Is It Possible To Parrot Parsley And Dill How Much And Why


Greens are an important component of the diet of exotic birds. Outside, parrots eat grass and green sprouts. Green feed contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins. When keeping birds in the apartment, the menu must include various herbs. Many owners wonder: can you give parrots parsley or dill?

Is It Possible To Parrot Parsley And Dill How Much And Why

Can I eat?

It is possible to give dill to parrots, but proportions must be observed. There are several tips for properly feeding your pet with such greens. Many owners think that dill is prohibited for parrots, however, this is not entirely true. It can adversely affect the body of the bird when abused. The essential oils contained in it have little harm.

Greens such as parsley are rich in nutrients. Despite the fact that it is considered poisonous, the danger to the body of the parrot is its root crop. The leaves contain a large amount of beta-carotene, B vitamins and vitamin C. It is also an indispensable source of iron. Amino acids in its composition serve as the building blocks of protein. When eating parsley, it is necessary to monitor the dose to avoid poisoning of the feathered.

Is It Possible To Parrot Parsley And Dill How Much And Why

Should I feed the wavy?

Representatives of the budgerigar species are not forbidden to give parsley and dill. When feeding greens, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the bird to this product. At first, a small amount should be given to determine the presence or absence of intolerance. Sluggish appearance and inactive movements indicate poisoning by the plant. Otherwise, you can add similar greens to the pet’s main diet.

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Why should not you use Corella?

The owner of the Corella parrot should not give the pet parsley and dill. Representatives of this species have kidney problems. They also lack calcium in their bodies. Parsley negatively affects the health of the bird due to the content of oxalic acid. She is responsible for a bunch of calcium. Essential oils in greens irritate the gastric mucosa. The ability of parsley to increase sensitivity to sunlight can cause allergies in a pet. You can not include such greens in the nutrition of parrots that live in open cages or aviaries in direct sunlight. Dried grass can serve as its replacement. It contains nutrients.

What happens if you add to the diet?

Budgerigar dill and parsley can be given in small doses. Therefore, it is desirable to add such greens to the main diet. It is important to monitor the reaction of the bird, if an allergy occurs, the amount is reduced. Adding parsley to the Corell menu is prohibited. This will help to avoid complications of kidney disease. Poisoning with this green can cause the death of a pet. The healing properties include blood purification. It removes harmful substances and treats arthritis. Under its action, the feathers and skin are healed, the digestive system comes in tone. It is considered a natural antibiotic.

What to do if eaten?

To determine the poisoning of a parrot with parsley or dill, you need to pay attention to external signs. The pet becomes lethargic, begins to refuse food. The feathers of the bird are in a tousled state, the wings are lowered and tightly closed. As a treatment, they use a special drug – an adsorbent. It is administered using a medical syringe or pipette. In the absence of appetite for 5-6 hours, the bird may experience a hungry faint, which will lead to death. To avoid this, it is necessary to feed the feathered liquid porridge in small portions.

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Is It Possible To Parrot Parsley And Dill How Much And Why

What other grass is not allowed?

There are a small number of herbs that are prohibited by parrots. Such plants are harmful due to their nitrate content. These include onions, St. John’s wort, celandine, tansy and wormwood.

What grass is good?

Herbs useful to the budgerigar include plantain, nettle, lettuce, and dandelion. In winter, begonia and hibiscus are given as greens. Regardless of the beneficial properties, you need to monitor the amount of grass used. An overdose adversely affects the well-being of the bird and can lead to its death.

Is It Possible To Parrot Parsley And Dill How Much And Why

Is it possible to give parsley and dill to the domesticated bird? The owner decides for himself. The experience of breeders shows that in a small amount they do not harm the body of the bird. In some cases, dill is a treat for budgies.