Jaco Parrots Description, Character, Maintenance And Care At Home


Parrots these are the only animals that can imitate the human voice and conversation. This is a wonderful bird that can become your friend for a long time. The parrot is a jaco. it is one of the most remarkable and most interesting species of these birds.

Jaco Parrots Description, Character, Maintenance And Care At Home

Domestic parrots

One of the most popular birds in our houses are budgies, these are wonderful pets who have a beautiful color and good character. They can live in a small cage and occasionally fly around the house, and for them this will be enough. But this species does not have large sizes. A more interesting subspecies of parrots. jaco. Parrots are Jaco. one of the most popular species of large poultry. According to legend, this is the favorite bird of the Egyptian pharaohs, who for many years lived in their royal palaces. But not only the ancient Egyptians loved such birds, the English king Henry the Eighth also joined them. And now in our time, this type of parrot is very popular for the home, because the Zhako parrot at home takes root very well and feels great. But at the same time, the owners of such a bird should not forget about the need for proper feeding and care of the bird.

Features of life Jaco

Parrots are Jaco. large enough birds. Their sizes can reach up to thirty-five centimeters, and they can weigh more than six hundred grams. These wonderful pets came to us from African countries and took root quite well. This is one of the few birds that, in addition to flying, still love to walk on the ground. In their native places, namely Central Africa, these birds gather in large flocks and live in a forested area.

Jaco. Monogamous and choose a mate for yourself. This is very important for them, and this becomes one of the biggest problems when breeding these birds in captivity. Jacques parrot chicks live with their parents for up to three months. During hatching, the female practically does not get up and does not leave the nest, and the male does all the necessary work in the nest and brings food to his beloved.

Parrot food

Jaco parrots feed mainly on seeds. This is the simplest food this animal can find in nature. If there are no such goodies as nuts nearby, the jaco can eat fruits or even leaves. Such a diet in nature can provide the bird with all the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Most of these birds like to eat seeds such as millet, corn, but also will not give up oats or a variety of nuts. In our area, these birds can include apples, carrots, pears in the diet. But do not forget about their native fruits, such as bananas and oranges.

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When feeding a parrot fruit, do not forget that they can deteriorate, and at the same time they must be taken from places where the bird can eat them. Spoiled foods can cause your pet’s health problems.

In addition to a sufficient amount of food, more clean water is of great importance for Zhako.

Parrot intelligence

These birds are some of the smartest of their kind. Thus, the level of intelligence of Jaco when compared with a person can be at the level of a child about three or even four years. Therefore, the researchers of these birds recommend keeping the animal in a sufficiently large cage and periodically give it the opportunity to fly around your apartment. This will allow him to train his muscles and not become depressed.

The peculiarities of this parrot are that they can not only reproduce the sounds they hear, but also repeat the intonation of their master when pronouncing these phrases. In addition, researchers argue that Jacques can determine the situation in which to speak, and their words may carry some semantic load.

In addition to all of the above, a jaco parrot can also sing songs, especially those that it often hears. But in order for this animal to feel good and develop, it needs to communicate with a person. If you take good care of him and spend free time with him, then this bird can become attached to you and become a good friend.

Jaco lifespan

Many people, before starting a pet, are often interested in their life expectancy. And this is quite correct behavior, because often we are so strongly attached to our favorites that we cannot imagine life without them. And therefore, when choosing a bird such as jaco, you should ask yourself how long the jaco parrot lives.

Unlike many other parrots, the life span of a zhako is quite long. There are cases when these birds survived to seventy or even ninety years. Although the average life expectancy of such parrots is about fifty years.

Gray jaco

Gray parrot is a jaco. one of some subspecies of this wonderful bird. They do not differ in particularly bright coloring, unlike many of their relatives, but their distinguishing feature is a good mental level. Among the birds, he can be called the most intelligent. The color of the bird will range from dark gray to light, almost whitish. Another distinguishing feature of this species is the yellow color of the iris.

