Parrot Food


If you are allergic to cat hair or you don’t want to walk a dog in bad weather, but want to have a pet, then consider a feathered friend. Many bird lovers prefer parrots.

Choosing food for a parrot

In order for your beloved parrot to be healthy and cheerful, you need to provide him with quality food. Under natural conditions, it feeds on plant buds, seeds of milk-wax ripeness, bugs and spiders. And what kind of food to choose for parrots living at home?

In the time pressure of free time, you need to buy ready-made feed, and we will not save on the nutrition of our feathered friend. Purchased feed for parrots come from domestic and foreign manufacturers. This is reflected in the cost of the product. Unfortunately, domestic feed is not always high quality. However, the WACA food for parrots produced by Biosphere is popular and enjoys dumping. Products from Russian manufacturers are cheaper than foreign ones, produced by a wide range. WACA feeds are produced for both large and small and medium-sized parrots. The composition of the feed for the main me, in addition to the seed mixture, may include sea kale, which is the source of iodine for birds, which improves the metabolism of parrots and stabilizes the thyroid gland. Sunflower, pumpkin and bean seeds, grass granules are added to the food for large parrots. Sometimes dry vegetables and fruits.

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There is also a feed of one type of grain. It can only be oats, millet, hemp seed or flax seed. They also sell goodies for these birds: biscuits, crackers, sticks.

The value of germinated seeds

If we compare the nutritional value of dry seeds and germinated, then of course, here the last will be the winners. The biological activity of feed during germination is increased by increasing the content of vitamins B, C, E (antioxidant), carotene (provitamin A) and other biologically valuable substances. RIO parrot food just produces mixtures intended for these purposes.

Parrot Food

Italy’s contribution to the nutrition of your parrot

For almost 50 years, the Italian company Fiori has been taking care of pets, including birds. She develops and produces popular feeds for them. Fiori produces parrot food depending on the size of the birds. This is a grain mixture with the addition of pieces of fruit, raisins. There may be more than 10 components of high quality. Fiori makes vacuum packaging of the feed, which he places in a cardboard box. This protects the feed from spoilage during transportation and storage, which is important. Whatever good food you get for parrots, it should be in intact packaging.

Parrot Food

How much food should parrots give?

When feeding a parrot, remember that a captive bird does not receive full physical activity, and it should not be overfed. Small parrots should receive about 20 g of food per day, medium – 30 g. But large parrots should be given at least 50 g of food.