Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon


The diet of a domestic parrot is based on grain feed. He does not provide the pet with all the necessary vitamins, therefore, as a top dressing, fruits are used, among other things. Citrus fruits are a source of vitamin C necessary for birds, so many owners are interested in whether it is possible to treat your pet with these types of fruits. Before feeding a parrot a new product, you should find out what effect will be exerted on its body.

Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon

Is it possible to parrot tangerines

It is possible and necessary to give tangerines to a parrot, because they are a source of vitamin C, the strongest natural immunomodulator. In addition to this useful vitamin, tangerines contain other substances necessary for maintaining health: vitamins A (retinol, beta-carotene), B1, B12, E, D and several others. Mandarin is used as vitamin top dressing, refreshments, and not the main meal.

Vitamins necessary for the pet are sold in the veterinary pharmacy in the form of tablets or suspensions, but the natural sources of these useful substances have some advantages:

  • easy digestibility: all elements get from the pulp of the fruit directly into the body;
  • naturalness: if the fruit has not been chemically processed, useful substances are preserved in it in its original form.

Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon

Thus, tangerines are useful not only for people, but also for feathered pets. They enrich the body with calcium, iron, sodium, etc. If you give tangerines to budgies, then the trace elements contained in them will positively affect the body’s work and strengthen immunity.

How to give

First of all, the measure should be observed: the weekly rate of large individuals is two whole tangerines. Smaller parrots are enough for 1-1.5 pieces. Excess fruit leads to hypervitaminosis or allergies. Citrus fruits for parrots, as well as for people, can become allergens at any time. Intolerance is caused by elements such as vitamins C, A or E.

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Like all new food, tangerines are introduced into the parrot’s diet gradually, so that the pet has time to adapt to an unfamiliar product. They start with small pieces and at the same time carefully monitor the behavior of the bird: has its mood or appearance changed in the negative direction? If everything is in order, the number and size of servings increase. Some individuals may not like the taste of a new treat. In this case, it remains to remove the treats and no longer offer.

The peel from the mandarin is previously removed. It contains essential oils, which in large quantities are harmful to the respiratory tract. In addition, the possibility of processing the fruit with chemicals that subsequently settle in the peel is not ruled out. The films between the lobes are also removed so that the pet does not accidentally choke.

Even if the parrot does not mind eating as many tangerines as possible, the owner should restrain this desire, because he is responsible for the health of his pet.

Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon

Can an orange parrot

Breeders allow and recommend giving the parrot an orange in small doses. This citrus has the following beneficial properties:

  • strengthens the pet’s immunity;
  • saturates the body with essential macro- and microelements necessary for life.

How to give

Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon

Some sellers process the peel with chemicals to make them look beautiful and fresh longer. In addition, various microbes settle on the surface of the fruit. Therefore, the fruit is thoroughly washed before serving, additionally doused with boiling water. After that, the skin is removed.

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Despite the fact that the parrots are given peeled orange, they wash the peel for the reason that in the process of cleaning the microbes from its surface fall on the hands of the owner, and then on the flesh. Therefore, safety precautions must be observed.

After cleaning the citrus fruit, it is cut into small pieces or the films separating the slices are carefully removed to make it easy for the bird to peck. Bones are pulled out, if any. Only after all these preparations can you give an orange to budgies.

Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon

What fruits and berries can be given

All parrots, like people, have different taste preferences. Some individuals may not like tangerines and oranges. In this case, it remains to offer the pet other options:

  • apples or pears (seedless);
  • currants, strawberries, strawberries and other seasonal berries;
  • grapes (seeds can be left);
  • cherries, plums, peaches (boneless);
  • bananas
  • citrus fruits – mandarin, lemon, grapefruit.

It is allowed to dry or freeze fruits in reserve. Before serving, they are left to defrost until they become room temperature. Offering candied fruits to parrots is unacceptable – they contain too much sugar. Dried fruits like dried apricots or prunes are allowed. First, they are poured with boiling water and left to “infuse” for half an hour, so that they become softer.

What to do if a parrot refuses fruit

Some birds (usually older), accustomed to a uniform food, do not want to try new products. In this case, you can try to change their attitude.

To begin with, it is worth trying to change the shape and presentation of the fruit or vegetable. For example, instead of small pieces, offer large ones. Or rub the product and add a small amount to the usual food. As an option, try squeezing the juice or making mashed potatoes and let the parrot try the result.

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Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon

Another way is to turn the nutrition process into a game: put pieces of food in different places of the cage by attaching a pet to the toys. Or string several pieces of fruit on a skewer so that the pet has to try to remove them.

Some pets are curious and prone to imitate. Therefore, if the owner sits next to the cage and begins to eat something with an appetite, the parrot may show interest in an unfamiliar object. If the bird trusts the owner, she will not long doubt the safety of the food she is offered.

Reviews from the network

We heard that parrots need to give fruits, especially citrus fruits, so we decided to offer an orange. They cleaned it, removed all the bones, films, etc. He liked it, so we began to give something else – tangerines, apples, different berries, strawberries, cherries. They tried to give a lemon to a parrot, but he didn’t really like it, and of course we did not insist. Apparently, they like sweeter. But we try not to overdo it – too much sugar is harmful to both people and birds.

Is It Possible To Parrot Citrus Tangerines, Oranges And Lemon

Tangerines, oranges and other fruits contain many useful substances. In small quantities and properly prepared, they will bring the body of a parrot undeniable benefits. In this case, only the peel and seeds, which are easy to get rid of, become unsafe. The pet will eat the pulp with pleasure.