Waka Parrot Food Varieties, Composition, Reviews


What kind of food is this. "Waka"? Should I feed them a parrot or give preference to another brand? This one is embarrassing with its cheapness. Take your time to look away from the price tag in search of better feed. Pick up the packaging and read the composition of the feed "Waka" for parrots. Now compare with the composition of more expensive food for birds. Found a significant difference? Her especially not. And if there is no difference, then why pay more?


What will tell the composition of the food for parrots "Waka"? The fact that it contains all the necessary grains useful for poultry. We take the package and read:

  • millet;
  • oats;
  • hemp seed;
  • meadow grass seed;
  • Chumiza Seed
  • sea ​​kale.

Millet is rich in vitamins and essential amino acids for the parrot. Oats contain vitamins B and E. In addition, it is rich in calcium, iron and silicon. These elements are necessary for strong bones and healthy plumage of a feathered pet.

Sea kale helps strengthen the immunity of birds. It has mild laxative properties, thanks to which the parrot will not have problems with stools.

Hemp seed. At the mention of him, not very good associations are built. In fact, the harm from hemp to parrots is as much as from poppy seed roll to humans. What is hemp seed good for? The high content of vegetable fats necessary to maintain the body of the bird.

Chumiza. one of the parrot’s favorite treats. It is not only tasty from his point of view, but also useful from the point of view of the owners. Chumiza seeds contain vitamins E and C. This is it, feed "Waka" for parrots. Nothing wrong with the composition was found.

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Types of feed

At the manufacturer "Waka" quite rich line of feeds. There is also food for budgies, and for medium, and large, and even for canaries. Now consider the types of feed "Waka" for parrots:

  • For small and medium-sized parrots standard (composition described above).
  • For large parrots with dried vegetables, fruits and nuts.
  • For canaries.
  • Feed "Waka" for medium-sized parrots, small and amadins with dried vegetables and mineral additives.
  • During molting with three types of millet: yellow, red, white. Dried vegetables are also declared as part of the feed.
  • For small and medium-sized parrots older than five years. With probiotic and seaweed.
  • Millet. Pure millet. vital element necessary for a full diet of domestic birds.
  • Oats It contains a lot of vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.

Waka Parrot Food Varieties, Composition, Reviews

Feed Benefits

What is good food "Waka" for budgies, medium and large? First of all, its composition. As we have already found out, it contains all the products necessary for the pet. Grain composition is quite diverse. Second moment. This is a wide selection of feed. It is sold both in packages of 0.5 kg, and in can-tubes with a tight lid weighing 1 kg. It is better to buy food in banks, it retains its freshness longer and is more favorable at a price.


Does feed have "Waka" for parrots flaws? There is, like any product, and this food was no exception. Someone really like someone. not.

Waka Parrot Food Varieties, Composition, Reviews

Here are the disadvantages of feed:

  • Grains sold in bags are often damp.
  • Tinted grains.
  • Sometimes in the bag you can find dust and an incomprehensible white coating, similar to flour.
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Please note that we are talking about the products from the package. About purchased food cans "Waka" nothing can be said for parrots. The product is fresh and smells good.

Feeding advice

We talked about the composition of the product, its pros and cons. Let’s learn how to feed a pet. Does he need extra food, or is it enough food?

Waka Parrot Food Varieties, Composition, Reviews

  • What can’t birds do? Sweets, chips, crackers, fast food, fried, smoked, spicy.
  • How to give goodies? Fruits and vegetables are finely cut to budgies, you can give a large circle of apple or pear just like that. A medium-sized treat is cut in half.
  • If small birds will cost one piece, then the cockatoo or Jaco will not give up half an apple or pear, a quarter of zucchini or half a cucumber.
  • Birds should always have access to clean drinking water. A drinking bowl is washed daily and fresh water is poured, not allowing the old to stagnate.
  • Just two words about cleanliness in the cell. Feeders are washed every day, like drinking bowls. The husk from the feed and its residues are thrown away. In the morning, a fresh portion falls asleep, in the evening the necessary amount of product is added.


  • Birds eat only this food.
  • The plumage from him is good, there are no problems with the chair.
  • Pets are cheerful and lively.
  • The price is attractive, the quality is good.

Others spit and scold food:

  • Constantly rotten grains.
  • Disgusting smell.
  • The birds started allergies.
  • There were problems with the appearance.
  • The activity of birds has worsened.
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No wonder they say that to each his own. Until you try, you do not know the truth. Food is suitable for some birds, others not, that’s the whole secret. Just like in people: someone can eat citrus fruits, for example, while others get out a terrible allergy to these fruits.


The task of the article. share parrot feed information with readers "Waka". What are its advantages and disadvantages. What is stated in the composition. Do you like the product for parrot breeders and those who keep these fun birds.


Does a feathered pet feed parrot food "Waka". personal choice of each. The food itself is not bad. Meet "rotten" parties, but not as often as they say. There is no sense in overpaying for food. Try the products "Waka". If you don’t like it, you can always go back to the previous feed or choose an alternative.