piece too large for itself, which gets stuck in her goiter and causes asphyxiation. The budgerigar goiter is too small to miss large pieces of food.

What else can I give

The standard feed mixture includes:

  • Sunflower seeds. Use only raw, fried are prohibited. Due to the increased oiliness, the number of seeds in the diet is recommended to be limited, although the pets themselves love them very much.
  • Sprouted Grains. They have useful substances and are especially useful in winter, when birds have a lack of vitamins.
  • Millet. It is the main of any feed mixture.
  • Oats. It is allowed both in purified and in non-purified form. The latter is preferable, as the birds will like to peck the shell and remove the grains from there.

In addition to grain feed, birds are offered juicy: fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is allowed to feed the pet slices of apples, carrots, strawberries, lettuce and sorrel, dill and parsley. Fruits contain a large amount of fructose (vegetable sugar), so sweet berries should be offered occasionally, as a special treat.

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In addition, protein foods of animal origin will be beneficial for birds. For example, a hard-boiled egg or a little cottage cheese. Care must be taken not to offer too many such products to pets.

Fresh drinking water should be in the cage constantly. To ensure the health of the pet, it is necessary to change the water every day and periodically wash the drinker to prevent the formation of plaque or mold.

Is It Possible To Give Parrots Bread What And How Much

What else can not be given

Non-recommended foods include, first of all, products of animal origin (with the exception of a small number of eggs): meat, fish, fish oil, sausage, etc. From the dairy assortment, it is allowed to offer a little cottage cheese, but not milk and its other derivatives.

Do not give parrots pasta, cereals, soups and other boiled or fried food from the general table. The stomach of birds is not intended to digest such food. Spices are contraindicated for pets – salt, sugar, pepper, and any products containing them. Naturally, do not offer birds alcohol or soda.

Breeders agree that parrots can be given white bread. But only in limited quantities. First of all, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the composition of the product, because a high content of yeast and spices is contraindicated for birds. Passed this test bread should be dried and in this form to offer the pet.