Seashell For Decorative Birds 70 G Zelena Zoo

Seashell for ornamental birds 70 g Zelena Zoo is a rich natural source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements easily absorbed by the body. Shell water fodder for ornamental birds and parrots improves digestion, contains organic calcium, fluoride and iodine, useful for beak, bones and plumage. The sea shell must always be in a separate feeder and added as it is eaten by the bird. Shelf-life Unlimited.

Ingredients: crushed oyster shells.

Nature itself took care of your bird, creating this unique product – the sea shell. Calcium, which is contained in it in large quantities, is indispensable and vital for birds, and most importantly, mandatory in its diet.

Seashell For Decorative Birds 70 G Zelena Zoo


Seashell for decorative birds 70 g Zelena Zoo – a natural mineral feed supplement used to feed all types of birds, it contains 40% calcium, which is very easily absorbed by the bird’s body and is involved in bone formation and shell strengthening. The lack of the required amount of easily absorbed calcium in the diet can lead not only to poor health, but also its reproductive properties. Shellfish is able to increase the digestibility of the main feed by about 20%.

Distinguishing a river from a seashell is quite simple. Marine has a specific cream hue, which is characteristic of mollusks of the seas and oceans. It is also important that the ready-to-use fodder shell rock has no additional impurities (salts, harmful substances and sand).

promotes better digestion and faster weight gain
provides healthy and strong offspring
increases poultry productivity and reduces feeding costs
prevents rickets and softening of bones

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Sea fodder shell performs the function of gastrolite – a substance that promotes better grinding, grinding and assimilation of food by the musk stomach of domestic and ornamental birds.

Shell rock includes the entire gamut of trace elements vital to the bird, balanced by nature itself. The constant use of shell rock will prevent the occurrence of such diseases of the bird as softening of bones, biting of birds and eggs (cannibalism), rejection of the stomach, metabolic disturbance.

Consumption of shell rock is genetically incorporated in the body of birds, therefore, calcium and other shell rock minerals are completely absorbed by the bird without causing any harmful consequences, which distinguishes natural sea shell from artificially obtained mineral feed additives. The shell is especially useful to the bird during the period of laying, molting and rearing of young animals.