Top 10 Best Food For Budgies


How to choose the right food?

Before starting a feathered pet at home, it is worthwhile for experienced breeders to find out how to feed the budgerigar. It is advisable to give him the usual food for him, which he is already used to eating. This will help to avoid serious bird health problems.

Top 10 Best Food For Budgies

  • Do not buy food that is simply poured into a box of cardboard material. The fact is that you have no idea for how long he lay in the box, in what conditions it was stored. He could damp and dry 2-3 times, and this negatively affects the taste and beneficial properties. In addition, parasites or mold could enter it. In order not to get poison from your pet, you should choose a feed that is packed in a sealed package made of polyethylene;
  • It is not advisable to buy feed mixtures that include fruits. They can quickly spoil the feed mixture, they also lack the necessary useful components for feathered pets, which are found in juicy fruits;
  • Do not buy cheap feed mixtures. It is also not recommended to purchase grain feed mixtures from the hands.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the main qualities of food for parrots:

  • feed must have normal external qualities;
  • its smell should be pleasant;
  • carefully study the composition, it must comply. It should contain millet, unpeeled oats, a few sunflower seeds;
  • Vitamins are added to some feed mixtures that the parrot cannot properly digest. Do not buy feed with additives of this type.

TOP 10

The choice of food for parrots for many may cause some difficulties, because the range of products is small, unlike mixtures for cats and dogs. For this reason, it is worth considering the features of the best forages for budgies, their positive and negative qualities.

The most useful food for budgies, which belongs to this line, is considered – Vitakraft menu vital. It is nutritious and satisfying, because it contains a large number of useful additives.

During regular feed intake, the pet’s immune system will increase and strengthen. The color will become bright, expressive, and the plumage will be thick and strong. Due to the fact that the composition contains mineral and vitamin components, the pet’s health will improve, he will always be alert and energetic.

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The positive qualities of the Vitakraft menu vital feed mixture include the following:

  • the content of vegetables and eucalyptus leaves provides high nutritional value of the feed;
  • balanced composition;
  • provides high benefits for the feathered organism;
  • low cost.

But there are also negative qualities:

  • thin single-layer package in the form of a package. After opening during prolonged storage, the feed may lose the most beneficial properties;
  • hard to find in retail outlets.

Good and one of the best is considered the food for parrots, which is produced by Rio. The Russian manufacturer has long managed to gain popularity among many consumers, because its products meet the necessary requirements.

The positive qualities include:

  • balanced composition, with the content of useful components;
  • high-quality packaging with high strength;
  • wide range. The manufacturer offers the main diet, a mixture during molting, feed for germination;
  • in the main diet there are nutritional components;
  • the mixture, which is intended for nutrition during molting, contains sesame. Nutrition strengthens the body, improves immunity and improves plumage;
  • The composition of feed mixtures for germination includes well-known cultures with a good degree of germination – millet, wheat, oats, buckwheat.
  • expensive product, despite the fact that it is produced in Russia;
  • the probability of running into a fake.


Prestige is the recommended and suitable food for budgies, which is recommended by experienced feathered breeders. It is made in Belgium, at the same time quality standards are observed.

Advantages of the feed mixture:

  • contains high quality grains. There is no rubbish or additives of unknown origin;
  • due to the fact that the package is made of airtight and dense material, it will protect the feed from harmful substances, moisture, insects;
  • In addition, a special lock is provided, with which you can close the already begun pack;
  • the composition of the feed includes natural and beneficial substances that are required for the full development of parrots;
  • reasonable cost.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • Prestige food is dry, therefore, it is necessary to give juicy top dressing with it – vegetables and fruits;
  • hard to find on sale.


There is a Trill budgerigar feed mix that can be used for a budgerigar. Before feeding feathered pets, it is worth examining the positive and negative qualities of the product.

Benefits include:

  • balanced composition;
  • high iodine content;
  • used as therapeutic nutrition for parrots with thyroid problems.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • It is not recommended to give healthy birds, because food can cause the development of hypertereosis;
  • there is a risk of hypertereosis becoming an oncological disease;
  • high price.
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Padovan Grandmix Cocorite

Padovan Grandmix Cocorite is one of the best budgerigar feeds that belongs to the line of this brand. It is in high demand among many owners and experienced breeders of parrots of different breeds.

