Vitakraft Parrot Feed

Nutrition is the most important component in caring for a parrot. The diet, the choice of food for a parrot affects the well-being, mood and health of a feathered friend.

One of the high-quality grain mixtures includes premium feed of the Vitakraft trademark.

The product recipe fully reflects the diet of parrots in vivo and is based on the company’s many years of experience, supplemented by modern developments in the field of animal nutrition. Vitamins and minerals, which are essential components of Vitakraft brand feed, have beneficial effects on the immune system and, as a result, the general health of the pet. And to maintain a good mood of the bird in the line of Vitacraft there are a variety of goodies.

The basic composition of mixtures for parrots includes grains and seeds of plants selected and purified from various impurities, nuts, fats, bread offal, oils, yeast, vitamins and minerals. The percentage of this or that component depends on the type of product intended for a certain period in the life of the bird, and, of course, on the type of bird itself. So feeding large birds is significantly different from feeding its smaller counterparts. Sealed packaging allows you to save food from environmental influences and prevent the ingress of foreign components and moisture.

Vitakraft presents a wide range of grains and treats for parrots. For the most common inhabitants of our apartments – budgies, Vitakraft offers Menu Vital feed. This product is considered essential when feeding pets. The Vital complex, enriched with all the vitamins, minerals, fish oil, honey and other vital substances necessary for the normal functioning of the winged animal, allows you to maintain the health of the pet. The main goal of this coma is to strengthen the bird’s immune system. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the food improves the color and structure of the plumage.

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Vitakraft Parrot Feed

Menu Vital food is suitable both as a main food and as an additive to a pet’s daily diet.

In addition, the German brand offers Vitakraft Menu Vital for medium and large parrots, the recipe of which is balanced specifically for parrots of these sizes.

Vitakraft also offers food for parrots that vary in habitat.

For medium-sized African parrots, the company offers Vitakraft Vita Life Special African feed. It includes ingredients that these species of birds eat in natural conditions, namely: figs, dates, carob, fruits of African trees.

Vitakraft Parrot Feed

To increase immunity and improve the plumage of poultry, the feed is enriched with methionine and flax granules, honey. Almost all food for Vitakraft brand parrots is enriched with honey, which not only improves the taste of the product and affects its eatability, but also enriches it with vital trace elements.

For birds of the same size, but living in Australia, the company offers Vitakraft australian. This food contains all the necessary substances for the normal functioning of the parrot. It consists of ingredients corresponding to the natural diet of the bird in its exotic homeland, as well as egg yolk, minerals, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

For large birds living in African forests, this brand offers Vitakraft Vita Life Special African, Including ingredients that make up the natural diet of poultry, and enriched in animal and vegetable proteins, vitamins A, D3, E, 3-6 fatty acids and essential minerals. For additional energy, honey, rapeseed, wheat flakes, sorghum are included in the feed.

The company has prepared a mixture for large amazon parrots Vitakraft Vita Life Special Amazonian. This product fully mimics the original food of these wonder birds. It consists of: papaya, banana flakes, mango, pepper, dextrose, honey, rape, methionine granules, yeast, vitamins, animal and vegetable protein, sorghum, flax granules, minerals and seeds of wild plants.

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The Vitacraft line also has VitaLifeProBabyPlus – a series of feeds that allows you to feed parrot chicks.

Vitakraft Parrot Feed

This mixture basically contains especially valuable seeds, a complex of basic amino acids, high protein content, calcium complex, minerals and essential vitamins. The composition of this product allows you to fill all the necessary needs of a growing organism, and in addition, this food is suitable for feeding poultry laying eggs.

In addition to the main feed, the Vitakraft brand offers everything for budgies in different periods of a bird’s life, depending on its state of health, age and size. These are top dressings to strengthen the body, to strengthen the immune system, for the development of speech, top dressing during molting, top dressing for goiter, bird dressing honey. In addition to these types of top dressing, the company offers a variety of goodies in the form of crackers for parrots.

Vitakraft Parrot Feed

When compiling a diet for your pet, one should not forget that a nutritious bird’s nutrition is not limited to ready-made grain mixtures; the diet of parrots should also include fruits, vegetables, greens.