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Outwardly, they are quite massive and reach up to thirty centimeters in length. And sometimes especially large individuals can be up to forty-five centimeters. In appearance, a female can be distinguished from a male. Females have a rounder nose, while males may have a distinct hump. Also, when choosing a bird, pay attention to the fact that the younger individual will be lighter, and with age, the plumage of the bird becomes darker.

Red-tailed parrot

The Jacquot Red-Tailed Parrot has pronounced tail feathers. All plumage of a parrot has a lighter grayish color. The only distinguishing feature is the tail. Its color can vary from bright red to darker and even brown.

Jaco Parrots Description, Character, Maintenance And Care At Home

In addition, this species lacks plumage on the front of the head. The neck of the red-tailed Jacquot will be darker, and the body itself will be even darker by a couple of shades.

But not only belonging to the genus distinguishes these birds. Also, the color may depend on the place of birth of the bird. Thus, the Jaco born in the Congo will have plumage darker in color and a larger body. While the Nigerian Jaco will have a much lighter color.

Some time ago, these birds were considered very rare and were brought to European countries at a very high price.

How do Jaco live

The parrot, like many other bird species, lives in small flocks. Basically, these birds try to place their nests on a high part of the trees. This allows them to protect themselves and their offspring from predators. This behavior is jaco. understandable defense mechanism.

Birds try to settle in places where there is enough food and water. Their nutrition can be the most diverse, but most of their diet consists of greens and nuts. Thanks to a good level of intelligence, these birds can fly long distances where there are crops of cereal crops.

Features of breeding birds of the genus Jaco

The parrot is one of the few species of monogamous animals. This bird chooses a mate for life. If Zhakos live in a large flock, in nature, then they can build nests in pairs, in which they will live for many years. They devote a lot of time to building beautiful and high-quality housing.

After the couple makes a joint housing, the birds begin to lay their eggs. Usually it is about five to six eggs in one year. They hatch for about a month. After that, the parents take care of their offspring for about two more months.

Given all the features of pairing in these birds, we can say that captive breeding is very difficult, and for some especially capricious individuals it is almost impossible. A couple needs to spend a long time together and rub against each other, although there were situations when, even after many years of living together, an artificially created couple did not want to be together.

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Parrot Jaco

Jaco. very emotional and smart bird. In this regard, the first thing you will need when purchasing it is a large cell. Large space helps him feel more comfortable. In addition, you need to periodically allow the bird to fly in a larger room than it is constantly. Such an event for Jaco will provide an opportunity to feel much better both physically and morally.

The jaco bird is also very attached to its owner, and there were times when even she was jealous of other people or animals. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that when new people appear in your house you can not leave the bird alone. For some time you should sit at a party with your bird.

A jaco parrot, the contents of which is incorrect, can be sick, especially psychologically. One of the main ways to determine that a bird feels uncomfortable is by noisy behavior. In nature, a flock of parrots will make noise in order to drive away the danger. Therefore, if your bird makes a lot of noise, it is uncomfortable, and this is the first sign of an unstable moral state.

Physiologically, the Jaco bird is very susceptible to excess weight. To do this, you need to give him the opportunity to receive some physical activity and monitor proper and balanced nutrition. Do not overfeed your pet, because this can be a problem. In order for your parrot to get all the necessary elements and at the same time stay healthy, he needs to eat crops such as wheat, oats, corn, millet, buckwheat, rice, and do not forget about greens.

If the bird has some psychological disorders, it will harm itself. When the Jaco is bored, he can pluck his feathers. Therefore, when you leave, always leave some kind of toy to your pet. It can be the simplest ball or a small sweetie in a beautiful and shiny package.

The impression of a parrot Jaco

If you plan to get yourself such a bird, be prepared that you will need to devote a lot of time to it. The happy parrot is a Jaco, whose photo you can see in our article. this is a great merit of his master. Therefore, if you are ready to devote enough time to the bird, then it will become a very good friend to you for many years.

When choosing a bird, also pay attention to its nature, the best way to check whether the bird suits you. it is to spend some time with her before taking her home. Thus, a jaco (parrot) at home will feel much better.