The benefits of feed include:

  • unique combination of constituent components. The composition contains 70% of millet, more than 10% is canary grain, the same amount of wasp, the rest falls on additional substances;
  • there is no garbage and other extraneous components in the feed, there is no pungent odor;
  • high nutritional value of the mixture can significantly save feed consumption;
  • high-quality packaging is made of cardboard material, inside the feed is placed in a plastic bag;
  • reasonable cost.

The disadvantages include:

  • in the composition of the feed mixture there are granules that the birds refuse to eat.


When considering food for budgies, you should pay attention to the products of the brand Fiory. The manufacturer produces the feed mixture FIORY African.

The positive properties include:

  • the feed contains a high content of nutrients, among which are personal varieties of millet, buckwheat, millet, oats, hemp seed, corn and even raisins;
  • dyes that are part of the feed are of natural origin;
  • convenient packaging. The feed volume is divided into three equal portions, each of which is placed in a vacuum package;
  • It is used to feed medium-sized parrots, while it is mixed with the main feed.

The cons include:

  • the feed contains granules coated with honey, which parrots refuse to eat;
  • high price.

Among the advantages are:

  • balanced composition;
  • high levels of vitamins;
  • affordable price.

But he has a lot of minuses:

  • poor feed quality;
  • foreign particles, pungent odor;
  • bad packaging;
  • parrots after eating can get very sick.


Feed mixtures manufactured under the brand XtraVital belong to the premium class. They contain a high content of nutrients that are required for the full development of feathered pets.

The benefits of feed include the following:

  • balanced composition;
  • high nutritional value;
  • has a pleasant aroma;
  • like the parrots taste.

Negative qualities include:

  • high price;
  • not always available.

Jr farm

JR Farm brand feed mixtures are made in Germany. During production, all the rules that allow you to get a quality product are observed.

The increased demand for feed is provided due to the positive qualities:

  • balanced composition;
  • the presence of additional components – oyster shells, provides phosphorus-calcium metabolism;
  • high nutritional value reduces consumption;
  • sealed packaging.
  • high price;
  • You can run into a fake.
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Feed brand CUNIPIC, produced by a Spanish company. Products on the Russian market appeared relatively recently, but have already managed to gain popularity among parrot owners.

The benefits of feed include:

  • balanced composition. The feed contains millet, grain, sunflower seeds, millet, canary seed;
  • the presence of oyster shells ensures the consumption of phosphorus-calcium balance in the body of the bird;
  • when used in a pet, plumage improves, appearance, immunity increases and health improves;
  • quality packaging.

The disadvantages include:

  • high price;
  • the presence of granules with vitamins that parrots do not always want to eat;
  • not always available for sale.

Daily feed ration

Particular attention should be paid to the daily rate of feed intake. Its basis should be a grain mixture (70%), it may include various types of millet. 20% should fall on canary, hemp, wheat, flaxseed. The remaining 10% is for oats.

How to calculate the amount of feed per day? Consider the important recommendations:

  • The optimal daily feed rate for a young budgerigar should be 2 teaspoons. Adults can eat up to 2 large spoons, but not more;
  • make sure that the feathered pet does not overeat, the total amount of feed in the feeder per day should not be more than 1-2 tbsp;
  • sometimes a parrot can eat the allotted amount of food per day in the first half of the day, but this rarely happens;
  • Be sure to consult your veterinarian about the proper nutrition of parrots.

What else should the budgerigar ration include?

You definitely need to know how to feed a feathered pet so that it does not have unpleasant health problems.

Nutrition is considered the basis for the full development of the parrot, for this reason, if you plan to get this bird, then carefully prepare for it.

The diet of the budgerigar, in addition to feed, should include the following components:

Feeding budgies is considered the most important condition for the normal and full living of birds in the conditions of an apartment or house. The owner should think in advance what products to feed the bird, which components can be given and which not. You should also carefully study the feed of modern manufacturers.

And what kind of food do you buy for your parrot? Leave comments and share the article with your friends!