Top Best Food For Budgies


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Every parrot owner is interested in making his bird feel great. Therefore, it is not enough to pay attention and care to him; it is also important to choose the right nutrition for him. Despite the fact that corrugated rocks are considered one of the most unpretentious, choosing the right feed is also worth it. The best food for parrots should be not only fresh, but also high-quality, without the content of artificial additives.

How to choose the food for a budgie?

Before taking a pet to his home, it is important to find out what food the bird is accustomed to eating, and most importantly, what kind of food was suitable for the individual. It should be understood that moving is a serious stress, and if the nutrition is not correct, the feathered one will obviously not be happy.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the best food for parrots the first time, often you have to experiment, look for the most suitable one.

Important selection criteria are:

  • normal appearance;
  • lack of a repulsive smell;
  • It is important to pay attention to the composition and content of the pack. These two concepts should correspond to each other;
  • If you want to add additives to the diet of poultry, it is better to purchase special preparations, rather than buying grain mixtures with spherical additives.

Top Best Food For Budgies

The best food for a parrot – top 10

Each feed composition has its own disadvantages and advantages. Therefore, it is difficult to say unequivocally which is the best food for budgies. Get acquainted with the most famous and acquired:

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The best food for budgies, according to most bird lovers. Due to the content of a large number of additives, it is quite satisfying, and most importantly nutritious. Regular use of the product can strengthen the immune system, and even improve the appearance of the feathered. The bird becomes active, mobile, rarely sick.

  • vegetable content;
  • high-quality, balanced composition;
  • excellent effect on health;
  • affordable price.

Top Best Food For Budgies

However, we must not forget about the shortcomings:

Birds tolerate the Vitakraft menu vital well.

Parrot food "Rio"

Domestic feed, in great demand among breeders. The reason for everything is high quality and a number of advantages:

  • the presence of useful components;
  • carefully balanced composition;
  • a wide range of choices, allowing you to choose a product based on the specific stage of poultry life;
  • The composition contains the most useful crops that have a beneficial effect on the health status of the pet.

As for the shortcomings, the main one is the high price and a high probability of running into the craft.

Top Best Food For Budgies

Prestige for wavy

This series is the best food for budgies. The country of origin is Belgium, which complies with all necessary requirements.

The main advantages of the products are:

  • lack of garbage and other additives, exceptionally high-quality, perfect grain;
  • the presence of a good package that protects the contents from moisture, moisture, insects, sunlight;
  • special lock that allows you to conveniently store the mixture;
  • composition enriched with useful components;
  • affordable cost.

The main disadvantage of the composition is excessive dryness, which requires the mandatory inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet. And also, despite the huge number of advantages, it can be difficult to find it on sale.

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Top Best Food For Budgies

Trill budgie

  • good composition;
  • the presence of iodine necessary for the well-being of birds. Therefore, the food is perfect for birds that have problems with the thyroid gland.

Top Best Food For Budgies


  • excessive use of iodine can harm. Therefore, in the absence of problems in this area, it is not recommended to use the product
  • high price.

Before buying, it is always important to carefully study the composition of the feed, otherwise serious problems can arise and even fatal diseases can develop.

Padovan Grandmix Cocorite

According to many breeders, this series is the best food for budgies. Therefore, they are in great demand.

  • a unique composition, which is based on over 70% of millet;
  • lack of excess garbage;
  • nice smell;
  • nutritious, which allows to reduce the consumption of the product;
  • affordable cost;
  • quality packaging that protects the contents.

However, the presence of granules in the feed is a serious drawback, due to which the animal may refuse to use this product.

Top Best Food For Budgies

Parrot food Fiory

This brand is in no less demand, and all thanks to the following advantages:

  • a large number of useful crops in the composition of the product, including millet, oats, buckwheat, corn and much more;
  • unusual color is achieved thanks to dyes of natural origin;
  • quality packaging;
  • It is used as additional top dressing.

But the disadvantages go with the previous company, again the presence of granules that repel birds. As well as high cost.

Top Best Food For Budgies

WAKA feed

However, the repulsive factor is:

  • poor grain quality;
  • the presence of extraneous garbage;
  • bad smell;
  • bad packaging.
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Numerous cases of bird diseases caused by the use of WACA feed have been recorded.

XtraVital for budgie

Top Best Food For Budgies

Premium food with a high content of nutrients. They contain everything necessary for the bird to feel good, get sick less and be as active as possible.

  • good composition;
  • high nutritional value;
  • a pleasant aroma that many birds like.

However, the high cost does not allow many people to buy it.

Jr farm

Products of a German company, deserving a special place in the domestic market. The reason for the widespread demand is:

  • carefully balanced composition;
  • the presence of useful components;
  • nutritional value;
  • quality packaging.

However, crafts are often found in Russia.


Spanish products that have appeared on the domestic market recently. However, even despite this, she was able to get the attention of many.

  • the presence of several useful crops;
  • the presence of oyster shells;
  • with regular use, the pet’s immunity is strengthened and its appearance improves;
  • good packing.
  • the presence of fortified granules that repel birds;
  • high price;
  • frequent lack of sales.

Thus, it is impossible to identify a clear leader. Each of the presented products has its own characteristics, which are important to consider when buying.

Supplementary food

One grain will not be enough. Therefore, wishing to see a healthy and cheerful bird, the following products must be included in the diet:

  • greens, tops of carrots, radishes;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • berries;
  • eggs
  • twigs.

In addition, we must not forget about the water, which must be changed daily. It is important to understand that feeding is the most important in breeding parrots. Therefore, it is necessary to approach it with special attention. Indeed, the well-being of a beloved pet depends on a well-chosen diet.