Necklace Parrot


Necklace Parrot

Some areas of South Asia and Africa are considered to be the birthplace of necklace parrots (Cramer birds). Necklace parrot is one of the most common and unpretentious in terms of the content of species of parrots. However, birds differ in their freedom-loving nature and caution, so taming them and making them trust a person is not so simple.

General information

Cramer’s bird is a variety of parrots characterized by a bright green color with a bluish plumage on the back of the head. They are called necklaces due to their unique color, as well as the presence of a fairly wide pink strip in the neck.

Necklace Parrot

If we consider in more detail the phenotypic characteristics of birds, special attention should be paid to such moments:

  • In length, the pet reaches about 40-50 cm;
  • Adult males, not females, have a bright coloration;
  • Mature females are more "dull", while they do not have a "necklace" in the neck;
  • Chicks, like females, until a certain period have a dull plumage;
  • On the head of the birds there is a dark strip that starts at eye level and ends on the beak of the animal;
  • In some species of birds, a colorful “necklace” takes the form of a tie and is located on the chest;
  • A distinctive feature of all birds is a long stepped tail.

Cramer birds move poorly on the ground, because they have weak legs, but in the air they feel like fish in water. Given this peculiarity, during the acquisition of a cage for a pet, give preference to rather spacious "houses" with wooden wide perches, on which it will be comfortable for birds to sit.

Pet Care

The maintenance and care of necklace parrots requires some knowledge. Despite the fact that this species of birds is considered one of the most unpretentious, an improperly selected diet can spoil the stomach of the animal, which is why the pet risks seriously ill. How can I feed a parakeet?

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The daily menu of the “talker" should include a mixture of grains, such as:

  • 10-15% canary mixture;
  • 25% oats;
  • 10-15% of sunflower seeds;
  • 35% millet;
  • 5-7% of fresh vegetables.

In addition, it is worth noting that one adult should eat at least 30 grams of the mixture per day, but do not forget about some mineral additives, due to which the plumage of the pet will shine.

The pet will not refuse such treats as:

  • nuts (walnut, almonds);
  • boiled sweet corn;
  • sprouted wheat.

Cramer birds can also be fed soft foods, but not more often than once or twice a week.

Therefore, occasionally a feathered bird should be pampered with such dishes:

  • oatmeal;
  • hard boiled eggs;
  • crumb of white bread;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • cottage cheese and unsalted hard cheese.

Caring for animals requires following these simple nutritional rules. If this is not done, the bird may develop depression, which is often said by veterinarians and ornithologists. Therefore, if you want your pet to be healthy and always in a good mood, pay attention to these recommendations.

Feeding pets

You can keep birds not only in a spacious cage, but also in an aviary, where they will be uniquely comfortable. If you intend to breed Cramer birds in the future, keeping pets in aviaries will be one of the prerequisites. Since in nature "talkers" like to fly a lot, try to let the feathered fly around the room from time to time.

Please note that budgies need to be kept in cages made of durable metal rods. These craftsmen easily dismantle flimsy structures with their beaks, which is often reported by inexperienced owners of ringed birds. It is also worth creating optimal atmospheric conditions for your pet. The most comfortable temperature for keeping birds will be a temperature in the range from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 60-70%.

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Keeping necklace parrots in standard home conditions is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. By following all the recommendations, you will get rid of the need to constantly visit a veterinarian.

There were times when the owners ignored the elementary conditions of keeping birds, in connection with which the animal refused to eat and could become seriously ill. If you do not want such an outcome, give your pet enough attention and warmth.

Are Cramer birds talking?

Can a parakeet speak well? With the right approach and education of the feathered one, over time it can be achieved from him to reproduce some words. If you constantly deal with your pet, by the year he will turn into a real "talker", in whose arsenal there will be at least 50-60 words. In addition, these birds can be weaned at home from "shouting" piercing and harsh sounds.

If you want to achieve the best results, training should start from an early age. In this case, the bird should definitely be encouraged with delicious prizes, then it will be more willing to engage. It happens that even with long attempts to teach your pet to speak, nothing comes of it.

If your pet does not talk, listen to these recommendations of specialists:

  • Never lose your temper and do not offend the bird, moving to high tones. This will only scare the feathered;
  • Training lessons should be carried out in a fairly quiet place where the parrot will not distract anything from the process;
  • First of all, teach him to pronounce his nickname;
  • For each spoken word, encourage the feathered pet treat;
  • Complicate the learning process gradually. In the first couple, learn single words and only then phrases.
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Cramer Bird Life

How many live necklace parrots live? In many ways, the pet’s life is determined by the living conditions. As a rule, a healthy individual can live from 20 to 30 years.

But in order for the bird to live as long as possible, it needs to provide emotional and physical comfort. If you notice that the "talker" plucks his feathers on his stomach, it means something is bothering him. In such a situation, you should even contact your veterinarian to find out the reason for this behavior.

What determines how many birds live? To maintain the health of your pet and his good mood, follow these simple rules:

  • Provide birds with balanced and proper nutrition;
  • Keep your pet in a spacious clean cage and preferably with toys;
  • Provide the bird with normal climatic conditions.

In addition, this type of parrot is among the most sociable. Therefore, it is desirable that they have the opportunity to "talk" with representatives of their own species. In many respects, the pet’s life time depends on these factors.

How to determine the gender?

How can I determine the sex of a parakeet? Most often, people tend to acquire males, since they reach large sizes and acquire a brighter color in adulthood.

However, a bright and beautiful plumage with a pink necklace in birds appears only by the age of three. Up to this age, both females and males look about the same.

A necklace or ringed parrot is an unpretentious and very quick-witted species of birds, which is characterized by a wayward character.

However, in the case of proper maintenance and good treatment, pets can very quickly become attached to the owner. If you have always dreamed of a tame pet, the Cramer bird will be your best feathered friend and “interlocutor” for you.