List Of Vegetables That Can Be Given To A Parrot


Parrot Cabbage

Cabbage is also a good food for parrots, which contains a large number of trace elements. Cabbage is valuable for its prevalence and the possibility of long-term storage. This is one of the main food for a parrot in the winter. It is necessary to feed the parrot cabbage raw, give whole leaves only. The stump should be finely chopped or grated.

List Of Vegetables That Can Be Given To A Parrot

Parrot Carrot

Carrots are a particularly valuable food for parrots, containing carotene and many other useful substances. Feed carrots should only be raw, pre-cut into small pieces or grated. It is recommended to mix with other components, such as boiled eggs, breadcrumbs, etc.

Parrot Cucumber

Cucumbers can be included in the diet of a parrot, but they do not have much significance. They are consumed only fresh as a feed containing vitamins and minerals.

Potato for a parrot

Potatoes contain a lot of starch, but few vitamins and minerals. You can feed the parrot both raw and boiled, should be given small portions. Do not give the parrot sprouted tubers or green. They contain a poisonous substance for parrots. solanine, which can cause poisoning in a parrot.

Parrot Tomato

Tomato is also a good type of feed, which contains carotene. Tomatoes do not have any side effects on the body of the parrot. The parrot is fed only fresh, the parrots give special preference to seeds.

Pumpkin for a Parrot

Pumpkin also contains carotene, similar to previous fruits. Raw pumpkin is fed. Pumpkin seeds have a slight anthelmintic effect.

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Beets, turnips, onions, lettuce, spinach.

All these vegetables are also suitable for adding to the diet of a parrot. Beets and cabbage are valuable for long-term storage. This vitamin food can be fed fresh to a parrot in the winter. Bow. mild varieties should be used. In winter, you can sprout onions and give greens in small quantities. The parrot is fed turnips in the same way as cabbage, it must be finely chopped or grated. Spinach or salad should be given in small quantities. May cause a slight digestive upset with a large dose in the diet. Do not give the parrot wilted stems or wet, it is necessary to dry them.

Wild herbs, grass seeds.

Weed herbs are also suitable for use, especially during seed ripening. For example, parrots willingly eat dandelion baskets. You can also make grass flour from weeds. Take nettle, you need to cut the upper third of the stem with leaves during flowering, cut the stems into a bundle and dry until completely dry. After that, put the bunches in a bowl and crush, the flour is ready. Pour this flour with hot water, strain through a sieve or gauze and add to any liquid mixture for a parrot. You can also use this flour in a dry form, it is necessary to sprinkle with grated boiled egg or soaked bread.

List Of Vegetables That Can Be Given To A Parrot

Branches of shrubs or trees

Tree branches are needed for parrots to grind their beaks. When grinding the beak, the parrot receives an additional small amount of vitamins and minerals contained in the bark and kidney branches.