Lori Parrot, Photo, Video, Description


Lori Parrot, Photo, Video, Description

A unique Lori parrot, a carefree, good-natured, affectionate pet.

It has its own individual character and loves to chat with the owner.

It delights everyone who sees it for the first time.

Lori – the soul of the company

Lori, or Loria (lat. Loriinae) – is a subfamily of parrots, including 62 species. Many are endemic. Red Lori endemic to the islands of eastern Indonesia. The genus Lori-gua, with only two species, can only be found in New Guinea. Red-necked decorated lori endemic Fiji.

Highlighting the differences in plumage color, tail shape and size, the subfamily is divided into 12 genera:

  • white-backed;
  • brilliant;
  • girlish;
  • wedge-tailed lorikeet;
  • reds;
  • lori gua;
  • hermit loris;
  • musky
  • New Guinean mountains;
  • decorated;
  • wide-tailed.

Habitat of Loria: Australia, New Guinea, Philippines, as well as Indonesia.

Loriae parrots are relatively small birds. Their size does not exceed 40 cm. They deserve their popularity because of the bright rainbow-colored feathers, sometimes including up to 6 flowers on one bird at a time. The colorful plumage allows masking among the foliage and flowers of the trees on which they live.

Distinctive features of Lori

Their beak is the same as that of other parrots, but it is quite fragile unlike its counterparts. Therefore, Lori parrots cannot eat solid food, like other birds. They are forced to collect pollen, nectar of flowers and eat soft tropical fruits, less often petals, insect larvae.

Accordingly, the loris actively participate in pollination of angiosperms and are closely connected in symbiosis with trees and flowers among which they live.

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Due to this, in the process of evolution, their main distinguishing feature was formed. This is a unique structure of the tongue, at the end of which there is a brush made of horn papillae. With it, they can capture liquid and viscous food.

During the breeding season, the female lays only 1-2 eggs and after 25 days the chicks appear. The main enemy for birds are snakes. In particular, the tree python, which preys on the offspring of Lori, ruining their nests.

Young growth, which successfully survived two months, leaves a cozy parental hollow and begins to eat on its own. Lori live up to 20 years.

Lori Parrot, Photo, Video, Description

Lori rainbow parrots have a fairly high intelligence, as well as a kind and playful disposition. They are very gullible and adapt well in captivity.

Lori parrot in captivity

Most often at home they contain multicolor lorikeet. It is characterized by a red iris of the eyes. As a rule, red breast, green abdomen, yellow undertail.

Ornithologists distinguish 22 subspecies of this bird, so the color may vary within certain limits. The size of an adult varies from 26 cm to 33 cm.

If you have not kept birds before, then you should not start with the Lori parrot. Caring for it requires special skills and experience. He is demanding on feeding and very thermophilic.

For him, a spacious enclosure is needed, equipped with various spools, toys, places to move around the cage, and a bath for bathing. And always a house resembling a hollow tree, as in the wild. With their content, sharp fluctuations in temperature and drafts are excluded.

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Be sure to let your wings stretch, providing the opportunity to freely fly around the apartment.

Nutrition and Behavior

Lori is fed with liquid cereals with the addition of honey or sugar. They give fruit purees from bananas, apples, pears, carrots. He also enjoys tasting daisy, sunflower, licorice, horseradish and even just a spring twig with swollen buds. It is important that poultry nutrition is varied.

It is typical for them to make loud, unpleasant, creaking sounds, but this shortcoming is easily compensated by teaching the bird to speak, they are able to learn up to 70 words.

Among households, a parrot always chooses a pet and displays this, giving the owner special attention and affection. Loriae parrots always become the soul of the company, they are good-natured and curious, attract attention by playing and having fun, recalling the behavior of kittens and causing delight among observers.
Watch a video about the Lory Parrot.